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Medicine is one of the professions where you need to study different books in your possessions to know the course. MBBS 1st year books expose you to the various medical fields such as gross anatomy, histology, pharmacology, biochemistry, microbiology, embryology, etc. During the first year, you will get first-hand knowledge of how things work here.

The profession commences learning right from the first year and then throughout your entire life as long as you are still practicing medicine. For instance, if you are a medical doctor, you will be always a learner till the day you go six feet because the more you practice the profession, the more experience you will possess. By reading these MBBS 1st year books, you will perform a week in your MBBS examination and other medical Examinations.

In medical courses, you have to keep in the back of your mind that there is nothing like spoon-feeding because you will have to search for knowledge yourself by studying medical books. In this article, we have listed various books that will help you become vast in this field, and let’s dive into them.

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Different MBBS 1st Year Books

These books have gotten a medical recommendation from MCI and they are ideal for MBBS freshers curious to have a preview of what the course entails. These books cut across different aspects or branches of medicine.

  1. Gross Anatomy:

It is one of the medical branches that involves the macroscopic structure of organs, tissues, and body structures visible to the human eyes. These structures could be bones, skin, muscles, digestive organs, etc.

  • Gray’s Anatomy for Students, South Asia Edition:

Grey’s Anatomy is regarded as the gold standard for Gross Anatomy. It covers different conceptual topics that will help you have a vast knowledge of Anatomy. The good thing about the book is available in two volumes. Volume One includes body structures like Lower Limb, Upper Limb, Body, Pelvis, and Abdomen, while Volume Two comprises the Head, Neck, Thorax, Neuroanatomy, and Back.

Each of the regional Gross Anatomy chapters comprises 3 major sections – surface anatomy, regional anatomy, and conceptual overview. At the end of each chapter, it has clinical cases that will make you understand it in real-life experiences. Also, there are different tables, flowcharts, and diagrams to aid your learning process. Each chapter of Grey’s Anatomy has different line diagrams with questions and answers. You can memorize the line diagrams and draw them.

  • Vishram Singh’s Textbook of Anatomy:

It is the second most prominent Gross Anatomy book. The textbook focuses on key points that will help you prepare for the Pre-Med examination. Also, the book has lesser content because it is exam-oriented. One of the major reasons, you will have to choose Vishram Singh over BD Chaurasia is because it has better line diagrams you can study for examination purposes. It is one of the MBBS 1st year books that explains Head, Neuroanatomy, and Neck better compared to BDC.

  1. Histology:

It is an aspect of anatomy that involves studying minute structures of plant tissues and animals view under an electron microscope.

  • Inderbir Singh’s Textbook Of Human Histology:

It is one of the recognized non-standard books for Histology. The book provides a rich understanding of different topics in Histology. The materials are presented throughout the book with diagrams that comes in a concise discussion that will help you understand scientific information throughout the chapters.

The book has realistic and color images on an idealized view, while the electron and photomicrographs offer an actual view of different histologic structures which can help you identify slides. Inderbir Singh’s Textbook of Human Histology contains questions for quick assessment and revision.

  1. Embryology:

It deals with the development, formation, and structure of embryos. It involves studying the embryo from the development stage to the fetal stage.

  • Inderbir Singh’s Textbook Of Human Embryology:

It is one of the recommended books for Embryology and is filled with details that are simple to comprehend. The book requires you to read it over time to have a better understanding. It is filled with illustrations and pictures that fit the competency-based curriculum. The latest edition is helpful because it covers updated topics relating to clinical aspects.

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  1. Biochemistry:

It is a branch of science that involves chemical processes in living organisms focusing on things happening at the molecular level.

  • Textbook of Biochemistry for Medical Students, DM Vasudevan:

The textbook will offer you a good knowledge of Biochemistry and helps you with good answers to offer in any medical examination. The book is ideal for medical freshers with diagrams and flowcharts. You can understand the topics with detailed knowledge and you can purchase Pankaja Naik to acquire vast knowledge in biochemistry.

  1. Physiology:

It is the study of the human body works describing chemistry and physics in the body. Also, you will learn cell movement and how organs function together. As a result, you will understand what occurs in the human body.

  • Guyton and Hall, Text of Medical Physiology (South Asian edition):

The book is considered one of the recognized physiology books. You can read it to have forehand knowledge of physiology. You can get to know complex physiology mechanisms as a fresher. It has fundamental to strengthen your and the book is presented lucidly with illustrations. First-year MBBS students can learn different things about physiology to have vast experiences. The only flaw in the book is hard to revise due to its detailed information.

Download MBBS 1st Year Books and Study Guides

In addition, there are a lot more MBBS 1ST year books you can get in the various medical fields including gross anatomy, histology, pharmacology, biochemistry, microbiology, embryology, etc. I just highlighted the best. You can download every MBBS first-year book and study guide from here.

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MBBS first-year books come in diverse areas of medical fields. You can buy the book from a recommended store and study them. Some of these books can be useful when you are specializing in a medical field in the future.

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