2024/2025 List of Tuition Free Universities in Norway

Are you preparing to study in one of the tuition free Universities in Norway? This content can offer the right information to you. There are many universities available for both domestic and international students to pursue their dream courses. For several years, Norway has become one of the renowned destinations for students to study for either undergraduate or postgraduate degrees.

However, public and state Norwegian universities offer tuition-free education to their students because the government is involved in the funding. On the other hand, there are courses you have to some stipulated fee before getting enrolled to study any course. Although Norway might be one of the Scandinavian countries that are expensive to live in, they offer free education irrespective of citizenship. Let’s see these tuition free Universities in Norway.

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Tuition Free Universities in Norway

Here they are:

  1. University of Bergen:

It is a public institution that is located in Bergen Norway and was established in 1946. Presently, it has over 14,000 students, and 13% of these students are foreigners offering diverse programs such as Humanities, Mathematics, Medicine, Natural Science, Social Science, Psychology, Business Administration, and many others.

The school has been renowned as the second-best throughout Norway and ranked 85th based on its impact on the community. It is one of the public-funded free tuition Universities I’m Norway. If you are lucky to gain admission into the University of Bergen, you are only expected to pay a nominal semester fee of only NOK 590, and the money is used for funding Student Welfare Organization.

  1. The Arctic University of Norway:

The university is situated at Tromsø and if happens to be the world’s Northernmost educational University. In 1972, it was created with various courses covering disciplines like Social Work, Fine Arts, Sports, Health Science, Bioscience & Fisheries, etc. It is the third-best university you will find in Norway and one of the youngest schools.

Presently, it has over 14,000 students, and11% of them are foreigners. As part of the tuition free Universities in Norway, it is required for students to pay a minimal semester fee of approximately NOK 625 or $73. The essence of paying this money is to cover various things such as examinations, student counseling, registrations, students cards, etc.

  1. Norwegian University of Science and Technology:

The school was founded in 1760 and can boast over three campuses in diverse areas such as Ålesund, Gjoøvik, and Trondheim. In Norway, top-ranking universities are in charge of handling courses like Information Technology and Engineering courses. The school offers courses for students to get enrolled for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Since the university is government-sponsored, there is no tuition fee for students. It is one of the tuition-free Universities in Norway with diverse programs like Social Science, Management, Natural Science, Humanities, etc. The semester fee for the school is NOK 580 or $60.

  1. Norwegian University of Life Sciences:

It is part of the tuition free Universities in Norway sponsored by the government and is found in AS Norway. Initially, when it was founded in 1859, it was recognized as the Norwegian Agriculture Postgraduate College before being transformed to the University College in 1897. In 2005, the school grew into a full-fledged institution.

The school has different courses available for students such as Veterinary Medicine, Business, Environmental Science, Landscaping, Biotechnology, Technology, Chemistry, Biosciences, etc. In Norway, the institution has one of the lowest acceptance rates for students. Presently, there are only 5,800 students, and 20% of this entire population are international students. Students are compelled to pay a nominal fee of NOK 470 or $55.

  1. University of Agder:

In 2007, this public university was founded and it was initially recognized as Agder University College. It has two campuses located in different locations – Grimstad and Kristiansand. There are over 11,000 students which include both domestic and international enrolled in different faculties such as Education, Social Science, Arts & Humanities, etc.

The University of Agder is one of the tuition free Universities in Norway involved in diverse fields like Signal Processing, Gender Studies, European Studies, Artificial Intelligence, etc. Full-time students have to pay a semester fee of NOK 800 or $93. Also, there are other miscellaneous costs in this institution like accommodation, transportation, textbooks, etc.

  1. Nord University:

The school came into existence in 2016, and it happens to be a state university located in Nordland and Trøndelag. The main campus of the university is located at Levanter and Bodø with other mini campuses in Namsos, Nesna, Sandnessjøen, Vesterålen, etc. As a result of these campuses, the school has a total population of 11,000 students including indigenes and foreigners in courses like Health Science, Business, Aquaculture, Arts, Health Science, etc.

The school is sponsored by the Norwegian government which makes it tuition free like any other public school. It is expected for international students the semester fee of NOK 725 or $85 to cover expenses like administration and contributing to various students’ projects. Presently, the amount for international students to gain admission into the University is NOK 123,519 or $14,432.

  1. Western Norway University of Applied Sciences:

The school is also known as HVL and is a public university founded in 2017. The university is formed as a combination of 5 different schools such as Sogndal, Bergen, Haugesund, Store, and Førde. The school has over 16,000 domestic and international students offering either undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in faculties like Business Administration, Health Science, Social Science, Arts, Education, etc.

You need to pay a small fee to be eligible to study at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Also, you must pay an extra fee for other activities such as excursions, whatnot, field trips, laboratory research, etc. In terms of accommodation, you have to budget approximately NOK 10,000 or $1,168 every month.

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Tuition free universities in Norway are available for students to get enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate courses. If you are not financially stable, or you have no sponsor you can apply for admission into these Norwegian universities to begin your dream career.

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