Full List of Immigration Lawyer and Law Firms in Sweden

Immigration Lawyer in Sweden is tasked with numerous responsibilities, the challenges experienced by the Immigration Lawyer requires expertise for it to be handled diligently. Immigrants face challenges of deportation, inability to obtain work permits, and citizenship with numerous challenges that require the consultation and advice from an Immigration lawyer in Sweden. If you are a non-citizen or a potential immigrant of Sweden, this article discloses the numerous roles performed by Immigration Lawyer in Sweden.

Criteria to Consider before Picking an Immigration lawyer in Sweden

The following are the criteria to consider:

  • Years of work experience
  • The different types of immigration issues they can handle.
  • Their means of communication with his or her clients.
  • The rate at which they respond to phone calls.
  • The fee at which they charge immigrants.

Duties of Immigration Lawyer in Sweden

The Immigration Lawyer in Sweden performs various tasks and takes charge of various duties which is enumerated below:

1.    Approval and License for Business:

A foreigner who has the intention of commencing a business in Sweden needs consent and approval before making any progress, the knowledge and assistance of an Immigration lawyer in Sweden are required to provide solution and enable the business plan and ambition of the individual achievable.

2.    Investments purpose by Immigrants:  

In cases whereby a foreigner intends investing in a business, such an individual needs to seek help and advice from the Immigration Lawyer who’s proficient and more skilled in cases like this before investing in the business.

3.    European Union treaty rights:

A citizen deprived of his or her right in the EU can require the services and expertise of an Immigration lawyer in Sweden, what is required from the person is to give the necessary Information to the Lawyer and the matter will be handled accordingly.

4.    Citizenship:  

This is another case that can be resolved and settled by the Immigration Lawyer; non-citizens living in Sweden can apply and obtain Citizenship to enable them to partake in the benefits.

5.    Sweden’s work permit:

An immigrant that needs a work permit or a renewal can contact and make consultation from a Sweden Immigration lawyer for assistance during the application to enable the person to obtain a work permit.

6.    Family Reunion:  

Foreigners migrate to Sweden for different purposes such as exploring, employment, business, and others leaving their loved ones in their country. The family can be reunited and also migrate to Sweden as legal and bona fide immigrants.

7.    Repatriation:

Immigrants that are unjustly and illegally repatriated or deported can get assistance from the Immigration lawyer in Sweden, this implies that if a Citizen is wrongfully deported, it can be looked into and prevented.

8.    Judicial matters

Judicial matters arising between immigrants, non-citizens, and Governments can be resolved and settled following the right procedures by the Immigration Lawyer in Sweden.

List of Immigration Lawyer and Law firms in Sweden

  1. Glimstedt Law firm, Located at Strandvägen 7A, Stockholm, Sweden. Contact +46 8 566 119 00
  2. Eversheds Sutherland AG Law firm, Located at Box 14055, Strandvägen 1, Stockholm SE-104 40, Sweden. Contact +46 (8) 545 322 00
  3. White & Case LLP Law firm, Located at Biblioteksgatan 12 Box 5573, Stockholm SE-114 85, Sweden. Contact +46 8 50632300
  4. Hallbeck & Alyssandraki Law Office, Located at co Hallbeck, Tågagatan 33 Helsingborg, Sweden. Contact +46 42 206086

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Immigration Lawyer in Sweden can take control of various cases encountered by Immigrants, such as handling and resolved issues from illegal deportation of foreigners to creating licenses for businesses.

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