7 Best Universities with MS in Business Analytics in USA

Business analytics is one of the most sought-after in USA because it helps people to have an understanding of their business performances by creating new strategies based on their statistics and data. MS in Business Analytics in USA assists humans in taking quality business decisions that will foster their earnings.

There are requirements to studying MS in Business Analytics in USA, and these documents are academic transcripts, reference letters, language tests, admission essay, etc., Most universities offering MS in Business Analytics demands their applicants to have their documents ready. The reason for these documents is to show the student is eligible for the course.

Presently, MS in Business Analytics in USA is one of the trending courses because it deals with the studying of data. These data could be in either terabytes or petabytes, but it depends on the method used in analyzing it. Students have different options of studying the course, such as on-campus, online, or using both.

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Are there Reasons for Studying MS in Business Analytics in USA?

The demand for MS in Business Analytics graduates is on the increase in the labor market globally. According to statistics, in the United States of America, they are short of 140,000 to 190,000 skilled professionals in business analytics, and it shows they are searching for more people with deep analytical skills.

The system of studying Master’s in Business Analytics in USA is quite different compared to other countries in the world. In the US, students can transfer their course credits, and it is another reason international students are migrating to USA to earn a Master’s degree in Business Analytics.

Business analytics graduates have more opportunities in getting jobs related to their course within 3 to 6 months of obtaining their certificate. From 2010 to 2020, the rise in business analytics is projected to increase by 22%. It implies there will be 15,000 new vacant positions every year.

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Top Universities Offering MS in Business Analytics in USA

The United States of America is recognized as having the best universities when it comes to MS in Business Analytics. According to the university world ranking system, USA colleges have upper advantages compared to other universities in other parts of the globe.

The business analytics career in the US market worth over USD 29.53 billion. Also, international students are expected to have a GPA score of at least between 3.0 to 4.0. Here are the different institutions where students can study MS in Business Analytics in USA.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

It takes a st cfudent one year to run an MS in Business Analytics, and any career involving data science the program helps to throw more light on it. Therefore, recent university graduates planning to advance their career in fields like data science, mathematics, computer programmers, information technology professionals, etc., can enroll in this college.

The curriculum of the institution contains different scientific and business analytics tools that students can use in building their careers. They are five numerous subjects – one project class, one pro-seminar, six-three hour modules, Analytics Capstone project, and at least three electives. The major core subject for the Master’s program in business analytics is the Capstone Project. The Capstone Project group students into two for seven consecutive months either run the US or other countries.

  1. University of Texas at Austin:

Here, there are MS in Business Analytics centers on courses like statistics, predictive analysis, and programming. If you are from departments like engineering, computer science, or math, you can study for your MS in Business Analytics in the school.

Within 10 months, students are equipped with a vast amount of data experiences to better businesses. They are in collaboration with big companies like Deloitte and Walmart with abundant opportunities for students into big data or data analytics.

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  1. University of Southern California (Marshall):

MS in Business Analytics happens to be one of the courses with lots of students seeking admission. In 2014, there were over 300 applicants who applied for admission into the University, but only 18 students were admitted. The program is an 18-month program for those doing full-time.

There is more for students to gain from the lectures of the school such as data management, optimization, visualization, statistical modeling, etc. Also, business managers can further their analytical skills by enrolling in this school.

  1. North Carolina State University:

It is an institution for advanced technology, and it is highly reputable for data science. Also, the first emerging school to offer MS in Business Analytics in US. The school has good acceptance rates, placements, and value. Pursuing a Master’s degree in the school takes 10 solid months.

The current events in the market conditions influence the curriculum of the school. Some of these subjects inside the curriculum are analytics tools, methods, analytics practicum, statistical techniques, mining data analysis, data engineering, etc. These subjects are exposed to students using life projects to enhance their knowledge.

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  1. University of Minnesota (Carlson):

At the University of Minnesota, they teach students creative data analysis and also applying it in real-life situations. The institution is well known for studying MS in Business Analytics in USA. Within three months of studying the course, University of Minnesota graduates are employed in top organizations such as Amazon, Ford, Expedia, Google, Ameriprise, Google, etc.

International students can enroll in the school to get a qualified Master’s degree in MS in Business Analytics. The institution has a well-arranged curriculum to offer students the right skillset to excel in business analytics and also knowledge to handle different challenges in their careers.

  1. Southern Methodist University (Cox):

The school provides students with analytic skills to perform better in different fields such as information technology, consulting, marketing, etc. They have a broad curriculum filled with various management disciplines for students to explore the newest methods for translation of data for decision-makers.

Different students from across the globe migrate to USA to study MS in business analytics at Southern Methodist University. Therefore, if you are a student having a background in courses like math, science, engineering, and economics can gain full benefits by enrolling in this institution to study the course.

  1. Michigan State University (Eli Broad):

The lectures in the school are offered by Faculties emerging from other faculties like statistics, computer science, and schools of business. It is a one-year program that can make students vast in their field. Students can work on data set on their own in big organizations.

The school curriculum of the institution has courses such as data mining, project management, marketing technologies, etc. From statistics, the yearly salary for students could be from $85,200 as far the student has an excellent skill in understanding data.

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MS in Business Analytics in USA is one of the top-notch courses in the United States of America. Different companies want skillful graduates in business analytics to help check their business performances for them. If you feel the course is right for you or having an MS in Business Analytics is worth it, you can go for it!

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