2024/2025 List of Free Online Master Degree Programs

Many bachelor’s degrees are searching for free online master’s degrees where they can earn a reputable master’s degree. Unfortunately, it is not easy because some of these institutions have high tuition fees in which many students from poor backgrounds won’t afford the fee. Presently, it is hard for students to find an online school that offers a free master’s degree. It is the more reason students are applying for several financial scholarships program.

According to statistics, forty years ago the cost of getting enrolled in a private institution was $17,680 every year, while for public universities it was $8,250. In thirty years, it skyrockets to $38,720 for private universities and $16,460 for public schools. In 2018/2019, the cost rose to $48,510 for private and $21,370 for public universities.

Essential Factors Affecting Free Online Master Degree

Free college tuition is difficult for students to apply and we have numerous factors that influence tuition fees in most colleges:

  • Type of accreditation
  • Quality and experience of faculty members
  • Student to faculty ratio
  • Student support services
  • Influence and size of the student body
  • School rankings, etc.

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Factors to Consider in Choosing a Free Online Master Degree

These are important features:

  • Search for a school that offers renewable scholarship
  • If the institution offers financial assistance to students
  • Check schools offering free education regarding work hours
  • Read program details of selected schools

Free Online Master Degree

  1. MIT OpenCourseWare:

The full meaning of Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the renowned Universities offering numerous courses like education, social sciences, science, and many others. The school has taken different steps in making sure they have world-class facilities that will help their students have vast experiences in their field. It is one of the U.S. universities that possess 100% established financial needs of students.

The school makes it possible for students earning a certain amount of money can gain admission into MIT for free. The hardest part of MIT OpenCourseWare is gaining admission and the school is located in every part of the world which is known for its tough admission procedures. As a result of making world-class education available for everyone, MIT is a great supporter of MOOCs. They have their free online master’s degree for students with thousands of online courses at the graduate level.

One thing you should note is that some of the courses on their website are not complete because some have single-class videos, others read notes and lists only, while some include an entire course-like experience. It could be a drawback because it allows MIT to offer the public different varieties of educational classes for free compared to other institutions.

  1. The University of Illinois:

It is one of the universities that offer a free online master’s degree for students in some courses like engineering, business, computer science, and many others. Presently, the school has invested funds in building an online presence for itself. They have both paid online for credit programming and free online classes. Their online programming courses offer diverse numbers of MOOCs.

However, it pays students offering bachelor’s, and doctoral degrees and technical credential programs. If you are finding Universities that offer free online master’s degrees, then you can consider the University of Illinois. They have different courses for students such as engineering, health care, education, world affairs, 3D printing, etc. A variety of impeccable groundbreaking credit options can be done at a subsidized rate compared to a conventional curriculum for students.

  1. PDMF University:

The school came out due to necessity and the founder of the university believed that if there was free online education for those who can’t afford a university degree the world will be better to live. These same founders saw the necessity to provide free education to everyone irrespective of their location through free online courses. The free institution is accredited by the International Council responsible for Open and Distance Education.

When you are through with your education at PDMF university you are certain of getting a hard copy of your degree whether a diploma or bachelor’s. Although the school might want you to donate a specified amount especially when you need any authentication services from this free online master’s degree. The prices for the donation could be from 200USD to $800USD depending on your country of residence.

  1. University of the People:

It is the first university offering a free online master’s degree and they have been approved. You can study different courses like Health Science, Computer Science, and many others. You have the opportunity to apply for any online master’s degree of your choice whether a 4-year MBA or 2-year associate. The school has some recognition from the United States Department of Education, Council for Higher Education Accreditation, and Distance Education Accrediting Commission.

The University of people offers awesome education for students who can’t afford it because of its high tuition fee. The school is one of the Universities in the United States of America that have tuition-free education. Their application processing fee is $60 and which is expected for each student to pay. Also, there is an examination processing fee of $100 for every test that a student writes. Every student has 20 tests before they can get their Associate Degree.

When you get enrolled for their free online master’s degree, you will need thousands of dollars either from a student debit or bank account. It is advisable to possess some skills with your certificate that will provide you with better opportunities in your career. You can pay less than $50 to study online and get your certificates from any reputable university.

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Free online master’s degrees are available for students irrespective of their countries. It is crucial to fit the school criteria by visiting their website to know the things that will make you eligible for their admission. You can start searching for schools that will offer you the things you want to obtain academically.

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