6 Best Highly Ranked Universities in Switzerland for 2024

Do you know there are top Universities in Switzerland that can withstand other Universities in the world? These Universities have various degrees, such as undergraduates, postgraduate, doctorate, etc. Due to their standard of education, they have attracted international students from other continents to enroll. Foreign students can also enjoy the site attractions in this country. In addition to this, the Universities in Switzerland have been structured in a way for students to have a variety of options towards their academic pursuits.

Furthermore, there are other things which could act as an obstacle for foreign or international students such as language barrier, and cost of living. These are two things that have to be considered for an individual who wants to enroll for any programs in their    Universities. For someone fortunate enough to study in Switzerland should be happy, because most of the universities are globally recognized. Swiss universities offer world-class standard education.

It is surprising to know that this country has a population of approximately 8 million people; still, their education is making an impact on the lives of both its citizens and foreign citizens. The education in this country has placed them on a pedestal where other countries have been able to recognize them. Every year, some universities do come out with new undergraduate programs for students to enroll. Surprisingly, even the least universities in Switzerland have different undergraduate courses.

Different Top Universities in Switzerland

In this article, we are going to streamline these universities to only six universities, and here they are:

  • ETH Zurich is known as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
  • University of Zurich
  • University of Basel
  • University of Bern
  • University of Geneva
  • University of Lausanne

1.    ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology:

This university is the number one institution when it comes to anything that has to do with science and technology. The school has been able to produce innovators and inventors who have contributed to the Swiss technological sector. ETH Zurich was founded as far back as 1855. Initially, it was called the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School. Over the years, the school has been given numerous awards such as Nobel laureates, Pritzker Prize, Fields medalist, etc. It has good sporting facilities for extracurricular activities.

The renowned Scientist known as Albert Einstein is an Alumni of this institution. This goes a long way to show their level of competency when it comes to science and technology. It has several departments for – scholars, researchers, scientists, etc to carry out different scientific explorations. The various explorations that are being carried out could fall into any of this such as physical sciences, environmental sciences, engineering sciences, etc. The study method has been structured to make students comprehend what is being taught ranging from theory to practice, and it is located in Zurich. Check global & state ranking >>

2.    University of Zurich:

For anyone interested in attending any university in Switzerland, should know that the University of Zurich can’t be compared to other universities in the country. There are different things which make the institution quite exceptional such as facilities, lecture buildings, different books for students who want to carry out different research. The institution was established in the year 1833 and can boast of numerous faculties such as medicine, law, philosophy, theology, etc.

Furthermore, students can have access to all the libraries in the university. For those in the medical field and biological sciences have a museum in which they can be educated on the history of medicine. International students who are from Anglophone countries can also have easy learning because most of the faculties make use of English both in the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. There are notable personalities in this university such as Albert Hoffman (Swiss scientist), Carl Victor Ryssel (Theologian), Martin Ebner (Swiss billionaire businessman), etc. Check global & state ranking >>

3.    University of Basel:

It is one of the universities in Switzerland that has been established a long time ago. It came into the existence on the 4th of April, 1460. There is no way one could mention one of the oldest universities in the world without including the University of Basel. This institution is situated in Basel with different faculties for students to enroll such as social sciences, humanities, medicine, law, sciences, etc. Initially, when this institution started, it was only four faculties that were available for students. Currently, different faculties have been introduced.

Different scholars from numerous continents have enrolled in this institution such as Erasmus of Rotterdam (Renaissance humanist), Friedrich Miescher (Physician), Karl Jasper (German Psychiatrist), and other notable researchers. Some of them have also been awarded noble prizes based on their contribution to their field of study. The university has a good reputation due to its outstanding achievement in carrying out research. Currently, the school has over 350 professors. Check global & state ranking >>

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4.    University of Bern:

This institution was propounded and financed by Carton of Bern. This institution happens to be like any other institutions in Switzerland. It has been recognized due to the top-quality education they have offered to their past students, and even the current students aren’t left out. The University of Bern has numerous courses available for students to study. They have approximately 8 faculties and other institutes. Some of these faculties are Humanities, law, theology, veterinary medicine, human sciences, sciences, etc. It was established in the year 1834, and the school administration operates on three different levels such as institutes, faculties, and universities.

This is the third largest and popular university in Switzerland. Apart from students enrolling for undergraduate courses, there are still openings for masters and doctoral programs. Continuing education is available for those who are having a busy schedule with their time. Studying at the University of Bern allows a student to combine two-course, and then study them. The institution also has notable people who have graduated and became influential in the world such as Daniel Vasella (CEO of Novartis), Werner Munzinger (Africa explorer), and Mani Matter (Songwriter). Check global & state ranking >>

5.    University of Geneva:

John Calvin is the founder of the University of Geneva in the year 1559. The institution was a theology and law school. In the year 1873, it later became a full-time university doing away with its religious affiliations. In this university, about 40% of the students are international students from other parts of the world. It has over 500 programs for students which include Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs. Examples of these courses are molecular biology (life sciences), astrophysics (physical sciences), psychology (social sciences), etc.

This university carries out numerous key researches that cut across different fields of study with numerous libraries to ease the research process. The criterion for anyone who wants to enroll in any of these universities in Switzerland is the possession of a Swiss maturity diploma and other relevant documents. The institution has people who graduated from here with Nobel prizes in different fields such as Karl Gunnar Myrdal (Nobel Prize in Economics, 1974), Edmond H. Fischer (Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1994), Vaughan Jones, etc. Check global & state ranking >>

6.    University of Lausanne:

Most of the universities in Switzerland were formed with the aim of theology in mind, and this institution is one of them. It has over 190 units to research in different fields such as aesthetics, genomics, environmental laws, and many others. It is mind-blowing to know that the University of Lausanne has over 580 professors working on different projects daily. International students are also benefiting from the libraries and laboratories that are available, and it was founded in 1537. Check global & state ranking >>

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The school has seven major faculties, and some of them are Geosciences, law, Arts, Biology and Medicine, social and political sciences, etc. There is an active sports center that is located in the institution for students to have fun during their leisure time. Notable people who studied in this institution are Semsettin Gunaltay (Prime Minister of Turkey), Jean-Claude Biver (CEO of Hublot), Philippe Jaccottet (Swiss Poet), etc.

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