BBA Syllabus (in 2024), Courses & Subjects for Every Semester

BBA syllabus is among the undergraduate management degrees students are aiming to study. The course is found among students in the commercial sector covering diverse areas of handling and administering corporate operations. It offers students managerial and communication abilities and helps them to make wise commercial decisions. Before enrolling in any BBA course, you will have to familiarize yourself with the curriculum, syllabus, and courses.

What Is a BBA Course?

The full meaning of BBA is Bachelor’s of Business Administration and it’s seen as the gateway offering students different opportunities in fields like Finance, Sales, Education, Government, Marketing, etc. There are numerous reasons to study BBA:

  • Outstanding Career Opportunities:

BBA syllabus is high in demand when it comes to the business world. After finishing your BBA education, you will have room for prominent career opportunities or positions in top organizations searching for BBA graduates.

  • Personality Expansion:

Getting enrollment in any BBA course offers you an upper hand compared to your peers because the BBA syllabus is curated in a way to provide its students with special abilities that will help you enhance your personality features.

  • Increasing Foundation Knowledge:

BBA is an administrative course that can be paired with another course of your choice. For instance, you can learn marketing and accounting, while learning branding and marketing at the same time.

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BBA Syllabus Structure and Curriculum

Before offering a list of BBA subjects, you need to understand the structure of its undergraduate degree. It is a 3-year bachelor’s degree program. Which is spread across over 6 semesters and designed to offer students the basic knowledge of how business function and other aspects like business management and operation of a firm. Many BBA courses are structured into the foundation, core electives, and skills.

  • Foundation:

To offer students with foundational knowledge in disciplines like Sociology, Psychology, Business Analytics, Business Economics, etc.

  • Core:

To assist students to understand the importance of Business and Management and other factors integrated into the commercial and corporate sectors like Business Law, Essential of Marketing, Environmental Studies, Leadership and Ethics, Accounting, etc.

  • Elective:

It offers students ide specialization under Business Administration and helps them focus on their areas of interest such as Managing Family businesses, Security Analysis, Digital Marketing, Bank Management, etc.

  • Skills:

It is crucial to possess skills in studying the BBA syllabus to excel in any business environment. Some of these skills are Conflict Resolution, Personality Development, Problem Solving, Negotiating Skills, Conversational Skills, Writing Skills, etc.

BBA Syllabus Semester Wise Courses

Since the BBA syllabus is a 3-year course with 6 semesters, we need to out the course semester was:

First Year BBA Syllabus

The course is centered on imparting skills like teamwork, writing, communication, and business management. In the first-year students will perform various academic activities like presentations, mid-semester examinations, practicals, assignments, etc. This will help them in their continuous assessment and some colleges encourage students to do internships after their fourth semester. BBA syllabus for the 1st year:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Essentials of IT
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Microeconomics
  • Cost Accounting
  • Environmental Management
  • Quantitative Techniques – II
  • Quantitative techniques – I
  • India Socio-Political Economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Principles of Management
  • Effective Communications

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Second Year BBA Syllabus

The subject remains the same in different universities offering BBA, but a school may offer a particular course in any semester different from others. Also, the exact syllabus for this BBA degree might vary from university to university. In the aspect of a course, both practical and theoretical work is carried out to foster students’ learning. BBA syllabus for the second year:

  • Banking & Insurance
  • Human Behavior & Ethics at Workplace
  • Operations Research
  • Business Analytics
  • Direct Tax & Indirect Tax
  • Business Law
  • Financial Management
  • Consumer Behavior & Services Marketing
  • Indian Economics in Global Scenario
  • Management Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Customer Relationship Management

Third Year BBA Syllabus

It is the final year of BBA and many students are under pressure not to fail any course. Also, research projects are offered to students before they can be awarded a BBA degree. BBA syllabus for the 3rd year:

  • Research Methodology
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Financial Statement Analysis Marketing Electives
  • Finance Electives
  • Marketing Electives
  • Advanced Financial Management
  • Strategic Management
  • International Business & EXIM
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Plan

Different BBA Course Specialisations

BBA syllabus covers diverse related disciplines. These disciplines are under the umbrella of Bachelors in Business Administration. It is easy to find different universities or institutions offering these courses:

  • BBA in International Business
  • BBA in Hospitality
  • BBA in Hotel Administration
  • BBA in Entrepreneurship
  • BBA in Marketing
  • BBA in Tourism
  • BBA in Sports Management
  • BBA in Finance
  • BBA in Retail
  • BBA in Logistics
  • BBA in Management
  • BBA in Supply Chain
  • BBA in Accounting
  • BBA in Hospital and Healthcare
  • BBA in Information Systems
  • BBA in Computer Application
  • BBA in Human Resource Management
  • BBA in Global Business

Advanced Study Option After BBA

After completing BBA, there are other advanced courses you can pursue. These courses could be either in PGDM or MBA. These are the prominent higher study option:

  • MBA
  • PG Certification in Data Science
  • Bachelor of Law (LLB)
  • Masters in Digital Marketing
  • PGDM
  • Master in Finance Management
  • Chartered Accountant (CA)
  • PG Diploma in Banking
  • Master of Management Studies (MMS)

Top Universities for BBA Courses

The right exposure and learning can give you big opportunities that will impact your career, and work in big companies like Ernst and Young, Microsoft, Deloitte, Google, IBM, KPMG, PWC, etc. If you want to earn a degree in Bachelor’s in Business Administration, you can enroll in schools such as

  • London Business School
  • Harvard University
  • University of Waikato
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Texas State University
  • University of Oxford
  • Stanford University
  • Australian Catholic University
  • Douglas College
  • York University

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are the subjects to offer in BBA?
  2. Some of these BBA subjects are Human Resource Management, Banking & Insurance, Operation Research, etc.
  3. What are some areas of specialization for the BBA syllabus?
  4. Some areas of specialization are Finances, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Sales, etc.
  5. Is there any jobs after graduation?
  6. Many companies are searching for talented graduates to work with Google, Microsoft, Deloitte, and many others.

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