2024 Updated Price List on the Cost of Living in Colombia

If you’re considering a move to Colombia, SC, you’ll want to make sure your budget is ready for the cost of living here. Colombia has a high cost of living due to its excellent schools, top-notch health care, and thriving economy. In this article, we’ll take a look at the average costs of various things you might need while living in Colombia, from feeding to transportation.

History of Colombia

Colombia is a small city located in the state of Missouri. The city was founded in 1795 and became a part of the United States in 1821. Colombia is home to two universities, the University of Missouri and Saint Louis University. The city is bordered by Jefferson City to the north, Springfield to the east, Cape Girardeau to the south, and Grandview to the west.

The first inhabitants of Colombia were the Osage Indians who traveled from present-day Oklahoma. The Osage traded with the Spanish for horses and other goods and established a trading post on the banks of the Missouri River. In 1795, Colonel George Rogers Clark founded Colombia as a settlement for his expedition against the Osage Nation. The population of Colombia grew rapidly due to its strategic location on the frontier and its proximity to transportation resources such as rivers and roads.

In 1821, Colombia became part of the United States after being purchased from France in the Louisiana Purchase. At this time, Colombia had a population of about 2,000 people. Over time, Colombia began to develop into an important city due to its location on major transportation routes and its emergence as a center for trade and commerce.

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Benefits of Living in Colombia

  • High Quality of Life:

Colombia has a high quality of life, with an abundance of recreational and cultural opportunities. The city is home to world-renowned institutions such as the University of South Carolina and the Richland County Museum. There are also plenty of activities available for residents, from hiking to biking to golfing.

  • Low Cost of Living:

Colombia is one of the most affordable cities in the United States. Food, housing, utilities, and other expenses all tend to be lower here than in many other major metropolitan areas. This makes it possible for families to live comfortably on modest incomes.

  • Strong Economy:

The Colombian economy is strong, with steady job growth and low levels of unemployment. This has led to sustained population growth over the past few years, making it easier for residents to find affordable housing and find jobs that fit their skills and interests.

  • Beautiful Natural Environment:

Colombia is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the United States – with lush forests and picturesque waterways. This natural environment provides residents with plenty of opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

Colombia’s Gross Domestic Product

colombia’s Gross Domestic Product for 2023 is expected to be $113.8 billion. This represents an increase of 2.5% from the 2018 GDP of $112.1 billion. The top sectors contributing to Colombia’s GDP in 2023 are services (27.6%), manufacturing (17.2%), and construction (10%).

The cost of living in Colombia is relatively affordable when compared to other large cities across the United States. The cost of living index for Colombia was ranked #32 out of 100 cities in the US by Numbeo in 2018. This indicates that while costs may be higher than in some other areas, they are nevertheless manageable for most people.

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Different Costs of Living in Colombia

  • Cost of Feeding

In Colombia, the cost of food is a significant expense for many people. The prices of groceries can be high, and the cost of meat and dairy products is particularly high. In addition to the price of food, Colombia also has a high cost of living overall. This means that even with a steady income, people will have to budget carefully to cover all their costs.

One way to save money on groceries is to shop at discount stores. These stores often have lower prices than regular supermarkets, and they usually have a wider variety of products. Another way to save on food is to cook at home more often. This not only saves money on groceries, but it can also be healthier for you since you control the ingredients that go into your meals.

  • Cost of Accommodation

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly place to call home while in Colombia, you’ll want to consider renting an apartment or house. Rental prices vary depending on the area and season, but they’re generally not too expensive.

A two-bedroom apartment in the city center can cost as little as $200 per month. For a comparable amount of space outside the center, you can expect to pay around $350 per month. And on the outskirts of major cities, rental rates drop significantly, sometimes reaching as low as $100 per month.

If you’re traveling on a tighter budget, you can find apartments and houses for rent online or through word-of-mouth networks. Securing one of these accommodations doesn’t usually require much effort – just make sure that the property is safe and clean.

  • Cost of Healthcare

Healthcare in Colombia is expensive, but there are ways to offset the costs. Colombia has universal healthcare coverage, which means that all citizens are covered. The government sets the prices for medical services and drugs, so it’s important to compare prices before making a trip to Colombia.

The average cost of a hospital stay in Colombia is USD 2,000. This price includes care for both patients and staff. In addition, medications can be expensive in Colombia. A 60-day supply of generic medication can cost as much as USD 200.

Another expense associated with healthcare in Colombia is travel expenses. Patients may need to visit multiple hospitals or clinics while they are in the country. This can increase expenses significantly.

  • Cost of Transportation

The most expensive way to get around Columbia is by car. The cost of parking can be costly, and driving can be expensive both in terms of gas and tolls. Additionally, the cost of owning a car can be expensive, especially if you have to pay for maintenance and repairs.

One way to avoid paying for transportation is to use public transportation. Columbia has a variety of bus lines that run throughout the city, as well as several C-TRAN buses that travel between Columbia and other nearby cities. Buses are often cheaper than taxis, and they’re also good for getting around town during rush hour.

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Living in Colombia can be expensive, but it’s worth it for the beautiful scenery and rich culture. With plenty of opportunities to explore and experience new things, Colombians are sure to have a blast while living here. The cost of living is high, but as long as you’re prepared to handle some hefty expenses, Colombia is worth considering.

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