Full Stack Developer Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

The present era of technology is increasing rapidly, and employers are asking full stack developer interview questions to ensure they employ the right candidate for the job. Full-stack developers need to be familiar with different programming languages. In the United States, the employment rate for Full Stack Developers will increase from 135,000 to 853,000 by 2023.

If you plan to become a full-stack developer, you should be ready to put in the necessary work. It is one thing to attend an interview and is another thing to provide the correct answers to these full stack developer interview questions. The reason why recruiters use these interview questions is to assess your skills and experience in the field. If you could be well versed in this job, it would help you convince the interviewer.

Who is a Full Stack Developer?

In any company, as far as software programming is concerned, it pays to have an individual familiar with diverse programming languages. When you have such a person, they will offer their versatility to help at different levels of the development team. A full-stack developer can handle both back-end and front-end development.

They can work with the front end/client side and back end/server side of any application. It is necessary to have considerable skills in different coding niches, from databases to product design and product management, to function well. They are ready and willing to help in any development process in an organization.

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Roles of Full Stack Developer

These are the duties of a full stack developer:

  • Software design and development
  • Software testing and debugging
  • Writing codes for both the front and back end of any software
  • Creating designs for user interactions on web application
  • Designing databases and servers for the back end of any software
  • Collaborating with product designers to design different features, etc.

Different Skills and Tools Required by Full Stack Developers

You will have to know vital skills to keep you on track for a full-stack developer. Working on your technical skills before crafting an eye-catching resume to attract potential employers is the most important thing. These are the skills:

  • Front end programming languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Back end programming languages: Ruby, PHP, and Python
  • Version control systems: GitHub and Got
  • APIs: SOAP, REST, and HTTP protocol
  • Database storage solutions: NoSQL, JSON, SQL, etc.

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Full Stack Developer Interview Questions

  1. What is your favorite programming language?

It is ideal for a full-stack developer to be conversant with different programming languages such as front end, back end, APIs, Database storage solutions, etc. A full stack developer should have a specific programming language that they enjoy working with. You will show you can work with different languages by demonstrating instances that have been helpful to you.

  1. How do you catch up with the latest trends in the programming or coding industry?

It is one of the full stack developer interview questions to check whether you are catching up with the present technology or not. If you attend community meetups involving programmers, you can tell the interviewer, showing you are improving on yourself. Also, you can add forums and webinars you attend daily to learn one or two things. Your project can provide you with the right opportunities to get the job.

  1. What vital skills qualify you as a full stack developer?

The interview is incomplete if an interviewer doesn’t ask you this question, especially as a junior full stack developer. You have to take your time showing your competency in different programming languages. Also, you can talk about the coordination skill that makes you work with other programmers to yield maximum results in developing software.

  1. Have you heard about Pair-programming, and have you done it before?

You can say it is a programming work that involves two programmers programming or developing a terminal both at the same time. Since there are two developers, one is called the driver, while the other is the navigator. The driver’s work is writing the codes while the navigator reviews the codes.

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  1. What is CORS?:

The full meaning of CORS is Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, and it uses for assessing different web resources on several domains. Also, web scripts are integrated openly with external content from the original domain. As a result, programmers can get better integration between web services.

  1. What is the best method for debugging or implementation you have engaged in?

If you are not careful enough, you won’t give the best answer to the interviewer. Any answer should show the complexity and style of projects you have handled. If there are any issues you have faced, you must state them out to the interviewer and what you have learned too.

  1. Which of them do you enjoy management or execution?

It is one of the full stack developer interview questions for every senior professional. They want to be sure whether you prefer a technical or managerial role or vice versa. Also, they want to check whether you will prefer working alone or in pairs. You will need to be honest with your response because every company has their interest and expectations.

  1. Presently, which language are you programming?

A person who enjoys working with technology or coding should be involved in one activity or the other. The project could be either be personal or a company project. A programmer who codes on their free will always stand out because it is not compelled to do it.

  1. What is the error ton have committed in a programming project? How did you fix it?

The truth is everyone is bound to make mistakes, but if you try to tell the interviewer you haven’t made any mistake, you will appear as a liar. You must be honest and talk about your errors and how you could rectify them to minimize damage.

  1. What is the meaning of Inversion of Control?

The interviewer wants to check whether you have an idea of design patterns or not. Software developers are familiar with it because they decouple components and layers in any system.

  1. What is the difference between REST and GraphQL?

It is a complex full stack developer interview question, but you will differentiate between the two with years of experience. REST deals with dedicated resources, while GraphQL doesn’t.

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You are expected to be familiar with some of these full-stack developer interview questions to show your skills and expertise in the job. You should be honest and transparent in any response you give the interviewer.

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