10 Countries Having the Cheapest Citizenship by Investment

Some immigrants are in search of the cheapest citizenship by investment for them to invest their wealth for the government and citizens to benefit from.  Most of these countries that offer this type of citizenship have some gains attached to it for anyone who wants to become their citizen. In some countries, there is a passport that allows immigrants to travel to other countries in the European Union. For instance, an Austrian citizen can travel to other countries without a visa such as Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, etc.

The cheapest citizenship by investment has to do with the necessary conditions required for anyone to have to become a citizen of another country. One of the major things to have is to meet the necessary investment fee because without this the immigration officers of the country won’t give the immigrant maximum attention. This citizenship is being gotten by business ventures, venture capitalist, business moguls, who are buoyant enough to offer economic benefits to the country.

What’s Citizenship by Investment?

This is a type of investment that allows an immigrant to become a citizen of another country by using his or her wealth to obtain a second passport and second citizenship. The immigrant must be able to offer economic benefits to the country where he or she is becoming a second citizen. It should be noted that this type of citizen has attracted influential individuals with high income, and there are some forms of benefits being attached to this type of citizenship.

Benefits of Cheapest Citizenship by Investment

The following are the advantages of becoming a citizen through citizenship by investment, and here they are:

  • Dual citizenship status
  • Quality education
  • Avenue to invest in different real estate business
  • Safety and secured environment
  • Mobility to travel to other countries
  • High standard of living

Cheapest Citizenship by Investment Options

The following are the various investment options for citizenship by investment, and here they are:

  • Bank deposit
  • Contributing to the government fund
  • Real estate investment
  • Share capital or government bonds
  • Enterprise/business investment

Cheapest Citizenship by Investment

The following are the countries with the cheapest citizenship by investment:

1.    Singapore:

Singapore happens to be the fourth leading country in the world in terms of finance. They are fully involved in international trading and finance. It is no doubt their Sea Port is among the busiest Sea Ports we have available in the world. Their total population can be approximated to 5 million, and they comprise of different races such as Malay, Indians, Asians, and the Chinese. The foreign reserve of this country has been ranked as number nine in the world.

To become a Singaporean citizen, one must have a business track or record of three years and above to show as evidence that he or she has been into business. The immigrant who is applying for this citizenship has to submit his or her financial statements to the immigration officer of this country, and this will tell either they are eligible or not. The minimum investment fee for this citizenship is SGD 2,500,000. Read more…

2.    Australia:

This country has a highly developed economy with political stability that has contributed to the geometrical increase of its gross domestic product. In September 2019, the country total GDP was AUD$10.9 trillion. The last time this country faced recession was in 1991, and ever since they have been doing well in their domestic markets. They have a free trade agreement with numerous countries such as Japan, Chile, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, etc.

In the year 2012, citizenship by investment was introduced by the Australian government, and numerous wealthy persons have benefitted from it. High Net Worth individuals have been attracted to this type of citizenship in Australia. For anyone to be eligible for this citizenship by investment fee they must have at least A$5 million. Read more…

3.    New Zealand:

This country has a large size gross domestic product for its citizens. The country has one of the globalized economies in the world, and they carry out international trade with other countries such as China, South Korea, Canada, United States, etc. They are known for large scale manufacturing in different areas – metal fabrication, food processing, electricity, aluminum production, etc.

For anyone who wants to become a citizen in this country by investment must be able to meet the required fee for their economic investment. The economic investment for this country falls into two different categories, and they are investor 1 & investor 2. For the former, the immigrant must have at least NZ$10 million for a minimum of three years. Then for the former, the immigrant must have at least NZ$3 million for a minimum of four years. Read more…

4.    Ireland:

The country is centered on different services such as life sciences, agribusiness, high tech, and also operates an open economy. Most of the industries are being owned by foreign expatriates who have created employment opportunities for their citizens. There are numerous benefits for those who want to become a citizen of this country, and it is one of the cheapest citizenship by investment.

The citizenship investment program of this country was established in the year 2012 to permit wealthy immigrants who are not members of the European Union to become an Irish citizen. This citizenship allows them to travel to other European Union countries. Despite meeting the right requirements, the individual needs to have a minimum investment fee of €2 million. Read more…

5.    Bulgaria:

The country runs a free zone market, and it is a member of the European Union. There has been a rapid increase in its GDP, and they are also the major exporter of fuels, tobacco, footwear, agriculture, clothing, etc. The economy of this country has highly developed over the last 26 years. The country became a member of the European Union in the year 2007.

This is part of the cheapest citizenship by investment program where wealthy immigrants who can afford the investment fee of BGN 1 million in government bonds. This money can be refunded to the immigrants after five years without any additional interest rates. Read more…

6.    Spain:

This country is part of the European Union family, and they practice a mixed economy. World Bank has classified them as a high-income economy. Based on their stable economic the rate of unemployment has been reduced to the barest minimum, and different countries are emerging in Spain.

For their citizenship by investment one has to be ready in terms of meeting the required investment fee to get their citizenship. This is among the cheapest citizenship by investment that was launched in 2013. The minimum investment fee for this citizenship is €500,000 in real estate business in the country. Read more…

7.    Greece:

Greece has wealthy economies with some of their wealth being derived from sectors like agriculture and industrial. They became a member of the European Union in the year 1981. From 2000 their gross domestic product has been booming, and also creating jobs for the unemployed people in the country.

Greece also has an investment program open to individuals who are wealthy to contribute to the economy of the country. It has been termed the origin of Western civilization. There are two types of investment in this country such as real estate investment, and general investment. It should be noted the investment fee for these two investments is the sum of €250,000. Read more…

8.    Portugal:

Portugal carries out most of its international trade with other countries in the European Union. They have some of these reputable companies in the world. This country has the highest percentage of foreign immigration compared to other countries in the European Union, and the unemployment rate in this country is high.

An immigrant who wants to obtain Portuguese citizenship as a non-European citizen must have lived in this country for at least five years. Foreign investors who want to invest must have an investment fee of €500,000 to invest in real estate. Read more…

9.    Switzerland:

They are highly recognized for their advanced free economies in the world. Switzerland is known for its banking system and tourism. They are major exporter for watches, machinery, metals, chemicals, and other things. The two metropolitan cities in the country known as Basel and Zurich started economic development through industrial trading.

The country gives out citizenship by investment to influential and wealthy individuals who can bring huge benefits to their economy. The minimum investment is CHF 1,000,000 Swiss Franc, and this fee makes one eligible for Swiss citizenship. Read more… 

10.   Germany:

This country is the founder of the European Union, and they export different items or goods such as metals, computers, machinery, pharmaceutical, textile, plastic products, rubber, etc. They are the largest manufacturing nation in entire Europe. The country has different raw materials such as potash, timber, lignite, salt, etc. For one to become its citizen through citizenship by investment, he or she should have a minimum fee of €100,000. Read more…

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