Stakeholder Management Interview Questions with Answers

Business owners want their business to function well in different aspects such as pitching sales, organizing meetings, visiting purchase sites, etc. These activities need people who can run them effectively. For a business to be successful, it needs many hands to manage it. Entrepreneurs need to be familiar with stakeholder management.

Stakeholder management is considered as maintaining a good relationship and personal friendship with people that will take your business successful. Also, it involves keeping positive relationships that will offer a high-level impact in your field of work. As a result, some managing directors organize parties, throw various ceremonies, and offer bonus packages to show gratitude to their workers.

Furthermore, stakeholder management involves communicating and making positive interactions with people such as the board of directors, shareholders, customers, employees, customer care service, etc. This helps to solidify the various positions of people working with your company and they will be ready to offer their best to ensure the company keeps on moving on.

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Importance of Stakeholder Management Interview Questions

Stakeholder management interview questions are essential because they disclose how you should deal with different circumstances when you emerge in the vacant role. As an applicant, you must be mentally ready to solve or handle real-life situations by putting your skills to solve problems that will yield positive results.

Any tangible task you have handled in your previous positions should connect with the one you are applying for. When you are providing answers to competency-based or stakeholder management interview questions, it is best advised to talk about three things – context, action, and outcome.

  • Context:

It deals with describing a circumstance or situation. Your example must match the skillset and quality the company is asking about.

  • Action:

It has to do with the steps you took to solve the actual problem. It is advisable to be precise and concise to prevent vague declarations.

  • Result:

The result has to do with the outcome you got from applying action. You have to respond in a way that will let the interviewer know you have some level of experience in stakeholder management.

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Stakeholder Management Interview Questions and Answers

  1. Can you tell us about your organizing skills?

The best way to answer the question is by discussing your day-to-day experience in scheduling tasks from your past job experience.


I have worked with ABC company for three years and my exact role was to ensure that the daily activities ran smoothly. Therefore, I created specific schedules within a short time for everyone and my Boss got me impressed and I became an asset in tasks organization.”

  1. What were the things that occurred if you have ever encountered failure in your work?

The ideal way to provide an answer to this question is by discussing your job scope and various failures you have encountered when you didn’t perform well.


“There were times where competent employees can become flustered or underperform. I had many underperforming situations in my previous job, but I learned from my mistakes and got motivated to get back on the right track. As a result, I was able to right my wrongs.”

  1. What part of the job you didn’t enjoy?

Many applicants will answer they are willing to work in any position, but that is not the exact thing the interviewer wants to know. The essence of the question is to evaluate your strength in this field.


“I have been involved in numerous projects but I don’t enjoy working as a sales representative. I am open to having more knowledge about it. My greatest strength lies in the Information technology department which made me the best employee of the year at my previous job.”

  1. What will you do if two stakeholders have two different opinions toward you?

You need to respond to the interviewer by saying you will try to understand both parties and provide answers to their queries in a polite manner to resolve the conflict.


“I will be attentive to both parties and understand their plight to come up with an ideal solution that will calm the conflict. Also, I will talk politely in a way they won’t get furious or underrate them.”

  1. How will you resolve a dispute with your Managing director?

It is one of the stakeholder management interview questions, therefore, you have to talk about the conflict and the way you will solve it. It will be wrong to look down on your previous managing director because the recruiter or hiring manager will see you as someone disrespectful.


“I got into conflict with my previous boss because of my salary. He disclosed to me that I won’t be paid my bonus because I underperformed for that month. We had an amicable discussion, and he paid me my bonus the next month.

  1. How do you handle intense pressure in a working environment?

You don’t have to talk about personal issues when it involves stress in the working environment rather you will have to mention deadlines and the things you did to counter those deadlines.


“Work environment is stressful for everyone and I have always used the stress as a motivating factor rather than letting it weighs me down. I do prioritize deadlines and work stress and deadlines are synonymous with each other. In situations like this, I like being calm and handling the easier ones before moving to the difficult ones.

  1. How do you work with other colleagues?

In any company, coworkers need to work together to achieve better results. This ability is necessary because it can either increase or decrease the company’s output.


“I enjoy working with my colleagues because it helps me get better with my duty to produce awesome results. I believe when someone is a team player, it can help resolve conflict in the workplace.”

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The best way to answer stakeholder management interview questions is to research the company to have some information about them. You can also check past questions on the internet which will keep you on a good track to provide an accurate response during your interview.

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