Who Else Wants Invitation Letter for a Schengen Visa?

Do you know apart from visa documentation, invitation letter for Schengen visa is also important? This shows the applicant or candidate is applying in order to become a legitimate migrant in a foreign country. There are lots of stress one can encounter as a result of making sure the necessary documents are available to ease documentation of visa for anyone who wants it.

It is crystal clear that an invitation letter for a Schengen visa is a big problem. This is based on the fact lots of people find it difficult to write a standard invitation letter for this type of visa. Another big problem again is to have the right idea on how to format and submit this letter. Presently, we have 26 Schengen countries in the world with each of them having their style of writing an invitation letter.

What does the Invitation Letter for Schengen Visa mean?

An invitation letter for a Schengen visa is a written letter from someone who lives in one of the Schengen countries you are going to visit. The person is inviting you to come pay him or her visit over there. The essence of doing this is to ensure your visit is legal and authentic. This invitation letter will make you as a person going there to be well secured.

For instance, someone sent you a letter from the United Kingdom to come join him or her for a specific time frame. Inside the invitation letter, the relationship status of you and the person over there will be stated out, and also indicate they will give you financial assistance throughout the time you will spend with them. Let’s see the benefits of this invitation letter.

Benefits of Invitation Letter for Schengen Visa

The following are the purpose of this invitation letter:

  1. It makes one gain access into a country legally, and also indicating the individual is not going to overstay when he or she get there.
  2. It shows the purpose or motive of one going to the country such as for medicals, conferences, education, etc.
  3. It indicates the place of residence for the individual in the Schengen country,

Types of Invitation Letter for Schengen Visa

There are different types of Invitation letter, and here they are:

  • Study invitation letter for Schengen visa
  • Business invitation letter for Schengen visa
  • Medical invitation letter for Schengen visa
  • Sponsor invitation letter

1.    Study Invitation Letter for Schengen Visa:

If one has an intention to enroll in any of the institutions that is a member of the Schengen country. He or she must obtain an invitation letter of acceptance from the institution to join them. There should be full details of your stay over there such as the course of study, course duration, source of finance for the education, place of residence, etc.

2.    Business Invitation Letter for Schengen Visa:

Fortunately, an individual can have an appointment with a venture capitalist or business angels. This will require you to obtain a business letter of Invitation from the investor. This letter must show the business association that you possess with the investor or business angels, and also how long you will stay when you get there. Details of your work can be included such as salary, job position, and employment dates.

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3.    Medical Invitation Letter for Schengen Visa:

There are people who will like to travel to a Schengen country, based on medical treatments. The hospital over there has to issue out a medical invitation letter for medical treatment. If there are any medical diagnoses to be made, they should be stated out clearly, and also every form of treatment that will be used must be mentioned in detail.

4.    Sponsor Invitation Letter for Schengen Visa:

Sometimes, people get an invitation letter to come to give speeches or presentations in Schengen countries. Therefore, this country will give this individual an invitation letter that will enable him or her to attend the event successfully. The letter should show either you are going to be paid for the presentation or not. Other important information about the event planner(s) such as house address, mobile number, registration number, etc. should be inside the invitation letter.

Other Interesting Contents

Sample of Writing Invitation Letter

Medical Invitation Letter


:                                                                                                                   Date:

Immigration Officer

[Embassy Name]

[Embassy Address]

[Embassy Phone Number]

Re: Invitation Letter for [Applicant’s Name] with Passport No.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I, [Inviting Person’s Name] is residing at [Inviting Person’s Address], and am a citizen of [Country’s Name], am writing this invitation letter to request for support of the visa application of a patient am treating, [applicant’s name].

  1. ABC is suffering from DEF [disease’s name] and is being recommended by the medical doctors to get adequate medical treatment at our hospital [complete name and address of the hospital].

The treatment or diagnosis for DEF [disease name] will last for a period of two months. The treatment or diagnosis will commence from [starting date of visit in format DD/MM/YY] and will be terminated on [ending date of visit in format DD/MM/YY].

I certify that Mr. ABC has made all the necessary payment in advance and will be fully covering his/her medical expenses.

The medical trip will be funded via [Provide means of funding].

The lists of documents are as follow:

  • Copy of inviting person’s Passport
  • Copy of inviting person’s other ID
  • Proof of relationship (birth certificate and other document.
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof of return to home country (employment contract, property ownership, lease agreement, etc.)
  • Medical reports
  • Other applicable documents

We are sincerely making an appeal that you consider [Applicant’s Name] medical visa application and please do not delay to contact me if there are any questions or inquiries at [Inviting Person’s Phone Number] or [Inviting Person’s E-mail].

Kind regards,

[Inviting Person’s Signature]

[Inviting Person’s Name]

[Inviting Person’s Address]

[Inviting Person’s Phone Number]

[Inviting Person’s Email]

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