2024/2025 List of European Scholarships for International Students

Many European scholarships attract international students with high academic performance every year. In each of these European countries, they have a fee policy. It is lower in countries like the U.S., Canada, and Australia. In some European countries, they offer free tuition fees to students. Also, we students work part-time while pursuing their dream course to bag either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

European Scholarships

  1. Belgian Government Scholarship (Belgium):

The Belgian government scholarship is one of the European scholarships to gain either a bachelor’s or master’s degree. On the other hand, you can enroll for continuing education in a higher institution of the Wallonia Brussels Federation. Surprisingly, they have over one hundred and thirty Bachelor’s and Master’s scholarships.

  1. SBW Berlin Scholarships for International Students (Germany):

It is another European scholarship for young talented international students socially devoted to offering volunteer work in their country of residence. International students from Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America are eligible for the scholarship. If you are a master’s student, you can apply for the scholarship.

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  1. DAAD Master’s Studies for All-Academic Disciplines:

You have the privilege of taking your academic education to another level in Germany by offering any postgraduate courses. If you have the proper academic criteria and see yourself as a qualified candidate, you can apply for either bachelor’s or diploma. It has no specified dateline for applicants because every country has its deadline.

  1. Amsterdam Merit Scholarships (Netherland):

You can apply for the Amsterdam Merit Scholarships if you possess a non-EEA/EU passport and have applied for an educational degree at this University can submit a scholarship application. Every department or faculty has its deadline. Therefore, it is necessary to know the deadline of any school before you apply.

  1. Hungary Scholarship for Christian Young People (Hungary):

Hungary is one of the countries offering European scholarships that provide high-quality education. The primary aim of the scholarship is to provide free tuition fees for Hungarian young Christian students suffering a crisis. Also, international students are being persecuted due to their faith.

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  1. University of Geneva Master Scholarship:

The scholarship offers grants of between 10,000 to CHF 15,000. The scholarship can last for one year, and you have the chance of extending the scholarship for any educational degree. Although, it is compulsory to meet the academic requirements to be eligible for it.

  1. Gates Cambridge Scholarships (United Kingdom):

Every year, Gates Cambridge gives 80 students full-cost scholarships to international students from various parts of the world. You can study any postgraduate course and get your degree quickly. Also, doctoral students have the opportunity of applying for this scholarship as far as meeting the requirements.

  1. Boustany MBA Cambridge Scholarship (United Kingdom):

It is among the leading Business programs globally offering financial assistance to students with £30,000 for different purposes such as travel, accommodation, tuition fee, and anything related to the internship. Since it is an MBA scholarship, it is necessary to have a good CGPA in your bachelor’s degree.

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  1. University of Sussex Chancellors International Scholarships (United Kingdom):

The University offers 25 scholarships with a 50% reduction in tuition fees. It is available for international postgraduate applicants with outstanding academic performance. It is compulsory to have been accepted to study at the University of Sussex for your master’s degree. It is one of the European scholarships available for students.

  1. Swedish Institute Scholarships (Sweden):

The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs is the founder of the Swedish Institute Scholarships. It provides outstanding opportunities for students to develop themselves both academically and professionally. Also, they can experience different Swedish cultures. The scholarship covers tuition fees, travel costs, and a monthly payment of SEK 10,000

  1. Government of Hungary Scholarship (Hungary):

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade manages the Government of Hungary Scholarship. Also, the Tempus Public Foundation coordinates the program. They have both full and partial degree opportunities in three different cycles. The scholarship covers different things such as monthly stipend, medical insurance, health, and many other things. The scholarship is available in different educational levels such a bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D.

  1. Ghent University Doctoral Scholarship (Belgium):

The University offers 50 Ph.D. grants to doctoral students. If you are trying to get a doctoral degree and you have no funds in your hands, you can apply for Ghent university postgraduate scholarships. The scholarship offers €2.225 each month depending on the family finance of the applicant, and the promoter can get a bench fee of €310 every month.

  1. Maastricht University of Scholarship (Netherlands):

It is one of the European scholarships emerging from the Netherlands. The University comes with 24 full scholarships of€29,000, including monthly allowance and tuition fee waiver. These benefits are for each academic year, especially for students outside the European Union or European Economic Area.

Other Interesting Contents

  1. University Twente Scholarship (Netherlands):

If you are an excellent student, you can stand an opportunity to get University Twente Scholarship. It is for European Union/European Economic Area and Non-European Economic Area/Non-European Union students. You can be fortunate to get between €3,000to €22,000 annually.

  1. Bristol University Think Big Scholarships (United Kingdom):

It comes with several awards valued between £5,000 to £10,000 for undergraduate students. Postgraduate students in Bristol can get an amount of £5,000, to £20,000 depending on their qualifications. Early application for the scholarship is vital if you want to be part of the scholarship beneficiaries.



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Different European countries offer scholarships for either undergraduate or postgraduate students. If you are outstanding in your academics, you can be eligible for these European scholarships.

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