2024 Georgia Tech Transfer Acceptance Rate & Requirements

Georgia Tech transfer acceptance rate is one of the key factors to consider before thinking of applying for admission into the school. Getting admission into George Tech is hard because of the high number of students applying to study here. As a result, you must be ready to prove you are worthy to enroll in the school. Every year, Georgia Tech requires you possess some eligible criteria before they can consider you.

In 1885, the university was founded in Atlanta, Georgia Tech offers diverse technological courses for students. The school is one of the best schools in the world because of the quality education it offered to its students. Also, the school can boast world-class facilities to carry out practical learning through the assistance of a qualified workforce and teachers.

Furthermore, the university promotes students’ potential beyond the educational world. You can participate in other extracurricular activities that catch your interest. The good thing about the school is the means they use in connecting with their alumni for their upcoming students to draw inspiration from.

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Different Programs at Georgia Tech

Though the school is a technical institute, it shouldn’t be any surprise to you that nearly all its programs are within the STEM programs. Moving a bit further, some of the recognized courses in the school are Physical Sciences, Marketing and Related Support Services, Engineering, Computer, and Information Sciences, etc.

If you pondering whether you will get the right course that will suit your dream in this school, then consider the fact that the school will need you to obtain 97 percent to accept you. The number of students applying to study at Georgia Tech keeps increasing annually, but it is important to know the requirements to gain admission.

What are the Application Requirements for Georgia Tech?

Nonrefundable payment of $75, while an international student will pay $85. The school accepts both the Common Application and Coalition Application for first-year admission. They make it clear to their applicants that there is no preferential treatment given to students on their applications. During the application, it is advisable to crosscheck your details before clicking the submit button. Freshers are applying to Georgia Tech, we will be reviewed using a selective admission process:

  • Contribution to community
  • Academic preparation
  • Recommendations
  • Interview
  • Major selection
  • Institutional fit
  • Standardized testing
  • Personal essays

Admission Requirements for Georgia Tech

Average GPA

The university has its GPA admission requirements for any student planning to study with them. The average GPA is 4.07 and if you possess this GPA you will have a high chance of gaining admission. In 2020, the school admission officer brought out criteria that applicants need to score straight As in all their courses

ACT & SAT Score

Difference colleges have their stipulated SAT and ACT score requirements. On the other hand, many colleges demand these scores and even demand subject-wise scores on SAT before admitting students. These test scores are a determining factor for the Georgia Tech Transfer acceptance rate. We have some schools that don’t pay much attention to SAT scores of their applicants before giving them admission.

Therefore, you need to have an average score for the school to consider you. In 2020, the average SAT requirement was 1410, but if you could have an SAT score of 1465, admission is certain for you. However, no minimum requirements for ACT score at Georgia Tech, but is preferable to have an ACT score above 33 for admission.

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Georgia Tech Transfer Acceptance Rate

The university is influential and competitive it has a transfer rate that needs you to perform well academically. The transfer acceptance is 29.3%, therefore students wanting to get a transfer into Georgia Tech will work extra hard to cover up for anything that will hinder their admission. Also, it is advisable to pay the tuition fee before the deadline:

  • Application for fall semester: transfer applicants can apply from Jan 15 to March 1, the document must be submitted latest April 15, course requirements deadline: June 1 and decision release TBA.
  • Application for spring semester: transfer applicants can apply from Aug 1 to Sep 15, document must be submitted latest Oct 1, course requirements deadline: Oct 1, and decision release November.
  • Application for summer semester: transfer applicants can apply from Dec 1 to Jan 15, the document must be submitted latest Feb 1, the course requirements deadline: Feb 1, and the decision released in March.

Notable Georgia Tech Alumni

The school has trained many graduates to accomplish great things in their careers. As a result, some of these popular figures started their career in this school such as

  • Calvin Johnson, a football player
  • Jeff Foxworthy, comedian
  • Wallace Potts, film director
  • Dean Kamen, businessman
  • Chris Bosh, a basketball player
  • Jimmy Carter, former President of the United States

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the appropriate Georgia Tech Transfer acceptance rate to get?
  2. Any GPA between 33.0 on a 4.0-grade scale is ideal to keep you on the safer side.
  3. Can I get a transfer to Georgia Tech?
  4. Yes, you can transfer to study at Georgia Tech because the school accepts transfer students as long as you meet the state’s requirements.
  5. Is it possible to transfer from Georgia State to Georgia Tech?
  6. Yes, such transfer can happen but meeting the school requirements or criteria is important.

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Georgia Tech is highly competitive and open to accepting transfer students. In this article, we have seen the school place priorities on their transfer acceptance rate, therefore, you will need to meet it before they will consider you.

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