5 Best Universities with Masters of Data Science in Canada

It is no news there are lots of students who are going for Master’s of Data Science in Canada. The number of students who are enrolling for this degree is rising annually based on the several benefits they are going to obtain schooling in Canada. In terms of the school fee, it is quite affordable compared to schooling in the United States of America. Within 10 to 16 months, you should be done with your master’s of data science in Canada. The essence of going for a master’s in this field is to have vast experience in data science.

It will surprise you to know the field (Data Science) is a broad one that involves other courses, and we are going to see them later in this article. There are diverse opportunities in different companies because there are lots of companies who are in search of a data scientist to ensure their data are intact. It is possible to earn an average of 70,000 to 90,000 annually working in a large firm. In some institutions, data science can be run alongside data analysis.

This implies when you are done with your master’s program, you will be given two degrees. Most people confuse data science and data analytics for each other. The two are not synonymous with each other. Data science has the role it plays based on the fact it has to do with performing and processing statistical analysis on different data, while data analysis focuses on visualization and communication of data. As a result of this, they are not the same thing.

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Requirements for Masters of Data Science in Canada

There are key criteria you have to meet before you can be considered eligible for masters of data science in Canada, and here they are:

  1. Transcripts:

It is one of the first documents you will be required to submit to any institution in Canada that you want to enroll for a master’s degree. In Canada, you are expected to come with both English and French translation for your transcript. The reason for coming with English and french is based on the fact Canada is a bilingual country.

  1. Language Proficiency:

This is important to submit to the university you want to enroll in for your master’s of data science in Canada. If you happen to come from a non-English speaking country, you need to bring evidence of your test score to show you have proficiency in English language. Every Canadian university has its minimum score that is being expected for students to possess.

  1. Letter of Reference:

This letter can also be regarded as a letter of recommendation. The letter should be written by 2 or 3 referees. The referee will act as a guarantor to prove you are well behaved, good conduct, and you are going to be yourself. It is advised to give this letter to people who know you to some extent to describe your skills, personality, and other attributes being possessed by you.

  1. Statement of Purpose:

Another name for this is the statement of intent, and you should be able to reveal the actual reason you want to study masters of data science in Canada. It should be written and convincing enough to the school admission officers.

  1. Curriculum vitae/Resume:

If you had working experience in time past, you can prepare a professional CV showing your brief biography, skills, accomplishments, working experience, educational qualifications, and area of interest. On the other hand, you have no working experience, you can write a resume. The only difference between a CV and resume is the working experience that is not found on a resume.

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Reasons to Study Data Science in Canada

Canada is one of the countries that are in search of more hands in the data science world. For instance, someone who is working in Canada as a data scientist earns approximately 60,000 USD every year. Although there are lots of data scientist in this country, there are rooms for more people in this field to join other companies to maintain their data. In this country, the rate they are finding data scientists can’t be compared to software engineers, and the demand for the former is 50% higher than the latter.

When you study for your master’s of data science in Canada, you have the privilege of enjoying other benefits such as a safe environment, good standard of living, quality education, and many others. Some skills are essential skills that will be of an advantage for a data scientist, and here they are mathematics and statistics, distributed processing, artificial intelligence, domain knowledge, formulating problems, data presentation, and visualization.

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University Offering Masters of Data Science in Canada

The following are the universities you obtain masters of data science in Canada, and here they are:

  1. Carleton University:

The institution has over 13 academic programs available for students who want to enroll for master’s degrees such as computer science, cognitive science, communication, and many others. The required GPA score for this school is 6.5, and you must have completed your undergraduate course in data science. The tuition fee for international students is $31,253 CAD to $51,018 CAD every year.

  1. Ryerson University:

It is another institution for international students to enroll in their master’s of data science in Canada. Every student who graduated from this institution becomes fully equipped with both applied and technical knowledge in data science and analytics that will help them to be ready for the competition in the labour market. It takes a year before one can enroll in this school to obtain a master’s degree. At least a minimum GPA score of 3.0 is necessary for students to possess. The yearly fee for international students is $23,077 CAD.

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  1. University of British Columbia:

The University of British Columbia has been structured in a way to offer pragmatic experiences to students. The essence of doing this is to allow students to have both computational and statistical perspectives in making the right decisions when it has to with data analysis. Any student doing a full-time program in the school is going to take ten months before they will be done to obtain their degrees. The tuition fee every year is $44,133 CAD for international students.

  1. University of Toronto:

The institution centres on building students with superb skills that are computer science and statistics related. The major reason for doing this is to allow students to handle complex data in data science. Based on the experience they get here, it will broaden their horizons in data science and analysis. The student is going to spend like 8 months having professional course training, and after this, they go to an intensive internship on data science for eight months. The fee for the school is $56,000 CAD per annum for international students.

  1. Mc Gill University:

You can’t be in this school without having real mastery in the aspect of data science and analytics. A student who is well trained in this field can help to maintain effective organizational decisions in different companies they find themselves. To be eligible to study in this school, the student must have been done with his or her undergraduate degree in computer science or any other courses that are computer inclined. Within 12 months, the student should be done with his or her course of study. The fee is $45,000 CAD every year for non-indigenous students.

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