Full List of Immigration Lawyer and Law Firms in Australia

Immigration Lawyer in Australia can be of great help to anyone traveling to Australia. They help with the necessary information to enable an Individual to process his or her papers. Lots of immigration Lawyers are always prepared to render their services. They are professionals in their fields and render their assistance to various individuals moving to Australia either for employment purposes or other purposes.

It is expected an Immigration lawyer must have completed a degree in Law, some years of legal training, registered with a Legal Admission Board, and the Law Society. Immigration Lawyers helps with Visa application and also make pleas for Individuals in the Federal Court of Australia and Australia High Court. We are going to see the roles of Immigration lawyers in Australia.

Responsibilities of Immigration Lawyer in Australia  

1.    Conviction of Crime:

Foreigners or Non-citizens in Australia who have been convicted for any criminal offense needs the advice and service of an Immigration Lawyer in Australia, such applicant should seek advice from an Immigration Lawyer within their region in Australia.

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2.    Application Denial:

Immigration Lawyer in Australia can render their services to Foreign applicants when they seek help concerning matters that are related to the denied application, the Immigration Lawyer in Australia can discover reasons behind the application denial.

3.    Medical Report:

Foreigners and applicants in Australia who do not fulfill or pass the necessary medical procedure will have to engage the services, advice, or assistance of the Immigration Lawyers in Australia.

4.    Repatriation

In cases where the Individual has earlier been banned from entering Australia or formerly repatriated, the Individual should engage an Immigration Lawyer in Australia for advice on the necessary details.

5.    Ensure Speedy processing of Application:

Immigration Lawyers in Australia can hasten the process of Application if there is any case of the applicant or foreigner awaiting the application process for a long period.

6.    Doubt and Confusion

The services of the Immigration Lawyer in Australia are required when doubts and confusion sets in for the foreigner or applicant, this happens when the process of application has commenced and the applicant is clueless on what to do next.

Conditions that Demands Immigration Lawyer in Australia

There are various reasons an individual demands the assistance of Immigration lawyers in Australia ranging from visa application to the rules guiding it and many others. The services that demand the assistance of Immigration Lawyers are as follow:

  • Visa procurement

An individual who is in search of a specific type of visa either for Study in a renowned University or work permits, the Immigration lawyer will guide such person on the exact visa needed to fulfill the purpose.

  • Delayed Visa

An applicant can experience a delay in his/her visa, and it can also be rejected. These are part of the complexities of visa application. The Immigration Lawyer can appeal on the applicant’s behalf.

  • Temporary/Permanent Residency

An applicant who needs temporary or permanent residence in Australia requires the services of the Immigration Lawyers in Australia; the individual should seek assistance from qualified immigration lawyers.

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List of Immigration Lawyer and Law Firms in Australia

  1. Dentons, Located at 19 Gouger Street Level 1 Adelaide, South Australia 5000 Australia. Contact via +61 8 8233 0600
  2. Sparke Helmore, Located at 321 Kent Street Sydney, New South Wales NSW 2000 Australia. Contact via +61 2 9373 3555
  3. Fragomen Worldwide, Located at Level 26, 500 Collins Street Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia. Contact via +61 3 9613 9333
  4. DLA Piper, Located at Level 28 Waterfront Place 1 Eagle Street Brisbane, Queensland QLD 4000 Australia. Contact via +61 7 3246 4000
  5. Hunt & Hunt, Located at Gateway, 1 Macquarie Place Sydney, New South Wales 2000 Australia. Contact via +61 2 9391 3000
  6. Bambrick Legal, Located at 133-135 Rundle Street, Kent Town Adelaide, South Australia 5067 Australia. Contact via +61 439 981 969
  7. Barbera & Associates, Located at 25 Burke Avenue Sydney, New South Wales 2000 Australia. Contact via +39 06 48989699
  8. John Pearce Solicitor & Notary Public, Located at 200 Queen Street Level 13 Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia. Contact via (03) 8648 6541

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Immigration Lawyers in Australia are important, they serve as aids and means of assistance to non-citizens and various applicants encountering challenges during their application process and lots of other responsibilities.

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