Here’s a Quick Way to Obtain Switzerland Student Visa

Switzerland is amongst the greatest European countries with top-notched universities ranking in the globe. However, every foreign national that wishes to study in Switzerland is required to obtain the Switzerland student visa.

Studying in Switzerland as an international student for a program more than 90 days requires you to obtain the long stay swiss visa which is also referred to as the national D visa, while for summer courses or language programs that won’t take more than 3months, then you can apply for the short stay swiss visa also known as the Schengen C visa.

There are countries exempted from this obligation, as not every international student may require obtaining for the long stay swiss visa and yet become a residence. These countries include the Schengen countries, Andorra, Brunei, Great Britain, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, San Marino, Singapore and Vatican City.

Before I proceed on how you can easily obtain Switzerland, I need to quickly highlight some great benefits or reasons to study in Switzerland.

Benefits of Studying in Switzerland

  1. Switzerland offers high quality education and providing students with the best academic experience
  2. Schooling in Switzerland is very affordable compared to most Schengen countries
  3. In global rank, Swiss universities always make it to the top of the list with world champion in innovations.
  4. There so many options to choose from in their study program as they provide you with broad range of study programs
  5. Being a student of Switzerland University exposes you to different language accents.

Documents & Eligibilities

  1. You need a valid passport
  2. You also need 4 copies of passport-styled photograph
  3. Letter of admission from chosen institution
  4. Make sure you’ve filled the form, and then provide 3 completed copies of application form for long stay swiss D visa.
  5. Proof that you can finance your schooling in Switzerland (e.g, bank statement, scholarships etc.)
  6. Proof of language proficiency
  7. Medical report stating you’re in good health and not treat to public health
  8. Confirmation that course fee has been paid
  9. Motivational letter stating your reason to study in Switzerland
  10. Signed letter stating you will leave Switzerland once your program is completed

How to Apply for Switzerland Student visa

There are steps to follow if you want to apply for the Swiss D visa which includes;

  1. Firstly, visit your countries Swiss representative through the embassy
  2. Make sure you’ve downloaded, filled and signed the application form. You can get the form for Swiss D visa online. Alternatively, you can get the form from Swiss representative from your country.
  3. After that submit the form in person to the embassy or consulate.
  4. Finally, make payment for Swiss student visa.

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Processing or Application fee of Switzerland Student Visa

The processing or application fee for the Switzerland student visa is approximately €60. It may vary, so you can clarify from your embassy.

Processing time of Switzerland Student visa

Once your application is submitted, the Swiss representative of your country will submit the application to the competent cantonal migration office in Switzerland. After that, your application will be reviewed and then authorized before the consulate General of Switzerland grants you the visa. Therefore, the processing time of Switzerland student visa may take between 6 to 12 weeks.

In conclusion, after you must’ve received your student visa, you can migrate to Switzerland. After 14days of arriving in Switzerland, it’s expected you register your arrival at the local Residents Registration Office and also visit any of the cantonal migration office (You can search for the Cantonal immigration office here. You’ll also get the addresses and contact information from that link) where you will be living in order to obtain your residence permit from. So, as a student, you’ll receive the B permit which may take up to 8weeks to receive it.

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If you’ve any further question, feel free to let us know via comment section, and I’ll be happy to help. For any other major enquiry, I advise you relate it to your embassy or consulate.

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