Fanshawe College Ranking, Fees and Acceptance Rate

The full name of Fanshawe College is Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology. It is located in London, Southwestern Ontario. In 1962, it started as an Ontario Vocational Centre for students wanting to learn one vocational skill or the other. In 1964, the college had its first class for students and in 1967, the school was named Fanshawe College. Fanshawe College’s ranking is high like other Canadian schools.

Presently, the school has campuses in places like St. Thomas, Woodstock, Simcoe, and other locations in Southwestern Ontario. It is among the largest colleges you will find in Canada with a student population of over 43,000 and 500 academic staff. They have different degrees, certificates, diplomas, and apprenticeship programs that cover the different disciplines in the college such as business, arts, technology, hospitality, healthcare, etc.

One of the aims of the institution is to offer experiential education and flexible learning arrangements opportunities for their students. Also, they play a crucial role in offering both skills upgrading opportunities and re-skilling for nature learners via its custom training programs for sectoral training councils, community organizations, industrial, and private sector employers. The school has places for extracurricular activities like cafeterias, fitness centers, campus bars, sports complexes, etc.

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Why you Should Study at Fanshawe College?

We have lots of reasons why you should consider enrolling in Fanshawe College, these are the reasons:

  • Location:

The college is located in one of the most serene and beautiful places in Canada. Since it is in a forest city, it makes it easier for students to study in an environment that is conducive to learning and research. For instance, if you are studying a course like medicine, it will be easy for you to concentrate because of this serene environment.

  • Tuition Fee:

Many students become discouraged when they find out they can’t afford the tuition fee of the institution they intend to study. For Fanshawe College, it is different because international students from third-world countries can afford the tuition fee compared to others in America and Britain.

  • Different Courses:

In Fanshawe College, they have over 200 courses available for students. You can select any of the programs that suit your dream and get forehand knowledge that will increase your employability rate in the job market.

  • Option for Online or Part-time Study:

In many countries especially in third world countries, we have students who can’t afford to pay for international studies. As a result, they will opt to study online or distance learning for their course. If you are in this same shoe, then, Fanshawe College might be the right choice for you.

  • Affordable Cost of Living:

Fanshawe College is in Canada where the cost of living is affordable. For instance, if your residential allowance is extremely low, you can survive with it. Therefore, if you will operate on a tight budget, then consider this college.

  • Job Opportunities:

If you are lucky to school at Fanshawe College, you are increasing your chances of getting valuable experience that will be useful working in an organization. Many students are considering studying at Fanshawe College for this reason.

  • Support for Students:

You can gain access to different things that will make life easy for you on campus such as healthcare, dental insurance, accommodation services, fitness membership, etc. These facilities are not easy to get in other Canadian colleges.

Acceptance Rate: 60%

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Tuition Fee for Fanshawe College

Besides getting to know Fanshawe College’s ranking, it is crucial to know the tuition fee for the various courses offered in the college. Also, factors like level of program, course duration, the origin of applicants, etc., can influence the tuition fee. These are the fees:

Domestic students: CAD 1,035 to CAD 4,590

International students: CAD 2,135 to CAD 12,450

Miscellaneous costs: housing, food, entertainment, textbooks, etc: CAD 7,600 to CAD 9,120.

Different Scholarships in Fanshawe College and their Criteria

International students trying to study at Fanshawe College but have no money can study through its scholarship program. Therefore, if you are trying to study in this college, they have different scholarships in diverse forms like entrance level, program-specific, international and graduate student scholarships, etc.

  1. International Caribbean Academic Excellence Award:

  • You just enroll as a full-time student in level 2 or post-secondary program
  • Good GPA score of 3.0
  • Have a passion for community involvement
  1. Kim Rowe Memorial Award:

  • Enrolling as a full-time student in a 2nd-year program
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • A personal essay of 250 words
  1. Scotiabank International Leadership Scholarship:

  • Full-time student in a level 3 program
  • A GPA score of 3.5
  • High participation in extracurricular activities

Programs in Fanshawe and their Yearly Fees

  • Com Digital Marketing – $11,727.
  • Com Accounting – $11,727
  • Com Human Resource Management – $11,727
  • Com Management – $11,727
  • Bachelor of Interior design – $11,727

Quality of Teaching in Fanshawe College

The college adopts Quality Matters standard ms to ensure they maintain consistency in their online and blended courses for students. This same method of teaching is used in different post-secondary schools in North America with their work with faculty and professional development for both staff and faculties.

Many framework elements are applied to the measurement of quality for conventional face-to-face courses. The Quality Matters comprises a set of core teaching competencies to secure the opportunities to assist faculty members in reflecting quality standards relating to the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development for effective teaching.

Notable Alumni in Fanshawe College

  • Anne Marie DeCicco-Best – Longest-serving mayor of London, Ontario
  • Brad Long – Chef
  • Bruce Smith – Ontario politician
  • Carol Mitchell – Politician
  • Caroline Cameron – Television & sportscaster
  • Craig Mann – Oscar-winning re-recording mixer
  • Cheryl Hickey – Host of ET Canada
  • Emm Gryner – Singer-songwriter and actress
  • Glenn Thibeault – Politician
  • Greg Brady – Radio/sports broadcaster
  • Jeff Willmore – Artist
  • Kelley Armstrong, writer
  • Maria Van Bommel – Ontario politician
  • Paul Haggis – Screenwriter, producer, and director
  • Sam Stout – Retired professional Mixed Martial Artist formerly with the UFC
  • Steven Sabados -Television show host, interior designer, and writer
  • Ted Roop – Radio and media personality
  • Trevor Morris – Orchestral composer and music producer
  • William Peter Randall – Musician and politician

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Fanshawe College’s ranking attracts both indigenes and international students from different parts of the world. If you want an institution that offers affordable tuition fees, student support, job, and opportunities, then you can choose Fanshawe College.

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