How to get Australian Citizenship by Investment

At the end of this content, reader should be able to understand how to get Australian citizenship by investment.

Australia is also known as the Commonwealth of Australia, largest country in the Oceania and also the 6th largest country in the world by total area. Commonwealth of Australia is not just a name but defiantly a country blessed with wealth. It’s a well-developed country with fewer populations in the globe, so gaining citizenship in Australia is a roadmap to tapping into the country’s wealth.

I’ve come across so many investors looking for country to get citizenship from by investment. Depending on the kind of investment they want to pull in, I drive to get Australian citizenship by investment.

Australia top resource for Investors

Australia has variety of good resource an immigrant can invest into and one of the major investment portfolios in Australia is cash investment. Everyone knows that cash investment is one of the low return investment resources, but in Australia, their fixed deposit through banks is a bit higher returns compared to other countries and it’s of course a low-risk investment option.

Many other investment options in Australia includes, shares (we’ve big companies in Australia looking for shareholders, most of these companies makes huge profit and this results to great return on investment for their shareholders), fixed interest or income investments, managed funds investment, exchange trade funds, investment bonds, listed investment companies, real estate investment, Gold, Annuities and lot’s more.

Benefits of Australian Citizenship

There are lot of benefits of becoming a citizen in Australia. However, every benefit that a normal citizen of Australia by birth benefits you benefit also. These benefits include;

  1. Voting, every citizens of Australia above 18 is entitled to vote for their leader.
  2. You can run for an election as a citizen of Australia
  3. You can also get preference for jobs in the Federal government
  4. You can apply for an Australian passport
  5. You can receive help from an Australian officials while overseas
  6. If you’ve a born children overseas, you can receive them as Australian citizen by descent
  7. As a citizen, you’re eligible for deferral university cost
  8. You can always represent Australia in another country as a citizen, in any event.
  9. You gain simplified residency right, visas and lot’s more

Apply for Australian Citizenship by Investment

There are different streams to gain Australian citizenship by investment. However, just because the gate is open to gain citizenship by investment doesn’t just mean that you spend significant amount of money in their economy and gain citizenship. At least, you’re expected to have lived in Australia for about 2 to 5years.

There are three streams an individual can again Australian citizenship by investment, this includes;

  1. Investor visa

If you’re an investor looking for permanent residency in Australia, I advise you go in for the investor visa. However, to obtain this visa, you must be willing to invest at least $1.5 million in Australia and it’s expected you’ve held the business skill provisional visa for at least 2 years out of 4 years stay in Australia.

  1. State/Territory Sponsored Investor visa

This is another visa type in Australia and a smooth pathway to gaining citizenship in Australia. However, to obtain sponsorship from the state or territory, you or your partner must have made investment of $750,000 in Australia then you can apply.

  1. Business Innovation and Investment visa

This is another type of Australia investor visa for top-class individuals who don’t hold the provisional business visa. However, this doesn’t grant you citizenship but you can reside temporary for 4years and 3months. So, it’s advised you get an investment provisional visa along with it and gain permanent residency in Australia.

We also have the premium investor stream which makes sure an individual have a minimum of $15 million into premium Australia investments. These high value individuals are then nominated by Austrade on behalf of the government. This is a clear path to gaining Australian citizenship by investment.

Generally, gaining citizenship in Australia isn’t an instant application. You must’ve resided or gain permanent residency through any of the above visa process, reside for about 4 years before you can then apply to become an Australia citizen.

If you’ve any question related to gaining Australian citizenship by investment, please do let men know via comment section. Also, if you’re a newcomer and you don’t meet up the requirement on how to become an Australia citizen by investment, then you can read through our previous article on how to get permanent residency in Australia.

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