2024/2025 List of Belgium Scholarship for International Student

Belgium is one of the European countries with good political hubs, and it is a good country for international students to study. They speak three official languages: French, German, and Dutch in terms of cultural diversity. Also, you have no restrictions for getting admission into bachelor’s and master’s programs. The Belgium scholarship is available to all parts international students. Are there various reasons to study in Belgium?

Reasons to Study in Belgium

We have different reasons for international students wanting to study in Belgium, and they are:

  • Affordable Standard of Living:

The cost of living is low in Belgium, especially for students lacking finance. If you are an international student, you can adapt to Belgium. You don’t have to bother about spending extravagantly to enjoy the good things of life. For this reason, students from third world countries can live in high brow areas and be comfortable.

  • Centre for Business:

Different people from diverse areas of the world live and work in the business hubs of Belgium because it is at the heart of Europe. As a result, it fosters international trade activities with other European countries. It offers networking opportunities to individuals and unparalleled education to international students.

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  • Multilingual and Multiculturalism:

Since the country speaks three different languages, it can learn several cultures and lifestyles. You have an opportunity to learn these three languages – French, German, and Dutch. In Belgium, many citizens can speak either two or three different languages. Also, the English language is another prevalent language in Belgium.

  • Decent Quality of Life:

In any country, safety is one of the main things you must consider before migrating to study. The country has lesser crime rates and is one of the renowned healthcare in Europe. Cities like Antwerp and Brussels have fabulous castles that will capture your eyes. For student-friendly ranking amenities, it is ranked 38th in the world.

  • Easy Navigation to Different Places:

Besides getting transportation to navigate within the country, you can get accessibility to other countries such as Paris, London, Amsterdam, and many other places. If you travel by train, these destinations are less than two away because trains are constructed here.

Is There Anyway to Acquire Fully Funded Belgium Scholarship

  • Find the Right Website:

It is essential to use the right scholarship website to get a fully funded Belgium scholarship. The first thing to come across your mind is using the University’s official website. Here, you will see a set of instructions and guidelines to follow throughout the scholarship application. You can check other scholarship websites offering scholarship opportunities to students.

  • Early Preparation:

One of the best ways to stand out amongst thousands of students applying for a Belgium scholarship is early preparation. It is good to avoid unnecessary mistakes in your scholarship application, and it is crucial to prepare in advance. On the other hand, some scholarship founders offer different interviews to applicants to choose the right students. It would help if you prepared in different areas to offer the correct answers to the interviewer.

  • High Academic Performance:

We have some Belgium scholarships that consider financial needs rather than emphasize your academic performance. It is necessary to work on your academics, scoring high CGPA. If you want to be a beneficiary of the Belgium scholarship, it is mandatory to have an excellent academic achievement to foster your chances of getting these scholarships. Also, you can motivate yourself to meet your goals.

  • Make Yourself Exceptional:

It is no news that the Belgium scholarship has many applicants applying for them. It is vital to be exceptional from the multiple students applying for the same scholarship. If you want to be different from others, you can have skills, hobbies, work experience, passion, volunteer services, leadership skills, and many others.

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  • Read the Instruction Carefully:

The reason why many students fail during scholarship applications is that they ignore the set of instructions. Every piece of information on the scholarship website is crucial to ensure your application and the correct document are accepted. You must read the application guidelines repeatedly and carefully to avoid mistakes not to miss anything.

  • Write a Unique Cover Letter or Scholarship Essay:

Your scholarship essay must be unique, and for it to be exceptional, it must be free from mistakes. It must be concise, clear, and formatted well. Also, the scholarship essay or cover letter has to capture your reader beginning from the introduction, impeccable grammar, flawless spellings, etc. It is best to seek the help of your friend to proofread your essay.

Belgium Scholarship


The Belgium scholarship offers over 31 different scholarships annually to international students to enroll at Flemish Universities. It is one of the recognized pioneer scholarship programs in Belgium. It offers fully-funded scholarships to students such as monthly stipends, travel fare, and free accommodation.


It represents the best scholarship opportunities for students aiming to acquire a Master’s degree in the country. In 2021, the Belgian government offered 200 scholarships to international students. You can apply for a graduate degree in Belgium through this scholarship when you have the requirements.

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The Flemish Ministry of Education and Training offers Belgium scholarships for the Master’s program in places like Brussels to Flanders. It is compulsory to be outstanding to be among the scholarship beneficiaries amongst different students across the globe. Also, they offer scholarship grants of €8,200 with a tuition waiver every academic year.


The scholarship program offers fully funded Belgium scholarships to motivate talented international students interested in enrolling in any international master’s program in the University. You can apply for the scholarship to benefit from free tuition fees, accommodation, transportation, etc.


The University offers numerous funding opportunities for students across the globe, but it lies in your country of residence. Also, your choice, of course, plays a vital role in getting the Hasselt university scholarships. On the other hand, you can get further info on these scholarships, such as ICP Transport Science Program, PCI program statistics, and ENABEL scholarships.

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Belgium scholarship is available to help students achieve their dream career by focusing on acquiring a reasonable degree. You don’t have to bother finding another means to cater for your education, especially when it is a fully-funded Belgium scholarship. If you want to get a scholarship, you can follow this instruction and succeed in your application.

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