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Are you considering studying at Oxford University and you are thinking the school doesn’t worth it? Oxford university’s acceptance rate is important to meet if you want to consider studying there. If you have been confused, the article has vital information that will offer you a better understanding of Oxford University acceptance rate.

It is crucial to make the right decision in any university you want to study either for your undergraduate or graduate studies. Oxford university has no founding date, but some proofs show the institution started teaching students in 1906. As a result, it is one of the prominent universities in England. Therefore, as an international student, there are things to know.

Are there Requirements International Students Should Possess?

Many international students don’t know the key things to do that will increase their opportunities of gaining admission into the University of Oxford. For you to be sure of admission, it is mandatory to meet the school qualification requirements in any program ton want to study.

For Oxford university acceptance rate, you will need to take the A-levels examination or the other UK and international examinations to increase your admission rate. At this point, it is advisable to visit the school website to find the admission requirements for each course. For instance, science students need to have good GPA scores to outclass other applicants.

However, if your country is not listed on the school website, it implies they don’t accept students from your country of residence because they don’t meet the school admission requirements. Every academic session, Oxford university keeps reviewing the admission requirements they accept from their students, therefore, you can keep checking to be updated.

It is important to take note the reviewing process could take up to 12 months affecting mature students with qualifications where the university grading system has changed or is no longer available. If you are having this issue or you know anyone, then they can contact the school through their website or admission officers.

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Oxford University Acceptance Rate

Many international students are dreaming of studying at Oxford university because they have good research centers. The school endorses diversity and values amongst its students and is the second oldest tertiary school in the world. When it has to with their acceptance rate, it is the percentage of applicants that meet the school requirements and opt to enroll at the institution.

Furthermore, Oxford University acceptance rate for international students is estimated by the number of acceptance divided by the number of applicants. The school offers undergraduate and graduate courses in any discipline. In 2021, the acceptance rate for the institution was quite low compared to top universities in the world. Each year, the school offers 3,200 undergraduate and 1,500 postgraduate admissions to study their course.

International students have their acceptance rates different from indigenous students. According to statistics, one-third of its students population are international students from over 250 countries in the world. If you applied for admission to Oxford university, your chances of getting admission would have been 17%.

Oxford University Acceptance Rate for Undergraduates

In 2016, 19,484 students applied for admission. The school admitted 3,161 students for undergraduate courses. In 2017, 19,727 students applied for admission for an undergraduate degree, it was only 3,216 students were given admission.

In 2018, 21,215 students applied for provisional admission, and it was 3,270 applicants got admission. In 2019, 21,938 applicants applied for admission, and 3,310 students scale through the admission process. In 2020, out of 22,515 applicants, only 3,481 emerged successfully.

Oxford University Acceptance Rate for Graduates

At Oxford University, their graduate programs come in two different categories which are research and teaching. Some students are involved in research programs under the school’s academic supervision by meeting them regularly about their research. The supervisors offer different advice on their projects if there are needs for any adjustments – nature of the research, and methods of data collection.

For this research degree, students must attend different courses on specific research skills like seminars and lectures to keep them on the right path. The taught programs involve different cores and optional courses and dissertation submission. This evaluation could either be for coursework, dissertations, and exams. Supervisors use seminars and conferences to support the study.

Here are records for both research and taught degree students aiming to get graduate degrees:

  • For graduate research degrees – 8,887 applications (34.3% of the total population)
  • For graduate taught degrees – 17,057 applications (65.7% of the total population)

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Oxford University Acceptance Rate for Doctorate Degree (Ph.D.)

The school has no stipulated acceptance rate for Ph.D. students because it is similar to the graduate acceptance rate. As a result, it has no detailed information for students aiming to obtain a doctoral degree. International students often attend lectures and seminars on specific research skills. If you are studying for any Ph.D. course performing a research program, then a supervisor will be attached to you to check your research thesis.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can American students get admission into Oxford University?
  2. American students have the opportunity to apply for admission into the university to study for a full-time degree. However, the school doesn’t accept transferred students, therefore, it is preferable to start from the beginning for any course you want to study at Oxford University.
  3. Is It Hard to get admission to the University?
  4. It is not difficult to get admission into the institution when you have the right requirements for the admission process either for undergraduate or graduate programs.
  5. What is the minimum GPA to have for Oxford university admission?
  6. Many departments and faculties want their students to possess at least a GPA of 3.7 on the 4.0 scale, while others want a minimum of 3.5 GPA.

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If you want to study in the United Kingdom, Oxford University is one of the schools that should come to your mind. Before you make any step to start the admission process, it is advisable to check your course requirements regarding its acceptance rate to increase your chances of securing admission into the school.

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