University of Oxford Acceptance Rate for International Students

The University of Oxford offers admission to international students across 155 countries in the world. As a result of being one of the top schools in the globe, getting admission into the school is highly competitive, and every year a high number of students are seeking admission here. The school has global recognition because of its research-oriented programs in diverse faculties like science, management, Arts and Humanities, etc. There are reasons to attend this university.

Why Enrolled at the University of Oxford? 

The school offers great education and transmits knowledge to you that will take you throughout your lifetime. Also, you stand a chance of getting opportunities to change your life forever. When you graduate from here, you will become a global person having a sound future in view. In the whole of Europe, no university can offer you high academic excellence, vast knowledge to solve real-life situations, and an adventurous environment compared to the University of Oxford.

It is the oldest institution in English-speaking countries and is renowned for its teaching and learning facilities that are next to none. The school can boast of a track record of success and you can gain a vast wealth of experiences from subject experts. You can study in this school without spending a dime buying any book. Also, you can gain access to the school college doctor for medical attention when you are sick.

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History of University of Oxford

The school has a rich history because is one of the prominent universities. It has no establishment date, but according to history, it came out in 1906. After this, the student population increased when Henry II stopped English students from enrolling in the University of Paris in 1167.

The University of Oxford comprises over 30 colleges. Each of these colleges has different departments, faculties, bar, library, dining hall, research laboratories, common room, college clubs, administrative offices, etc. These are some of the University of Oxford colleges:

  • Lincoln College
  • Corpus Christi College
  • Jesus College
  • Keble College
  • Pembroke College
  • The Queen’s College
  • Magdalen College
  • Mansfield College
  • St Benet’s Hall

University of Oxford Acceptance Rate

The university has admitted over 3,300 Undergraduate students from across various continents in the world. It implies the school has a selective admission policy with an undergraduate acceptance rate of 14%. Also, from over 34,000 students who applied for admission, the school admitted 5,500 students for their graduate degree programs, and it implies the graduate acceptance rate was 16%.

Each college in this university has its acceptance rate for any student wanting to gain admission there. It is always advisable to make research the acceptance rate for any of the courses you want to apply to. For instance, the University of Oxford acceptance rate for medical students will be different from other faculties, and vice versa.

Undergraduate Admission at University of Oxford

The school offers one of the high-quality education in the globe at the Undergraduate level. Every application year, an average of six to seven international students apply for a particular course which increases the competition. Getting admission into any of the Undergraduate programs in the university requires you to submit your written work and test scores.

You can either submit the written work in hard copy or electronically to the college. The University and Colleges Admission Service is the right place for you to apply and pay an application fee of £75. The UCAS requirements for undergraduate students are:

  • Completed UCAS application
  • Academic transcripts from high school or senior level
  • Personal statement (describing your purpose for selecting the course)
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Proficiency in English language Tests like TOEFL, SAT, IELTS, etc.
  • Test scores and written work (for elective Courses)

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Graduate Admission at University of Oxford

The university offers different diploma, master’s, and doctoral courses in the research and teaching category. Besides admitting undergraduate students, they admit over 26,500 graduate applications across the world annually. For instance, 37% of graduate students are UK citizens, while 63% are Non-Uk citizens. The application fee for the graduate program is £150 for a Master in Business Administration (MBA), while other programs are £75. Before applying for this admission, you should get the following in place:

  • Recommendation letters
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Academic transcripts from the Undergraduate level
  • Updated CV
  • Writing sample (personal essay)

University of Oxford Tuition Fee

Since the school accepts students every year or academic session, freshers pay a tuition fee of £9,250 covering expenses like laboratory facilities, tuition fee, supervision, academic facilities, and libraries provided by the institution. Besides this money, you will have to find funds to cater for other expenses like transportation, feeding, accommodation, health insurance, and electricity bills.

University of Oxford students can apply for tuition fee loans or scholarships from the United Kingdom government to sort out some of their expenses. The school has both indigenes and Non-indigenes, therefore, international students will pay a higher cost for their studies compared to UK citizens, and the tuition fee is between £27,840 to £39,010.

Notable Alumni at the University of oxford

We have known the University of Oxford acceptance rate, it will be good to know some notable alumni who have graduated from this prestigious school:

  • Margaret Thatcher:

Margareth studied physical chemistry at Somerville College in 1943  She was an Ex-British Prime Minister who reigned between 1979 to 1900 and to date she is the first female Prime Minister. As a result of the way she handled her position that made her become among the most powerful figure in the world,  she was nicknamed “Iron Lady”.

  • Rupert Murdoch:

He is the Media Mogul and billionaire. Rupert attended Worcester College between 1949 to 1952. The first company he founded was News Limited which became a privately held media corporation. As a result of the success he got, he expanded his empire by creating other media businesses like HarperCollins, Twentieth Century Fox, Journal, etc.

  • Adam Smith:

He attended Balliol College from1740 to 1746 and was a renowned economist who took part in the Scottish Enlightenment. Adam has written several publications such as ‘The Theory of Moral Sentiments’ and ‘An inquiry into the Nature and Causes of National Wealth’. These publications are bestsellers and they have spread across the world.

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If you want to study at the University of Oxford, you can know the acceptance rate for each college to know whether it will be competitive or not. The essence of knowing the University of Oxford acceptance rate is to guide put you on the right track regarding your admission into the university.

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