A Complete Guide to Obtain Australia Permanent Residence

Many opportunities come with becoming an Australia permanent residence. For these reasons, lots of migrants are looking for a way to obtain Australian citizenship. The ever-growing economy in this country is amazing, and this also brings different investors to reside in this country permanently. This country has rich extensive cultures like other Northern European countries. If you have ever yearned to live in this country till infinity, the Australia permanent residence permits can do it.

There are different reasons for people migrating to Australia, in the same way; people have numerous reasons why they want to obtain an Australia permanent residence. Many times people do get into confusion on how they should get Australia citizenship. The people or immigrants who get things right are those who know the right steps to follow in this permanent citizenship of this country.

Who is an Australia Permanent Resident?

This is an immigrant who has acquired Australia permanent residence that can enable them to live in this country till infinity. Generally, they are not born in Australia, and the only condition that has made them eligible for this type of residency is based on the fact of habitual residence in Australia, and also meeting up all the requirements. These immigrants can travel in and out of Australia as they want, but they shouldn’t stay away from the country for more than the stipulated years by the Australian immigration officer.

What are the Benefits of Australia’s Permanent Residence?

Various things can be done with having Australian citizenship, and here they are:

1.    Reside in Australia Permanently:

There are some conspiracies about staying in Australia after obtaining Australian citizenship. There’s no fixed time frame for any immigrants to reside in Australia permanently. Things like this are being considered as an erroneous belief. The truth of the matter is this type of residency permits the immigrants to live in this country till they die.

2.    Enroll in Australia Medicare:

Being a permanent immigrant in this country can grant one the opportunity to gain access to quality healthcare. The Australian government has contributed to the growth of healthcare, and this has created a way of obtaining good healthcare at a reduced rate. Therefore, as a citizen of this country, you can get free medical consultation from medical specialists.

3.    Acquire Residential Properties:

In most countries, the people who are allowed to own or buy large properties (estates) are the citizens or permanent citizens in the country. The reason for this is to control the way foreigners enter the country to buy large properties in Australia. Permanent citizens can acquire large properties of their choice without any extra charges.

4.    Securing a Job:

In countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, the immigrants need to have a valid approval before they can be considered eligible to live and work in there. In Australia, it is different, because one has to become a permanent resident in Australia before employers can employ them to fill in vacant positions.

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Steps to Australia Permanent Residence

The following are steps immigrants have to follow before they can be given Australia citizenship:

1.    Finding the Right Visa Option:

There are lots of Australia immigration visas that will allow one to live and work for any Australian employer. Immigrants have been using these different immigration visa options such as family-based permanent residency, and work-based permanent residency. For the former type of residency, this can either be from partners, dependent relatives, children, etc. While the latter has different categories such as employer-sponsored workers, skill selection, general skilled migration, etc.

2.    Having the Right Required Criteria:

Immigrants who want any permanent residence visa they want to use to live in Australia permanently must check either it has the criteria that will qualify them for this residency. One should check the outlined criteria before they start applying in order not to waste their time. A better way of doing is using the website as a yardstick to measure your requirements.

3.    Applying for the Migrant Visa:

After you have stayed for more than five years in this country, and also possess the requirements. It is expected of the immigrants to download the Australia permanent residence online and fill it with the required information. It will be wise for immigrants who want their application to be treated to attach supporting documents to their permanent residence application form.

4.    Waiting for Response:

After submitting the permanent residence application, the immigrants have to wait for some time for the application to be processed. The waiting period for this application can take several weeks or months based on various factors such as the number of immigrants who applied for the same type of migrants’ visa, date of submission of the application, and among others.

5.    Getting the Permanent Residence Visa:

After everything has been approved, the permanent residence visa is given to the immigrant, and in no time they become Australian citizens who can enjoy different benefits that fellow Australian citizens do enjoy.

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General Documents for Australia Permanent Residence

The following are documents that immigrants can use in applying for this permanent residence:

  • Australia permanent residence application form
  • Birth certificate
  • 2 passport photographs
  • Result of IELTS to show English proficiency
  • Police clearance certification
  • Character certificate
  • Business reference letter

How to Maintain Australia Permanent Residence?

It is one thing to have this residency, and it is another thing to know how to maintain it to avoid losing it. Immigrants who travel out of this country for more than five years are going to lose their citizenship. The only way they are going to be pardoned is when they provide compelling reasons for their action. The following are compelling reasons immigrants can use as their reason for migrating out of Australia for more than five years:

  • Political matters
  • Natural disasters
  • Critical illness
  • Deceased of a family member
  • Job opportunities
  • Academic purposes, etc.

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Australia’s permanent residence is like any other permanent residency that requires the applicant or candidate to know what it entails before they take the bold step to obtain it. Therefore, it is one thing to obtain this citizenship, and it is another thing to maintain it.

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