Top 10 Medical Schools in Ukraine to Consider for 2024

There are different medical schools in Ukraine, which provide formal education at affordable fees. About half of all international students with intentions of studying in Ukraine apply for medical courses like Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry, etc.

Ukraine is not only famous for international students coming in to study, but also respected for gallant cathedrals and monasteries. The Ukraine institution is more than 800 with a reputable number of students that have applied from developing countries.

The acceptance of qualified foreign candidates to apply for studies in Ukraine is based on the condition that the candidate can meet the medical and financial requirements needed for admission purposes. If you have been considering studying Medicine in Ukraine, this article gives information about the medical schools in Ukraine.

Essential Things to Know about Medical Schools in Ukraine

  1. The Duration of Study:

The time frame for Medical Schools in Ukraine enables a student to obtain a degree in Medicine after the applicant must have finalized his or her degree in medicine.

  1. The Cost of Living:

The Cost of Living in Ukraine is cheap and affordable. A yearly budget of about $2,500 will give you a comfortable life, but there is no guarantee that it will cover up your accommodation expenses.

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  1. Climate Condition:

The Weather condition in Ukraine is favorable. It is mild, and friendly in its various seasons. In Ukraine, January is usually the coldest time of the year. There are usually cases of Frostbites around this particular time of the year, accompanied by sunny days, warmth, and rainy days.

  1. Tuition Fee:

The School fees in Ukraine for international students depend on the Language you will be taught; for international students learning in the Russian-Ukrainian Language, it is about $1700 – $3500 while courses taught in the English Language are around $2000 -$5000. The average tuition fee meant for an international student is about $1200 – $5000.

  1. Health Insurance:

It is essential to enable the application process to obtain proper registration as a student. It is crucial to acquire health insurance if you have intentions of studying medicine in Ukraine.

  1. World Wide Recognition:

The Medical Institutions in Ukraine are widely recognized. There is no need for you to have a double mind trying to applying to any recognized university in Ukraine. International organizations like WHO, UNICEF, EU, etc., have affiliations with the Medical Schools in Ukraine.

  1. Leisure and Fun:

Ukraine outdoor activities are usually recreational, and one shouldn’t get carried away. Different activities like smoking and drinking in public places like bus stations, parks, governmental buildings, parks, etc., are prohibited. You can do these things in private or indoor locations.

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Best Medical Schools in Ukraine

  1. Dnipropetrovsk Medical school:

This medical school is a formal academy in association with the Ukrainian Ministry of health. The University is one of the oldest in Ukraine, and it has partnerships with foreign bodies to support its research and teachings. You must contact the school admission center if you are an international student; because this enables you to obtain an invite to study and move to Ukraine for the entrance examination.

  1. N Karazin Kharkiv National University:

This Institution has a close relationship with Foreign partners based on agreement embodied in research. They have fields like Medicine, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dentistry, etc. Internship pieces of training are offered to students, and other foreign countries also provide support to this Institution such as  Britain, the USA, Italy, Australia, etc.

  1. Kharkiv National Medical School:

This medical school dates back to the 19th Century. It has a lot of research centers and a scientific Library. The Institution has an educational and research center dedicated to training foreign citizens. The University also offers a beginner’s class that teaches students before they start their major course in their medical field.

  1. Vinnista National University:

Vinnista National University was established in 1921, named in honor of Nikolai Pirogov. They have faculties like Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry which have a licensed laboratory. Postgraduate study departments for Emergency and Military Medicine, the University also has Research laboratories and practical clinics.

  1. Bogomolets National Medical University:

The University was formed in 1841, and it was named after Popular Physiologist Alexander A. Bogomolets. The University is respected for excellence and great Alumni. There are three faculties; Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Stomatology, and Faculty of Pharmacy. The institution offer degree like MBBS, BDS, MS, MD, MDS, and Nursing.  Students also enjoy diverse cultural and environmental conditions from various students across the globe.

  1. Odesa National Medical University:

Odesa University started Medical school in 1996. The University is one of the Largest Medical universities in Ukraine with about 4000 applicants from different parts of the world. The Institution has an introductory faculty, a postgraduate faculty, and Medical College. In addition to it, 56 other departments in the University are approved, and the University is also recognized by WHO and MCI

  1. Lugansk State Medical University:

The Medical University was founded in 1956, formerly known as Voroshilovgrad State Medical University. About 3000 students from 60 Countries study in Lugansk State Medical school currently. The University has six departments recognized by WHO, MCI, and other Organisations.

  1. Donetsk National Medical University:

The Institution came into existence in 1930, and the University is the biggest among the top Medical Universities in Ukraine.  It is among the Eastern University in Ukraine and was the first Medical University to be recognized by WHO, MCI, and UNESCO.

  1. Poltava State Medical and Dental University:

The Institution was formed in 1921, and the University has been of great help to students to actualize their ambitions. Although the University began as a Faculty of Kharkiv medical school, presently, it has about 4000 students pursuing medical studies with around 1200 students from various parts of the globe. The cost of living is less expensive and affordable, and the tuition fee is also inexpensive.

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The medical schools in Ukraine are very affordable for international students. Although the cost of living is cheap, medical backups must be put in place by international students studying medicine intentions in Ukraine. The applicant should contact the website of school for additional information.

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