Barber School Cost, Requirements, Salary and Job Outlook

When you hear barbershop, the first thing that comes to your mind is a place for cutting hairs and beards. As time passed, it was the cutting of the hair. Presently, ladies have joined the train. Finding a barber that has an eye for creativity is one of the major things to consider. If you are aiming to become a barber, you have to be creative to get large client-based. The demand for professional barbers has increased and it is one of the vocational skills to learn.

What are the Job Roles for Barbers?

Barbers perform different things like cutting, shaping, styling, and hair treatment. Besides grooming men, they groom women and children’s hair too. Men are searching for barbers that will groom their facial hair and massage their hair scalp for them. Barbers are like cosmetologists because they will have to maintain their tools and workstations to meet clients’ satisfaction.

For about two centuries between 1550 to 1745 barbers were acting like surgeons. Besides grooming hairs and facials, they extract teeth, treat wounds, and perform operations. Also, the origin of bathing can be traced back to this century with the red in the pole symbolism bloodletting and white representing bandages.

Fortunately, things have evolved and barbers are specializing more in hair. You can become an expert in this profession which requires you to master tools that include an electric hair trimmer and other attachments like scissors, blow dryers, razors, brushes, combs, etc. Also, you can be familiar with lots of hair products such as relaxers, shampoo, hair conditioner, etc.

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What is Apprenticeship in Barbing?

These are formal arrangements you are under a professional barber for some time to acquire more knowledge on the job. During the process, you can acquire an apprentice certificate or license to operate as a barber. When you want to earn first-class learning in the real world with an ideal client, you will need some experience to mentor you till it becomes a full-time professional for you. Apprenticeship is the fastest way of earning money as a barber because you can start receiving payments right away. It is another option to consider if you don’t want to go back to the classroom.

The negative side of apprenticeship is it requires more time compared to the conventional training hour requirements. In some states, it requires a specific number of hours, while others demand about 2 years to learn the ropes of barbing. It is not easy to get a barbing apprenticeship, because you have to rely on friends and family to connect you.

What is Barber School Cost?

The barber school cost varies from one state to another. Barbing schools in metropolitan cities will cost you more money compared to those in rural areas. For instance, community colleges offer low prices for in-state students, while out-of-state community college students might pay a similar cost to the Barber Learning Technical School. Many barber schools cost between $6,500 to $10,000 annually. The examination fee for buying a barber license is between $100 to $150.

The living cost should be put into consideration because many barber schools don’t offer accommodation to their students. Also, food and transportation are other things to consider too. Barbing courses are designed to train upcoming barbers in coloring, style, skincare, shaving, and nail care. Book and training equipment like clippers, mannequins, and razors are not inside the tuition fee and must be bought separately.

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Basic Requirements for Enrolling in Barber Schools

requirements for barber enrollment differ from one region to another. These are the criteria:

  • A minimum of 16 years old
  • Possess a high school diploma or any equivalent credential like General Educational Diploma
  • No criminal record or history to prevent you from obtaining a barber license.

What is the Duration of Complete Barbing School?

It takes one or two years to finish barbing school. The time duration you will use to finish the program depends on the area you live. It is compulsory to finish the set number of training hours in a barbing school or apprenticeship. The average time duration for the program is between 1,500 to 2,000. If you can follow up with the apprenticeship program, it is expected that you complete the training in about twice as many hours.

Salary and Job Outlook

In May 2012, barbers earned an average of $12.06/hr and an average annual income of $25,090. The Bureau expects the growth rate for barbers to increase by 7% between 2010 and 2020. A rate that will be half as fast compared to other professions. You shouldn’t follow this figure because there are diverse opportunities for barbers to deliver top-notch hair services to clients.

Some Hot Cities in the U.S. for Barbers

  • Austin, TX:

It is a popular city to become a barber and Austin TX has lots of barbershops such as Agape Family Barbershop, Olde Soul, and Scissors & Scotch. The average salary for barbers is $32,320.

  • Baltimore, MD:

The city has recognized barbershops like The Fading Theory, Illusion, and Signal Barbershop. The city is an ideal choice for new barbers. The average salary for barbers is $35,640 here.

  • Charlotte, NC:

The city integrates style and history-making it a perfect city for new barbers. Some reputable barbershops like Crown Chakra Barbering Company, Wave Barbershop, and SWAG Barber Shop are located here. The average salary for barbers is $31,396.

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Barber is an awesome vocation you can learn to earn a living. You need to have an open mind learning it. Also, you will need some money to buy your practice kit to train yourself as you undergo the training.

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