The 5 Best Certified Translation Services for Documents

The rate at which certified translation services are needed has increased at a geometrical rate. Companies are in search for translation services or translators for the various things they want to translate. There are top translation companies in the world that have been able to make name for their translation services.  The problem lies in how to find the right translation services to fit your numerous needs, and this makes it more difficult to see a translator. There are two conflicting things in translation and this is human and machine.

There is no way one can dispute the fact that the machine is efficient when it has to do with translation services. The speed rate of the machine allows it to translate several documents within a short time frame. Anyone who wants to use a machine won’t have to pay much. This is the advantage here, but using a machine is not reliable at all. As an entrepreneur, it is best advised to use humans for your basic translation needs. Another is to find the best company to do the job properly and give what you want.

Some persons are confused between translation and interpretation. They might appear alike, but both are not the same thing at all. In interpretation, an interpreter converts spoken words from person to another person in real-time. This can be seen in business conferences where another person gets to speak, while another gets to translate the spoken words.

The service of an interpreter can be called upon, especially when an individual doesn’t understand your native language. In the aspect of translation, a translator helps to converts written texts from books to another book. This shows interpretation deals with spoken words, while translation deals with texts.

The interpreter needs to have in-depth skills in both the two languages – the source language and the target language. They should able to follow up with a good conversation and then have a good knowledge of paraphrasing the spoken words to become meaningful. This is the reason interpreters need to know how to speak and understand both languages.

For a translator, he or she must be a skillful linguist in the two languages – the source language, and the target language. Translators work with glossaries and dictionaries. They must understand colloquial words and idiomatic expressions. We are going to see certified translation services in the world

Certified Translation Services in the World

The following are the reputable certified translation services we have in the world:

1.    Transperfect:

This company has been in existence for over 25 years, because of the name they have made for themselves. They have won several awards based on their immense contribution to translation services. Apart from translation, they also rendered multimedia, localization, interpretation, and many others. They have large workers working for them, because of the large client base they have. It will surprise you to know they work with over 5,000 translators in different 86 countries in the world.

This translation company has its area of concentration in the translation world such as legal, science, travel and hospitality, government, finance, marketing, advertising, etc. Their translation service covers over 179 languages with a minimum rate they charge their client which is $0.25 per word.

2.    Lion Bridge:

In the last few decades, this company has been outstanding. Lion Bridge is one of the certified translation services in the world. Their credibility has spoken well for them based on several reviews from their clients. They understand the problems clients might encounter through translation, and they present smooth translation to their clients. Globally, the company has a total network of approximately 500,000 experts in more than 5,000 cities.

The portfolio of this company shows they are doing well with their numerous translations. Over 4,000 projects have been done in 250 different countries in the world. They have a wide range of services such as application testing solution, localization, translation, global content management, and many others. Their services cut across these several companies such as games, customer care, travel, automotive, manufacturing, etc.

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3.    Mars Translation:

This translation agency has been around for over 20 years with on-point globalization for its customers. All this globalization they have offered as been able to meet the need of their clients. They have a translation network of over 6,000, and they have been certified by this company. One thing about Mars Translation, they carry out numerous screenings for any translators to use to execute projects.

They don’t compromise with the quality of their work, and they deliver on time. The various translation services are documents, e-commerce, multimedia, software localization, and many others. The industries they cover fall within care, finance, automotive, retail, technology, government, and they cover over 120 languages.

4.    SDL:

Their work covers two areas – offering language solution, and content management. The company has shown in its rendering maximum support to their clients. Their clients have been enjoying the services of SDL because the company makes use of human translation and high technology. The ability for them to merge the two has produced better and easier translation.

SDL services cover marketing solutions, client services, testing, and others. The company has a professional experience of 27 years in translation services. They cover more than ten industries such as high tech software, life sciences, government, automotive, financial services, legal, etc.

5.    Welocalize:

This is one of the certified translation services in the world. They have international clients who do business with them based on the translation. They have staff strength of 1,500, and over 3,000 freelancers working for them from remote locations. These freelancers cut across continents like North America, Europe, and Asia. Welocalize has experience over 24 years in translation services. They cover three industries which are data, regulatory, and data transformation.

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Certified translation services have assisted companies to have a large audience from different parts of the world because their services can be translated into a readable and understandable text for these international audiences.

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