Here’s a Quick Way to Obtain Sweden Student Visa

The Sweden student visa is one of the Scandinavian countries whose visas are being rushed by foreign students. This country is located in the Northern part of the European continent. It shares different boundaries with the following countries such as Finland, Norway, and Denmark. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm with an official language known as Swedish, while some minorities of the citizen do speak Finnish.

For anyone who wants to study in Sweden, he or she must obtain a Sweden student visa for him or her to be granted into the country with ease. This country has a good standard of education, and this is the major reason different students want to study there. They have an approach to their educational system that has been effective. If you are interested in studying this country, then you must know what a Sweden student visa is.

What is a Sweden Student Visa?

A Sweden student visa which can also be referred to as a long-stay visa permits a foreign citizen to reside in this country for over 6 months in as much they are students who are running undergraduate or postgraduate courses. Another name for this visa is the resident permit for studies.

Eligible Documents Needed for Sweden Student Visa

The following is a list of documents that are needed:

1.    An International Passport:

This passport for a Sweden student visa should be able to last up to 90 days before it expires. This is the kind of visa that is required when a candidate is applying for a Sweden student visa. When the passport expires, it can still be renewed, and this shows there is no cause for alarm.

2.    Two Recent Passport Photographs:

The essence of referring to recent passport photographs of a candidate is to get an exact image of him or her. It is a real fact that people change facially over time. Therefore, a recent passport should be used with a white background.

3.    Resident Permit Application Form:

This form allows a student to reside in Sweden during the course of his or her study. It is important to fill in this form carefully to avoid mistakes. Any mistake is capable of ruining the entire process of this student visa.

4.    Photocopy of International Passport:

The Swedish embassy will like to get a photocopy of your international passport. That is why the candidate must ensure they make a photocopy of the first page of their international passport. The country is demanding this in order to be certain the passport is genuine.

5.    Admission Letter:

There is no institution in the world that will offer admission to any student without issuing an admission letter. It is also important because it shows a student is a certified student of the institution. If it is possible; a photocopy of the admission letter will also be useful.

6.    Schengen Medical Insurance:

A student who is going to reside in Sweden within a 12 month period needs this insurance. The purpose of Schengen’s medical insurance is to cover the medical bills of the student in Sweden during his or her study period.

7.    Financial Account:

This should come like a financial history showing the debit and credit details of a candidate’s account. The reason for this is to check whether there are adequate funds in the applicant’s account to see you throughout your education and stay in Sweden.

8.    Proof of Tuition Fee:

After you have made payment for the tuition fee, there is a need to still keep the receipt with you. This is based on the fact, you will be asked to submit it at the Swedish embassy during the application of the student visa.

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Procedures on the Application for the Sweden Student Visa

These steps in this part of the article will safeguard an applicant throughout the process of applying for a Sweden student visa, and here they are:

  • Obtain admission to a Swedish University.
  • Fill the application form of residence permit.
  • Upload the required documents.
  • Submit the completed form.
  • Payment of the visa fee.
  • Wait for a confirmation from the Swedish embassy.

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The Sweden student visa is like any other visa that the right documents must be submitted in order to get free access to study there as a foreign student. The essence of this article is to serve as an eye-opener to those who are ignorant about the application of this visa.

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