2024/2025 London School of Economics Acceptance Rate

Are you eager to know the London School of Economics acceptance rate? then you are reading the right article that will guide you. The London School of Economics is regarded as LSE and is one of the institutions found in the Westminster District of London, United Kingdom. The good thing about the school they offer numerous scholarships to their students to finance their education.

The university has academic affiliations with top organizations such as CEMS, EUA, ACU, Universities UK, University of London, and many others. According to statistics, the school has over 10,000 students and 3,3000 staff. It is the only school in the United Kingdom that is committed to the study and research of social sciences offering various academic degrees like bachelor’s, master’s, and PhDs.

London School of Economics Acceptance Rate for Undergraduates

The school is one of the Universities in the world with a high reputation, and as a result, getting admitted into the school can be highly competitive. At the London School of Economics, the acceptance rate for undergraduate students is 8.9%. Many international students from various parts of the globe apply for admission yearly, but the school offers admission to a limited number of students. The only way you can get fast admission is by having good exceptional academic performance.

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London School of Economics Acceptance Rate for Masters

The acceptance rate for master’s students is different from undergraduate students. If you are through with your bachelor’s degree, and you are interested in enrolling for a graduate degree in the school, then it is advisable to meet their acceptance rate of 25%. When you can have this score, you have increased your percentage rate of getting admission into the London School of Economics.

Tuition Fees for London School of Economics

We will see their tuition fees for both undergraduate and graduate


Every undergraduate student has a stipulated fee to pay after they have been admitted into the school, and the tuition fee covers a full academic session for any department or program. The tuition fee covers things like registration and examination fees, individual and classes supervision, lectures offered in the intercollegiate arrangements, student membership, and many others. On the other hand, it doesn’t cover things like transportation, and the living cost of fieldwork. The amount of fee you will pay as an undergraduate student depends on your course.

The United Kingdom and European Union Students:

If you are a student from either the UK or the EU, then you will pay £9,250 as your tuition fee, but there is a probability that there can be inflation in subsequent years of your academic program. In 2018, the United Kingdom government disclosed that the tuition fee for European Union freshers will be the same for UK citizens throughout their course of study.


Every graduate must pay their tuition fee after their admission into their university to study their course. The London School of Economics tuition fee covers registration, examination, library, students’ membership, students’ common room, etc. You don’t have to bother about yourself things you will pay for because the school will list out key things you ought to pay for.

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London School Of Economics Scholarships

Besides the London School of Economics acceptance rate, the school offers scholarships to help African students to study in the school without any financial issues. It has been discovered that approximately 19% of Master’s students finished their graduate studies through London School of Economics scholarships. Also, some external organizations offered scholarships to outstanding academic students. These are some of the scholarships:

  • London School Of Economics Scholarships from External Organizations
  • London School Of Economics Scholarships for Masters and Diploma Program
  • London School Of Economics Scholarships for Undergraduate Program
  • London School Of Economics Scholarships for Research Program

Undergraduate Courses in London School of Economics

We have many undergraduate courses in this school such as Anthropology, Business, Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, Economics with Economic History, Mathematics and Statistics, Actuarial Science, Accounting and Finance, International Relations, Philosophy and Economics, and Social Policy, Social Policy, and Sociology, etc.

Graduate Courses in London School of Economics

You can study your graduate courses at the London School of Economics in any of these fields to obtain your master’s degree such as  Environment and Development,  Psychology of Economic Life, Financial Statistics, Population and Development, Criminal Justice Policy, Environmental Policy, and Regulation, etc.

Ranking of London School Of Economics

In Social Sciences, the school ranks second in the world. For overall ranking, the London School of Economics is at 15th and ranked 3rd in the Complete University Guide. In 2015/2016, it ranked 35th globally and was at the number one position in the United Kingdom. Besides studying Social Sciences in the school, you have the privilege to study other courses in this article.

Notable Alumni of London School of Economics

The school has produced notable alumni in different fields like economics, history, philosophy, media, literature, politics, etc. The London School of Economics alumni has won over 3 Nobel Peace Prizes and 2 Nobel Prizes in Literature. You can’t compare other European Universities to the London School of Economics because they have taught many billionaires in the world. The school has a long list of influential alumni and staff in diverse fields:

Former Staff Member:

  • Ralph Miliband, Michael Oakeshott, Susan Strange, Karl Popper, Harold Laski, Maurice Cranston, Mervyn King, Lionel Robbins, etc.

Business Tycoons:

The CEO of AirAsia Tony Fernandes, Director of Louis Vuitton Delphine Arnault, CEO of Newsmax Media Christopher Ruddy, Greek business magnate Spiros Latsis, former CEO of General Motors Daniel Akerson, etc.


Margaret Hodge, Costa Rican President Óscar Arias,  Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, Brazilian defense minister Celso Amorim, former UK Labour Party leader Ed Miliband, President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen,  Italian Prime Minister and President of the French Foreign Minister, etc.

Some Notable Alumni in Barack Obama Administration:

Jason Furman, Pete Rose, Mona Sutphen,  Paul Volcker, and many others.

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London School of Economics is one of the schools in the United Kingdom to enroll for either undergraduate or graduate courses. You can choose any course in the school and ensure you have the right criteria for the admission officers to see you as eligible for admission.

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