Updated List on Cheapest Universities in Europe 2024/2025

Are you aware the cheapest universities in Europe for international students have attracted lots of students within the continent and outside the continent? For those who have been pondering about attending any of the cheapest universities in the continent, are going to know more of these universities for them to have wide options. There are several opportunities one could gain as a result of studying in Europe.

Million of students prefer to bag a degree in Europe compared to any other continent. The system of education has been fully equipped to offer high standard education to students who are enrolling in any course either undergraduate or postgraduate levels. It is quite easy for students to learn about new cultures, food, lifestyle, a new language, etc when they travel to Europe.

There are reasons why students want to study at the cheapest universities in Europe. International experience is a great way that can make an employee become marketable before any employer. On the other hand, it adds more value to someone’s curriculum vitae. Since Europe happens to be the world leader when it has to do with opportunities and research initiatives, students will have a vast knowledge of the field of study.

European Citizens vs. Non-European Citizens & Average Tuition Fees

In Europe, if you are European citizens, your tuition fee won’t be high compared to non-European citizens. European citizens are eligible to obtain a residence permit that can allow them stay without encountering any issue with any immigration officer. For instance, an Italian Citizen can travel to Italy to study for his or her course.

For EEA citizens they also get the same right, but they won’t be able to obtain loans that can finance their education. Non-European citizens need to pay for their tuition costs or fee for them to gain proper access to their course of study. The good news is there are various students’ funds to assist students who can’t fend for themselves, and the continent had over 16 billion Euro worth of different scholarships for international students.

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Cheapest Universities in Europe

The following is a list of the cheapest universities in Europe, and here they are:

1.     Scuola Normale Superiole:

This university is located in Italy and has been known for its incredibility when it has to do with education. There are three major programs available in the institution such as political science, humanities, and sciences. Under the faculty of humanities, there are different courses such as linguistics, art, modern literature, and others. For the school of science, we have courses like physics, chemistry, and biology.

They have one of the cheapest tuition fees in Europe for international students. This has added to the reason for students migrating from their countries or continents to Scuola Normale Superiole. In addition to this, the institution helps in covering housing and food cost for students who have enrolled in the school.

2.     Sant’Anna:

This is one of the cheapest universities in Europe, and this is the reason it has been included in the list. There are basically two programs in the school which are social sciences and experimental & applied science. Although the institution is located in Italy, most of its courses are being taught in the English language.

Furthermore, students from Anglophone speaking countries will be able to comprehend what they are being taught in class. On the other hand, it will be advisable to have some level of proficiency in the Italian language. This will make things easier for students from any part of the world, and it is an awesome choice for any student.

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3.     University of Berlin:

The tuition fee in this university is free for any student either European or Non-European citizens. The only thing required to do is to pay for other costs such as accommodation and feeding. The living cost in the city (Berlin) is 700 Euros per month. You don’t have to worry about coping in this region as a student because the tuition fee is free.

It is one of the cheapest universities in Europe that lecture students in the English language. They have a Bachelor’s of Art program with a list of numerous courses for English speaking citizens to understand. If you have an interest in studying in Germany, you can consider the University of Berlin.

4.     University of Göttingen:

This is another institution that is located in Germany for international students. It is a tuition-free school with different programs such as social sciences, law, natural sciences, humanities, and others. They have one of the largest libraries in the educational system.

The only fee a student has to pay is a minute fee of approximately 300 Euros for each semester, and another cost to cover living expenses. One thing to have at the back of your mind is the cost of living in this institution is similar to Berlin at approximately 700 Euros or lesser than that in a month.

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5.     University of Vienna:

This country is a great place for international students to acquire degree of their choice, and it is one of the cheapest universities in Europe. The tuition fee is almost free because students are only meant to pay a small processing fee of 713 Euros, or 815 Euros for each semester with a total number of 200 programs.

Being one of the oldest universities in Austria, it is rich with vast cultural heritage, and was founded in the year 1365. The city is known for its high life, cuisines, culture, and many others. The University of Vienna is an ideal institution to study in Europe.

6.     Nord University:

Nord University is funded by the Norwegian Government. It is a public school owned and managed by the government. There is no tuition fee for students to pay, but the as Non-European citizens you are expected to prove you have adequate funds to fend for yourself in a year while securing a visa for your stay.

For your information, the cost of living in Norway is approximately $13,000. This is a way cheaper when you have to do a comparison with the amount being paid by other European countries. There are diverse programs that are being taught in English such as Animation, Biology, Games, Circumpolar studies, animation, 3D arts, and others.

7.     Nantes University:

This is one of the cheapest universities in Europe that can provide you different adventures you are looking for. It charges only a small amount for processing fees between 184 Euros for each of the semesters. When it comes to the cost of living, it is relatively low like close to 600 Euros per month. The various courses in the school are literature, biology, civilizations, foreign languages, etc.

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For you to study in one of the cheapest universities in Europe, you need to get the right documents and meet with the minimum score for any proficiency in English language tests to consider yourself eligible for enrolment.

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