Top 7 Low Cost MBA Universities in Canada for 2024/2025

When you are considering study destination to attain your business certification or degree, there are low-cost MBA in Canada that comes at affordable tuition fee. Many international students from countries like India, China, South Asia, etc., make up the highest number of students in other parts of the world.

Canada is one of the major countries where many international students leave their country of residence to further their postgraduate degrees. For instance, students on a minimum budget might want to get a quality education can make Canada part of their plans.  Low-cost MBA in Canada is the aspiration of many international students.

Low-Cost MBA in Canada 

The list below are numerous institutions offering low cost MBA in Canada, and they are:

  1. Memorial University of Newfoundland:

It is the most prominent business institution in Canada, with a total population of over 18,000. The school can boast of four different faculties for 1300 faculties. In terms of ranking, it is 23rd in the university ranking in the world. On the other hand, when referring to the list of affordable MBA programs in Canada, it is number 1 on the ranking. The tuition fee for their MBA program costs approximately $4,833.

  1. University of New Brunswick:

The University of New Brunswick came into existence in 1785, and it happens to be the oldest institution where the English language is the official language for lecturing students. It is an excellent school for indigenous and international students in search of a low cost MBA in Canada. They have both Masters and Doctoral degrees. Their tuition fee is $12 for MBA in Business Administration and Juris Doctor.

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  1. Laval University:

There is no way you want to list universities with lost cost MBA in Canada without including Laval University in it. They have been in operation for over a long period since it was founded in 1663. The official language for teaching students in lecture hall is French. In Canada, the school ranks 15 while ranking 400 globally. It is one of the top-notch schools for low cost MBA in Canada, and their tuition fee is $14,774.

  1. University of Victoria:

The university is a public research institution in British Columbia, and it comprises more than 21,000 students. In time past, the school was affiliated with McGill University, but they are operating on their own currently. It is one of those universities in Canada to study for an MBA degree, and the tuition fee is $12,737.

  1. McMaster University:

If you are finding a renowned institution in Canada, McMaster University ranks 5th in the country. It is best in terms of researching Science and Engineering. Therefore, any student obsessed with research can study at McMaster University. The tuition fee for the school is $19,868.

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  1. Concordia University:

The school ranks among other Universities in Canada. Their MBA program is ranking 24th in the globe and ranking 5th in Canada. It is one of the low cost MBA Canada schools that is standing alone compared to others. Many students are studying at Concordia University due to their affordable fees.

  1. Carleton University:

Carleton University is primarily for international business courses and Entrepreneurship. They have a renowned faculty called Sprott School of Business. The institution has won performance awards, and it has also given the school a high reputation amongst other MBA schools in Canada. The tuition fee for their MBA program is $26,918.

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Many Universities offer affordable tuition fees for students to enroll in getting their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Due to the large sum of money students have to spend before achieving their degree, Universities in this article offer students a nominal fee they can afford to pay.

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