Steps (with Samples) to Write a Scholarship Cover Letter

A scholarship cover letter is necessary when applying for a scholarship alongside other application documents. The cover letter will help you discuss your goals and other potentials the fund will add to your educational career. It is important to include passions, skills, and aspirations. In this article, we will get to have more knowledge about scholarship cover letters.

What is a Scholarship Cover Letter?

A scholarship cover letter is a special letter you write regarding seeking tuition fees. It is the scholarship committee that will get the scholarship and crosschecks it to know whether you qualify for the scholarship. In this letter, you can throw more light on the things you will use the scholarship to do. If you are eligible and fit the scholarship committee criteria they will invest their funds in you.

You will write the correct details in your scholarship making sure they are the same as your documents. Therefore, you will need to give out accurate information to the scholarship committee. If they suspect any false information on your scholarship letter, it will decrease your chances of getting the scholarship fund.

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Steps to Write a Cover Letter Scholarship

  1. Review your Scholarship Qualifications:

Different scholarships are available online, therefore, every organization has its requirements, preferences, and expectations. It is crucial to review your scholarship qualifications when writing your cover letter. It could help you become a strong candidate for the scholarship application and understand the right things to add that will capture the reviewing committee. The good thing you can put your skills and experience to make the committee knows you understand their expectations.

  1. Start with an Introduction:

Your scholarship letter should have an introductory paragraph describing who you are and why you want to earn the scholarship. Here, you could discuss how the fund will open diverse opportunities you can’t have access to because you are not financially buoyant. It is advisable to add information about yourself such as schools attended, a program you are interested in, the degree you earned, etc.

  1. Add Internship or Professional Experience:

The first paragraph can discuss your professional experience or you can give details on any internship you have completed using highlights to relate them. For instance, if the scholarship is for students wanting to enter the STEM field you can share your laboratory intern experience and how the program offers you skills and knowledge to bag a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. The scholarship committee might focus more on you because you have undergone professional growth and development.

  1. Describe your Academic Goals and Interests:

The next paragraph can highlight academic interests and goals. The scholarship will help you get finance for your education. Therefore showing you have an academic desire or aspiration will increase your chances of the scholarship. Also, you can describe the academic degree you want to earn and why the program will support you. It is possible to apply for a scholarship from an external organization. If you have been struggling to pay your tuition fee, you can let the committee know it will help you cater for your education.

  1. Crosscheck Your Post Graduation Aspirations:

Besides adding your short-term academic goals and professional experience, you can give information about your postgraduation aspirations. Whether you want to earn a graduate degree or have a professional license can make the scholarship committee take you as a serious candidate. It is one of the effective ways of highlighting your long-term impact in return to get financial assistance for your academic career.

  1. Add a Concluding Paragraph:

When you have finished writing the three body paragraphs, you can write a concluding paragraph to summarize your academic goals. You can use the section to appreciate the scholarship committee for the privilege to apply for their scholarship. Your contact information can be written to help them contact you.

  1. Proofread and Revise:

After you are through with the first draft, you can revise your work to correct errors like wrong spellings, grammatical mistakes, punctuation, etc. You can proofread it yourself or give it to someone vast with the English language, and it can be your friend, professor, or mentor. The essence of this is for them to help you crosscheck your writing style and eliminate irrelevant details from the document.

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Sample of Cover Letter

Dear Mr. John,

My name is Raymond Williams, and I’m writing this cover letter to apply for your scholarship program for the Fall 2022 semester. I’m a first-year student at the University of Regina pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Medicine. I’m passionate about my course and with a CGPA of 4.2, I feel am eligible for it.

During my senior high school, I assisted the first aid team and learned different techniques in helping patients recover very fast. As a result, I explored my passion and helped others in times of distress. Although it was volunteer work, I learned many things in the field and grew my interest in earning a bachelor’s degree in medicine.

I have other academic ambitions and ensure I get my bachelor’s degree in Medicine. I hope to minor in dermatology so I can work with skincare companies and contribute my impact on individuals with skin-related problems. I also wish to remain on the Dean’s merit list by maintaining the required GPA of 3.8 or higher. I have an ambition of having a graduate degree to become a licensed dermatologist.

I want to further my education at this university and obtain funds for their scholarship program. I appreciate your consideration and I will expect to hear from you. Please, you can email me at or call xxxxxxxxxx with any questions regarding my scholarship application.


Raymond Williams

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