Updated List of Best Medical Universities in Georgia 2024/2025

Georgia is a country situated between Asia and European continents, and one of the best countries for international students to have their MBBS. These medical universities in Georgia have good standard facilities to aid students to carry out medical research. There are many recognized medical institutions in the school running for five years before a student can obtain their degree.

It will surprise you to know there is no Indian embassy in Georgia, but there is an existing embassy in Yerevan the capital of Armenia. For this reason, no need for students to visit the embassy for any inquiry because the Indian ambassador for the Armenia embassy attends all the ceremonies held in Georgia to communicate with Indian students studying in the country.

In Georgia, the average cost of student living in the country is approximately 3000$ per annum and it includes things such as feeding, accommodation, laundry services, transportation, etc. The cost of residing in the country is better compared to other European countries. Every year, there is a high increase in the number of international students coming to enroll in Medical Universities in Georgia.

The World Health Organization has given recognition to Medical Universities in Georgia, and other health sectors around the globe. If you are doubting about studying in Georgia, you can survey by asking other students in the school about their level of study or go on the internet for a general review. Before one can get admission into the school, it is required for them to write the National Entrance Examination Test because it is one of the admission requirements.

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Reasons to Study in Medicine in Georgia

These medical universities in Georgia have made it a hot destination for international students migrating to earn an MBBS degree from the country. These are the following reasons for studying medicine in Georgia:

  1. Reputable Medical Universities:

Georgian Universities are well recognized in other countries, and it makes it simple for graduates to secure a job based on their degree. Different health bodies are in collaboration with medical Universities in Georgia.

  1. Accepted Medical Certificate:

The MBBS Certificate is accepted in various parts of the world. No matter the country you are in search of jobs they recognize their certificates. It is one of the reasons for students to include studying in Georgia in their wishlist.

  1. Freedom for International Conference:

In some institutions, students can participate in either conferences or seminars, but in Canada it is different. Any student studying in medical Universities in Georgia can attend medical conferences to gain more experience and exposure.

  1. Cheap Transportation:

The Georgian government has made it affordable for international students to afford transportation by implementing enough discounts on any city or region within the country. On the other hand, it helps to cut down unnecessary expenses for students.

  1. World-Class Education:

When it has to do with quality education, the school is in no doubt one of the best schools for anyone wanting to earn a recognized medical degree. Most of their lecturers are outstanding in the medical field based on their numerous years of research.

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Benefits of MBBS Degree in Medical Universities in Georgia

There are diverse benefits especially for Indian students having the opportunity to carry out their medical practice in any part of the country. No need for any English language proficiency enrolling in medical Universities in Georgia in which other institutions do write language tests such as IELTS and TOEFL.

Despite students getting a good education, the tuition fee comes at affordable rates, and it has to be a contributing factor for Indian students migrating from their country of residence to Georgia to bag a medical degree in a safe environment. Indian MBBS aspirants get a direct admission to study in Georgia without writing an additional entrance test National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET).

Many medical Universities in Georgia are ranking very high in the MCI screening Test, and it is happening due to the quality education students are receiving from lecturers. You can choose any university in the country to study and can be sure you are safe anywhere in Georgia.

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Medical Universities in Georgia

Presently, there are four medical Universities in Georgia, and the good thing is they have a United States medical license to operate. Three of them are private, while one is a public university, and here they are:

  1. Augusta University:

The Augusta University is a combination of two schools coming together to create a medical college. Many students wanting to study for pre-medicine find their way to study in the institution. It is a public university that offers access to medical students in over 35 clinical training across Georgia. There are different hospitals and clinics available for students to gain more clinical experience in the medical field.

  1. Mercer University:

The institution only receives residing medical students who after doing a pre-med. Therefore, any foreign students who are out of Georgia won’t be accepted into the school, except they become legal residents. There are three different Campuses in other parts of Georgia, and they use a direct learning approach to lecture students. As a result of this, med students get clinical exposure based on various problems.

  1. Emory University:

They have an innovative curriculum and it is one of the medical universities in Georgia. Freshers in the institution get outpatient experience and different clinical rotations occur in a broad range of clinical sites. The extensive clinical experience makes students grow well in knowledge. There is early skill training to get their medical students ahead of their careers. You can consider Emory University as another school to study medicine in Georgia.

  1. Morehouse University:

It is one of the renowned Medical Universities in Georgia populated with black people. International students can also gain access to study medicine in the school to acquire clinical training. They have an affiliation with Grady Memorial Hospital and other healthcare sectors in Georgia.

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Medical Universities in Georgia are suited for either Indian or International students with an ambition to study in a conducive environment. If there is any other information you need regarding any of the medical schools in Georgia, you can check the website of the school to be updated with the admission, fee structure, ranking, eligibility criteria, and many others.

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