Updated List of Cheap Universities in France for 2024/2025

When you are searching for universities with an affordable fee, there are cheap universities in France. The country has many highly affordable institutions to ensure students are versatile in their given field with vast experiences. It would help if you were sure of the courses you want to study in France.

For so many years, Paris has been among the countries regarded as the global center of higher education. In Paris, Sorbonne is one of Europe’s oldest universities, not until it was divided into 13 universities governed by themselves, and it occurred due to the result of massive protest in 1968.

There are numerous courses for students to earn undergraduate or postgraduate degrees, such as Business Colleges, Engineering, Technical, and many others. Although we have many cheap universities in France, the two best in Paris are École Polythenic and Higher Business Studies. Based on the way their education is structured has influenced the education quality in France.

Are There Reasons for Students to Study in France?

Every year in France, the number of international students keeps on growing in number, and this adds to the international flavor in the school. Some people might feel since French is the official language, international students will find it difficult, but that is a lie! Some lectures are taught in the English language, making it easier for Anglophone students. These are some of the reasons:

  1. Exciting Startups:

Students in love with technological innovations will find studying in one of the cheap universities in France thrilling because they have favorable policies for savvy entrepreneurs finding a business to invest their seed capital. The President of France Emmanuel Macron revealed a yearly public-private investment fund worth over €5 billion.

  1. Perfect Avenue for Scientist:

Scientists thrive more in conducive areas or places with laboratories to foster their research. France has a rich culture of producing renowned scientists who have contributed to many discoveries globally, such as Louis Pasteur, founder of bacteriology and microbiology, Marie Curie, the founder of radioactivity, Pierre Curie, the founder of crystallography, and many others.

  1. Affordable Tuition Fee:

For most of the cheap universities in France, the French Government sponsors them, which is one reason for the affordable fee. For instance, international students from the European Economic Area pay nominal fees compared to students outside this region. For students offering postgraduate degrees pay a cheap fee as far, they are within European Economic Area.

  1. Robust Economy:

In 2019, according to financial statistics, France was shortlisted as the seventh most prosperous country globally. It didn’t occur overnight, but their Gross Domestic Product was the primary factor that ranked them. Also, positive consumer habits, economic reforms, and both private and public investment played a role too.

  1. High Job Opportunities:

The country is a significant home to many mobile service providers in continents like Africa and Europe. Also, top-selling brands like L’OREAL, Maybelline, Diesel, etc., are always employing expertise in their organizations. It is possible for graduates, both indigenous and international landing high-paying jobs in France.

  1. French is an International Language:

Most countries speak English globally, and the French language is another language accepted in different countries globally. There are 276 million French speakers globally, and it happens to be the official language in 29 countries cutting across various continents.

  1. Wealthy in Cultural Experience:

International students schooling in France should be ready to enjoy cultural diversity. In Paris, there are places for sightseeing such as the Eiffel Tower or visit Louvre Museum to view some of the greatest paintings of all time. Also, there is a place to enjoy French delicacies for a student budget

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Cheap Universities in France

These are the following universities in France with affordable tuition fee:

  1. University of Paris:

The institution is seen as a Sorbonne university that once existed in Paris. It is the second oldest university in Europe and globally. It has a solid reputation due to its academic performance regarding Humanities right from the Middle Ages – Philosophy and Theology. It is one of the cheap universities in France with numerous academic standards for an extended period, and it has spread to other countries.

The yearly cost of renting accommodation and other expenditures is between $906 to 1,621 every month. Before any student can get admission to the school, they need different documents to support their online application, such as personal statements, official transcripts, two letters of recommendation, etc.

  1. Jean Monnet University:

It is among the cheap universities in France located at Saint-Étienne and came into existence in 1969. The institution is under Lyon academy with the main campus in Tréfilere with different courses like law, engineering, languages, medicine, etc. The Metare campus located in the urban region comprises courses like Science and Sports.

The tuition fee for different programs in the school ranges from €500 to €700 every year, including undergraduates and postgraduates. The institution rank 1810th in the world with an acceptance rate of 12%, making it competitive compared to other cheap universities in France. For each institution, the process of admission varies from one another.

  1. Claude Bernard University:

The institution is a public university with a quality education for its students. Even international students are benefiting from the affordable tuition fees. The two significant courses offer in the school are Medicine and Science, while the administrative, research facilities and teaching are carried out in Villeurbanne Campus.

They offer lectures in various faculties such as Health, Sports, Science, and technology. Right from the school’s inception, they have pushed for a more vigorous intellectual reputation throughout their teaching methods. The main campus is in a region with plenty of opportunities to give students a sense of personal fulfillment. It is one of the cheap universities in France.

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  1. Blaise Pascal University:

Blaise Pascal University is among the Clermont-Ferrand University, and it was founded in 1854. There are different degree programs offered in the school, such as Engineering, Cultural studies, Humanities, Science and Technology. You can consider the school as one of the cheap universities in France, with tuition fees ranges from €2,000 to €2,600 depending on the course.

Furthermore, the best international student is given a discount of 30 to 50% on their tuition fee. In terms of accommodation, and personal expenditures could be between $692 to 1,272 per month. The acceptance rate for international students in the school is 10.2%. If you want an affordable fee, you might consider the school as an option.

  1. Henri Poincare University:

The public university is found in Nancy, and it was once under the Nancy-Université federation. There are five significant faculties in the school, such as medical school, Dentistry, engineering, pharmacy, and sports. Henri Poincare University is one of the best and cheap universities in France for indigenous and international students. The yearly cost of accommodation and other miscellaneous expenses are between $692 to $1,272 every month.

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Are you there preparing to attend any of the cheap universities in France? These different institutions in the article could be a better option for you aspiring for a better opportunity to enhance your academic and secure good high paying jobs.

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