2024/2025 Best Medical Schools in the Philippines

Most of the best medical schools in the Philippines are sponsored by the government. Medical education in the Philippines has gotten a high level of reputation by the World Health Organization (WHO) due to its different medical research. These best medical schools in the Philippines have excellent infrastructure for both indigenous and international students to have vast knowledge in their field.

Furthermore, a large number of international students from countries like China, Iran, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and many others are migrating to the Philippines to get a quality medical education. There are different benefits students can obtain as a medical student in the Philippines such as cheap tuition fees, good standard of living, good weather conditions, etc.

The English language happens to be the official language of the country, and this makes it easier for Anglophone students to comprehend their medical lectures. The Philippines is located in the Southeastern part of the Asia continent. It is rich in culture and arts with different diversities for foreign students to learn one or two things about the Philippines.

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Can International Students Study Medical Course in the Philippines?

Many Philippines Universities offer lots of privileges for students such as scholarship programs to aspiring applicants. The truth is foreign students can also gain access to study in one of the best medical schools in the Philippines. The medical schools in the Philippines have gotten accreditation from the New York Department and the World Health Organization.

During the medical internship, students can visit different hospitals to acquire more on their field. It is made possible through the Illinois State Board of Education Jurisdiction, Thailand Medical Council, and the Maldives Medical Council, etc. Besides the English language being the official language for lecturing, there are foreign languages to lecture international students.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of the best medical schools in the Philippines take a minimum of five years for anyone to become a certified medical doctor. There is a way the studying session or period in medical has been divided to ensure students get the best out of their years of studying to earn a medical degree. There are three years of academic tuition, a year for clinical clerkship, and a year for postgraduate internship. After this period the student is eligible to obtain his or her medical degree.

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Best Medical Schools in the Philippines

  1. University of the Philippines Manila:

It was founded in 1905, one of the best medical schools in the Philippines. The school has a goal to produce competent graduates in the field of medicine, and they have been trying to do this by impacting the right virtue on their students using different medical degree programs such as MD-Ph.D and dual degree.

The institution offers a short medical degree to students from a nine-year medical program to a seven-year program, and it is called the Integrated Arts Medicine Program, or INTARMED. During this 7-year program, there are 2-year pre-medical courses, 4-year regular medical courses, and 1-year of clinical internship for students to get more exposure to the Philippines General Hospital.

  1. Ateneo de Manila University:

It is a Roman Catholic medical University founded in 2007, and it is one of the best medical schools in the Philippines with graduates having a 90% success rate in their Physician Licensure Exam since the first batch of graduates starting from 2012. In 2019, their success rate increased to 100% and two graduates from the school became part of the top 10 board exam passers.

In this medical school, postgraduate students can possess dual degrees like a Doctor of Medicine and also a Master of Business Administration. The students must perform well academically in both medical and management courses in advancing to the next level in their education. Also, any applicant must finish pre-medical courses like Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, General Biology, etc.

  1. Silliman University:

Silliman University had its first graduates in 2009, and they achieved a 100% success rate in Physician Licensure Examination in 2011. This high level of performance was seen the next year, and since then the institution has been producing students doing well in their licensure exam. The goal of the school is to produce medical graduates that will perform well in the medical field.

Furthermore, most of their students have the right skills, knowledge, and experience to make them become experts in no time. The medical program in the school is a 4-year program with a medical curriculum that centers on innovative and traditional practices. After the academic work in the school, medical students are sent to Silliman University Medical Centre for their clinical training.

  1. West Visayas State University:

It is the second University owned by the State government and was established in 1975. In between 2014 to 2018, they have had over 90% passing rate during the Physician Licensure Exam. In 2019 and 2020, they had a 100% passing rate consecutively. The mission of the school is to offer an affordable medical program to students.

The university uses a problem-based learning approach method to educate its medical students. On the other hand, students form small groups to tackle different problems relating to their fields. As a result of this system of learning, students get more experience in the first years of study before they go for clinical internships in their fourth year.

  1. University of Santo Tomas:

The University of Santo Tomas is one of the best medical schools in the Philippines since it came into existence in 1871. Right from its inception, it has produced various medical graduates, and also they have students performing well in the Physician Licensure Exam.

During the period of learning in this school, students are well-groomed to become good analyzers and creative thinkers. After the normal 3-years of learning, medical students are sent to the University of Santo Tomas Hospital to have clinical training or internship for medical exposure.

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The Philippines has one of the best medical schools in the world for any student across the various globe seeking to obtain a recognized medical degree. You can get more information about relocation or immigration process to the Philippines for your medical course and a good medical internship in a reputable hospital to be vast with more experience to perform better in your career.

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