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There are numerous scholarships in Zambia for students to obtain high-quality education without paying any tuition fee. Many students find it challenging to get these scholarships because they lack the essential information to see these free education opportunities. Acquiring these scholarships is not complex as some students might see them. The primary thing is filling in your necessary information on the scholarship portal and submitting relevant documents on the portal. Without further ado, we will see the educational system in Zambia.

Educational System in Zambia  

  • Primary Education:

In Zambia, their educational system is structured into 7-5-4, implying seven years at primary school, five years for junior and secondary school, and four years at university. The Zambian government has made education compulsory for its citizens, but in the end, children from poor backgrounds might become dropouts later in the future.

  • Middle Education:

Middle education comes before secondary education, and it is usually the first two years of secondary school. In time past, after their middle education, many students searched for jobs to cater to their expenses because they assumed they had completed a decent education.

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  • Secondary Education:

Writing a transitional selection exam is compulsory if you are preparing to have secondary education. If a Zambian student has gotten a middle education, they could spend four years to get a quality education before they can push further for their tertiary education.

  • Vocational Education:

Having skill(s) in Zambia helps contribute to the country’s economic growth. The Zambian vocational educational system help in training Zambian students with relevant entrepreneur skills to become self-independent while acquiring income to sort out their day-to-day needs.

  • Tertiary Education:

In Zambia, we have five universities for students to enroll for their tertiary education – the Northwest University, the University of Zambia, the Zambia Adventists University, the Copper belt University, and the Cavendish University. Moreover, you can get admission into these universities to enjoy numerous scholarships in Zambia.

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Scholarships in Zambia

  1. Masomo Education Foundation Scholarships For Zambian Students:

One of the scholarships in Zambia offers charitable support to students. Destitute students who are educationally sound but lack tuition fees to fund their education. It is run by six persons with the same goal of offering meaningful to students to become responsible Zambian citizens.

If you aim for an undergraduate degree in technology, mathematics, agricultural science, and business, it is an excellent opportunity to pursue your dream course. Therefore, it is for every Zambia student ready to achieve their tertiary education. The average tuition fee for each student is Ksh 70,000, for UK students 600 pounds, and for US students 870 dollars. The Masomo scholarship is usually for two years, but beneficiaries of the scholarship can be extended based on its performance.

  1. International School Of Lusaka Scholarships:

The merit-based scholarship program helps and motivates Zambian students seeking opportunities to acquire the International School of Lusaka Scholarships. Every year, they offer a few scholarships for outstanding academically – outstanding grade 10 and outstanding grade 12 students, respectively.

The international school of Lusaka is in Ridgeway, Lusaka, Zambia. Their educational system is equivalent to the American PK-12 school, and it uses the IGCSE/IB for preschool for Zambia students. In 2015, the total number of students in the university was over 700 students coming from 60 countries globally. It is one of the scholarships in Zambia for secondary school students.

  1. Chevening Scholarships for Zambian Students:

The Chevening scholarships for Zambian students provide financial assistance to merited students. The scholarship is among the influential scholarships in the world, and Zambia applicants can select their course of study at any United Kingdom university. As a result, there is no fixed upper age limit before you can be eligible for the scholarship.

If you are a Zambian student trying to gain admission in the UK to study for your Master’s, you can consider the scholarship. It is available for various graduate courses as long as you are qualified. It would help if you had the exemplary leadership to distinguish you from other applicants and decent academic backgrounds.

Since it is a fully-funded scholarship, it is necessary to be exceptional. The scholarship recipients stand a chance of getting up to £18,000 with other side benefits, such as a monthly stipend, free travel cost, an arrival allowance, travel grant to attend hosted by Chevening in the UK, free tuition fee, etc.

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  1. Cavendish University Scholarship:

Top Zambian students can benefit from the Cavendish University scholarship to study for free. It comes with 100% functional and tuition fees. If you are a fresher or transfer student, you might be eligible for the scholarship. The scholarship recipients might need to attend various leadership workshops to acquire the skills to mentor their peers and get mentored to be sound academically and intellectually.

The work-study initiatives could last for 15 hours every week, and before you are eligible for the scholarship, you must have an average of B+ each semester. It is run as a private entity and is in Lusaka, Zambia. In the future, their permanent location will be in Kafue town. They have an affiliation with Cavendish International Limited. The Cavendish University Zambia is one of the earliest universities in the country.

  1. Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program:

It is another scholarship for Zambian students and other developing countries. Applicants need to have professional experiences and rich histories of supporting their countries’ development efforts. They provide scholarships for participating programs in numerous universities in Europe, Asia, Japan, Africa, and Oceania.

The scholarship beneficiaries can enjoy tuition fees, monthly allowance, health insurance, travel allowance, and round-trip airfare. You need to apply to obtain Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program. It is necessary to upload your letter of acceptance from the participating Master’s degree program during the application. The mode of application is on the internet, and it is best to have vital information to avoid mistakes.

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Scholarships in Zambia come with numerous benefits depending on the institution or organization sponsoring them. You have to know these benefits and go after those that will suit your academic pursuit.

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