Top 7 Cheap Universities in New Zealand for 2024

If you are so much in love with adventure and want to receive a quality education. There are cheap universities in New Zealand. The country has lots of amazing natural landscapes, friendly citizens, a good standard of living, etc. The official language of the country is the English language, and the institutions are affordable for international students to pursue their dream courses. It is found in the Southwestern of the Pacific Ocean. In the aspect of the cost of living and tuition fees, they are lower compared to other countries across the globe.

Furthermore, every year the number of international students leaving their country for New Zealand keeps on increasing. According to statistics, 18 percent of students in New Zealand are foreign citizens. These cheap universities in New Zealand have numerous courses available to offer students different options to make any choice on their own. In New Zealand, their educational system has been divided into a three-tier model – primary and intermediary schools, secondary schools (high schools), and tertiary institutions. Without any further ado, let’s get to see the cheap universities in New Zealand.

Cheap Universities in New Zealand

The following are the universities that are affordable in New Zealand:

1.    University of Waikato:

This happens to be the Alma Mater of the recent Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern. It was founded in the year 1964. It is being operated by the New Zealand government with the main campus in Hamilton, and the satellite campus located in Tauranga. It has a total number of approximately 10,257 students and also comprises other students. In the world ranking system for the best university, it is found on the 266th spot.

The University of Waikato has different academic programs, and this can be seen across the different faculties and colleges in the institution. They have a stipulated fee for both international students who want to run either undergraduate or postgraduate courses. The yearly tuition fee for the bachelor’s program is between USD 15,460 to USD 22,860, while for master’s program it is between USD 18,810 to USD 34,290.

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2.    Victoria University of Wellington:

The Victoria University of Wellington was established in the year 1897, and it is in a way affiliated to the University of New Zealand that was initially named to pay homage to the late Queen Victoria. The school is being ranked as 215th in the world, and it has over 22,000 students. From this number of students, there are 3,700 foreigners from different countries. There are different campuses spread across the Wellington city.

It has 10 different faculties, and from this number, eight are specialized in teaching and research methodology. For each of these faculties, there are different departments and professors who have vast experiences to deliver their years of experiences to students. Some of these faculties are law, music, health, social sciences, humanities, and many others. As an international student in this school, you will pay between USD 16,135 to USD 24,090 every year.

3.    University of Otago:

This tertiary institution was founded in 1869, and it was the first university in New Zealand. On the world ranking, it is ranking 176th as one of the best universities. The total number of students of approximately 21,000 and this includes nearly 3,000 foreign students. There are other annexes located in cities such as Wellington, Dunedin, Auckland, Christchurch, and Invercargill.

The school operates in four different academic divisions comprises schools, departments, colleges, and faculties. In the aspect of tuition, students in the humanities and business faculty have affordable tuition fee compared to other faculties in the University of Otago. The yearly tuition fee for international student in this school is between USD 16,920 to USD 64,225.

4.    University of Canterbury:

This is one of the cheap universities in New Zealand, and it has been established since 1873. It happens to be the second oldest institution situated in the Christchurch suburbs. The school has been built on a large acre of land approximately 190 acres of land. There are other smaller annexes found in regions like Timaru, Nelson, and Tauranga.

The total number of students is over 1700, and the institution ranks 227th in the world. They have five different colleges with over 120 academic programs including undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It is expected that international students in the school will pay between USD 17,320 to USD 28,220 every year.

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5.    Massey University:

This university is being operated by the Government of New Zealand with different campuses found in cities such as Auckland, Palmerston North, and Wellington. It was founded in 1927 and was initially called Agricultural college. As time progresses, in 1963, it became an independent institution.

This is part of the cheap universities in New Zealand with over 30,200 students with 5,300 foreign students from different countries. According to the University ranking system, it ranks 287th position. In this college, the academic programs are done via different four colleges and business schools. The good thing about the school most of the programs, their tuition fee is below USD 25,450.

6.    Lincoln University:

This is a smaller university having a population of below 3,200 students. It will surprise you that over 43% of its students are foreigners from other parts of the world. The main campus of the school is found on over 123 acres of land located in Lincoln. In the ranking system of the university in the world, it is currently sitting on 356th globally.

There are three different faculties and other master’s programs for any foreign students to make their choices. International students in this school have to pay the sum of USD 19,800 every year for any course they have enrolled in. The tuition fee for foreign students is between USD 18,280 to USD 25,660.

7.    Auckland University of Technology:

Auckland University of Technology is one of the cheapest universities in New Zealand. It was established in the year 1895, and since it has been operating as an independent institution. There are three campuses found in Northcote, Manukau, and Auckland. The total number of students in the University is 30,000 students with 4,300 foreign students from other 107 countries. The yearly fee for international students is between USD 18,750 to USD 35,515.

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New Zealand is a country with different affordable universities for foreigners who want to study their dream course. These cheap universities in New Zealand numerous options for students. With the various universities in this article, international students can go for the one they can afford within their means to obtain either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

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