7 Best Medical Schools in Cuba for International Students

Are you making plans to study in one of the medical schools in Cuba? Many international students have traveled from their country to get equipped with the right knowledge in their medical field. It is one of the countries with high-quality lecturers, facilities, and other things put in place to ensure you get the best throughout your medical program. Another thing that has lured international students is the affordable fee that comes with studying in Cuba. If you are lucky enough, you can even obtain a scholarship.

In Cuba, medical or healthcare experts are high in demand, so they are being paid heavily by the government. In 1999, the first medical school came into existence, and since then, there are several medical schools in Cuba. Apart from having an undergraduate degree in these medical schools in Cuba, you can also obtain other certification programs. The reason for writing this article is to help students who are finding it challenging to look for the right medical school in Cuba to enroll in, but there are things to know.

Basic Requirements for Medical Schools in Cuba

Getting enrolled to study medicine in Cuba takes up to 6 years. There is no way you want to learn in Cuba without submitting original transcripts from your high school. The documents you are going to present will be scrutinized seriously to ensure they are genuine. It also includes a copy of a criminal record, birth certificate, financial records, medical history, and many others.

The institution that has offered you admission will list out the entire documents to submit before granting you anything further educational opportunities. It is advisable to travel with both original and photocopies of the documents should there be any cause to submit duplicate copies. Some schools might ask for a recommendation letter. These documents should be prepared ahead of time.

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Are there any Reasons to enroll in these Medical Schools in Cuba?

There are several reasons to make you consider this country as your choice of studying medicine. It is regarded as one of the best countries in the world to study medicine. If you learn in this country, you are going to have vast knowledge in the medical field. It was estimated in 2012, that a total number of 30,000 international students were studying in Cuba.

The country has been a study center for international students. Besides, if your family or guardians are low-income earners, you can be lucky to gain admission to one of these medical schools in Cuba. This article has piled medical schools in Cuba; you can obtain a degree or certification.

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Top Medical Schools in Cuba

The following are schools in Cuba to study medicine:

1.    Universidad de La Habana:

The university happens to be one of Cuba’s most recognized institutions for international students to study medicine. In terms of ranking, the school is being placed at 51st position. The school holds a reputation when it has to do with medical fields because it was founded in 1728.

The school came into existence as a religious institution before converting into a medical school. It is one of the medical schools in Cuba established in America with over 16 faculties such as social sciences, humanities, physical sciences, and many others.

2.    Ciudad Universitaria Jose Antonio Echeverria:

In terms of technical, the university has a top ranking in Cuba. As an international student, you have the privilege of enrolling further for postgraduate and doctoral programs. The school is situated in Havana, with over seven faculties offering different courses for international students. It has been built with world-class materials to give it a great appearance when it comes to buildings. It was founded in the year 1964.

3.    Universidad de Oriente Santiago de Cuba:

You can include this institution as one of the medical schools in Cuba to study medicine. It was established in 1947 on the adorable seaport of Santiago de Cuba. When you want to count the educational center in this country, this institution can be left from 13 faculties and three campuses. In each of these campuses, the various faculties are being distributed in these three campuses. Some of these faculties offered by this institution are social sciences, physical sciences, agriculture, etc.

4.    Universidad de Cienfuegos Carlos Rafael Rodriguez:

The institution is found in Cienfuegos, regarded as the Pearl of the South. If you love tourism, you will appreciate the landscape and tropical beaches on the Island’s Southern Coast. It is one of the benefits of studying at this university. Therefore, while learning to earn a degree in your medical field, you can go out sightseeing with your departmental colleagues during your leisure time or free period. This medical school was established in 1970, and lots of international students have graduated from here.

5.    Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina (ELAM):

It is regarded as the Latin American School of Medicine by most people in this region with many medical research achievements. Different international students from various parts of the globe are applying to study in this school. International students from developing countries find the school as a better option to have a medical degree.

Even in the world, it is one of the largest medical schools that have groomed medical experts with vast experience in medical research. Those admitted into the school stand a better opportunity to benefit from ELAM’s scholarship that comes with accommodation, tuition fee, feeding, and a stipend of $4 every month.

6.    Universidad de Ciencias Médicas de Villa Clara:

The school was founded in 1966 as one of Cuba’s medical schools in the Province Surgical Hospital. A man known as Dr. Ricardo Jorge Oropesa was the person who taught the first medical students in this school. It started in a small classroom or lecture room, but it has expanded into different courses such as clinical laboratory, internal medicine, radiology, pathology. It has even led to other postgraduate courses for those who want to aim higher in greeting more medical field experience.

Important Reads

7.    Universidad de Ciencias Medicas de Cienfuegos:

It is another medical school for international students and was established in 1979. During the early stages of the school, it started with a total number of 9 students, and the number of students has increased geometrically. Based on the institution’s research laboratories, it has contributed to the success of developing medical experts. Some of these medical departments in the school are Pediatrics, Surgery, Medicine, Obstetrics, and Gynecology.

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