2024/2025 Updated List of Top Korean University Scholarship

Korea is a country with lots of universities that are highly ranked in the world. It will surprise you that seven of their institutions are well recognized for an excellent education. As a student studying in Korea, you will enjoy their cheap cost of living compared to other countries. On the other hand, Korean university scholarship makes it easier for international students to gain admission to study various courses either undergraduate or postgraduate.

One of the basic things that have attracted lots of foreign students to Korea is their delicious cuisines filled with spicy meals. Before you can be part of the beneficiaries of the Korea university scholarship, there are some required documents you have to possess to be considered eligible for it. Therefore, if you have been panicking about the right documents, you have to be happy reading this content.

Required Documents for Korea University Scholarship

Here they are:

  • Personal statement or essay
  • Two recommendation letters from two different recommenders
  • Bachelor’s certification degree
  • Academic transcripts
  • Master’s certification degree
  • Applicant’s passport
  • Applicant’s Nationality
  • Photocopies of both parents’ passports, etc.

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Top Korea University Scholarship

  1. Global Korea Scholarship:

It is one of the best Korean university scholarships for international students to study their courses. The Korean government created this scholarship to assist students wanting to have a tertiary education in Korea but lack funds to finance it. Also, the scholarship has a way of promoting international mutual friendship between Korea and other countries.

For the undergraduate degree, there are over 220 students, while 1,080 postgraduate students are allowed to study in any of the Korean universities. The good thing about the scholarship, it comes with additional bonuses such as medical insurance, living allowance, language course fees, resettlement allowance, and many others.

If you are lucky to have an outstanding performance in the Korean language, you will stand the chance of being awarded the sum of KRW 100,000 ($90). For postgraduate students, they can get a complete grant of KRW 100,009 and research support, dissertation printing costs, etc. The basic criteria for qualification for this Korea University Scholarship, you have to be below 25 years going for undergraduate or 40 years as a postgraduate student with a CGPA of above 80%.

  1. Samsung Global Hope Scholarship Program:

The scholarship is for every student emerging from underdeveloped or developing countries. Also, some countries have been shortlisted as low-income, lower-middle-income least developed, and upper-middle-income countries.

Scholars for this Samsung Global Hope Scholarship Program are selected based on different factors like language proficiency, financial needs, academic intellect, etc. If you are likely to travel back to your country of residence to propagate development, then, there will be an award for you.

  1. POSCO TJ Park Scholarship for Asian Students Studying in Korea:

The Korean university scholarship is for only Asian students wanting to study for their postgraduate studies in South Korea. The sole purpose is to help nurture the next golden generation from every Asian country. Besides the free tuition fee given to students to cover their academics for four semesters, there is a living subsidy of $900 for students to sort their daily expenses.

Before you are eligible for the scholarship, the applicant must have a bachelor’s degree certificate from Korea or other reputable Asian universities. The minimal requirements for the Korean university scholarship that comes with the scholarship have mandated applicants to undergo 2 rounds of selection. The first one is for evaluating submitted documents, while the next one is for interviewing applicants.

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  1. Yonsei University Underwood International College (UIC) Admissions Scholarship:

It is another Korean university scholarship and it is one of the latest English language liberal Arts colleges. Presently, it has over 2,500 students from over 66 countries. The school admits all applicants immediately, but scholarship grants are given to students based on their academic performances.

If you are lucky to be selected among the successful candidates, a notice will be sent to you alongside the admission packet. Students must maintain a particular CGPA score to e considered eligible for the scholarship the following year.

  1. Korea University Scholarships for International Students:

It is a private university ready to accept students based on academic merits. Many international students have been beneficiaries of the scholarship. For instance, a selected number of new applicants can be issued Entrance Scholarships.

There is no separate application for the scholarship because awardees are selected based judging form their academic performance. Students must strive hard to maintain a stipulated CGPA to renew their scholarship grant for the upcoming year.

  1. Ewha Global Partnership Program (EGPP):

The university is situated in Seoul, South Korea but a semestral fee has to be paid for undergraduate from $3,300, while the graduate fee will cost approximately $4,700. With this scholarship, students have to bother about paying for their Undergraduate or postgraduate fee.

The scholarship beneficiaries are free to gain access to other benefits such as living stipend, free dormitory lodging, but there is no insurance in the grant. Generally, the scholarship is for females from developing countries, and awardees are chosen according to their leadership potential.

  1. Korea National University of the Arts – Art Major Asian Plus (AMA+) Scholarship:

It was established in 1993 and after that year they made their scholarship ready to accommodate students wanting financial assistance. In 2004, the scholarship began and it has funded over 309 students from various underdeveloped and developing countries. Besides it covers the full tuition fee for students, it comes with a monthly allowance, airfare ticket, and health insurance.

Applicants need to have either a Bachelor’s degree for a Master’s program or a high school diploma for undergraduate programs. Since it is an art scholarship, applicants must submit their work portfolios with other requirements such as academic transcripts, study plan, three recommendation letters, personal medical assessment, etc.

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Korean university scholarship is available for students to study in any Korean university without paying any tuition fee. It is advisable to meet the required criteria to be part of the scholarship either as an indigene or international student.

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