2024/2025 List of Best Medical Schools in Mississippi

Medical schools have a process in which any student has to follow still they get to their final destination. There are different medical schools in Mississippi for students to have their pre-medicine, undergraduate degree, doctorate, medical internship, and many others. However, physicians have their areas of specialization when it comes to the medical profession.

Medical degrees allow students to practice medicine in different medical fields such as physiology, biochemistry, anatomy, immunology, etc. During the earlier year in college, students can study other core life sciences like biochemistry, chemistry, biology, etc, to have a general knowledge before they offer their core course.

Mississippi is a state in the United States of America with an advanced level of education for both indigenous and international students to pick any medical schools to achieve their dreams. The medical schools in Mississippi are equipped with good facilities to enhance students’ performance. Some of these medical schools in Mississippi offer scholarships to students throughout their level of education.

Therefore, in Mississippi, you will find a medical school that will give you a good standard of medical education. One of the ways to find some of these medical schools in Mississippi is through information and investigation. The internet era makes it easier for students to source for these schools.

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Medical Schools in Mississippi

  1. University of Southern Mississippi:

It is one of the medical schools in Mississippi founded in 1910 located in Hattiesburg. The University has square-mile grounds of memorable oak trees, 52-section of beachfront, and others. Hattiesburg is close to other regions in the U.S., like Jackson, Mississippi Gulf Coast, and New Orleans.

There are over 90 courses studied by 11,840 students. In the classroom, the understudy proportion is 17 to 1. According to statistics, almost 44% of the students have less than 20 understudies. While outside the classroom, the total number of understudies is close to 200. Some of these major courses in the University of Southern Mississippi are Nursing, Biology, Psychology, Business, Elementary education, and many others.

  1. Mississippi Valley State University:

Initially, the University came into existence in 1946 as a professional school by the Mississippi legislature. The major aim of the institution is preparing instructors and other nearby neighbors, and it was in1976 that the main graduate degree was introduced. The University ground has 450 sections of land.

They have over 30 courses for 1,948 college students inside the classroom, whole the understudy workforce proportion is 16 to 1. Due to this, about 62% of the students have less than 20 understudies. Outside of the classroom, there are understudy projects in different medical schools in Mississippi. Some of these major courses are in the institution are education, public administration, business, homeland security, etc.

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  1. Rust College:

The Rust College for medical students in Mississippi was founded in1866. The founder Holly Springs by the Freedman’s Aid Society has an affiliation with the Methodist Episcopal Church. The formal make if the school was Shaw before it was changed to Rust University. It was surprised you to know that Rust of Cinnanatti was a one-time secretary in the Freedman’s Aid Society.

There are different medical courses with 856 College Understudies. For instance, inside the classroom, the proportion of understudy staff study is 18 to 1. Then outside the class, the understudy approach has over 25 understudy associations. Also, they have other courses like Social work, Biology, Business Administration, and Management.

  1. William Carey University:

The university came into existence in 1892, and it is one of the medical schools in Mississippi founded by W.I. Thames. Presently, the school has different partnerships with Mississippi Baptist Conventions and Southern Baptist. The school has a ground of over 140 sections and another ground close to Gulfport, Mississippi.

It was named after William Carey during the 18th century before it was changed to a college in 2006. It has 2,487 college understudies with different instructive degrees. Inside the classroom, the understudies have a ratio proportion of 15 to 1. These are the other majors in the institution such as Nursing, Education, Psychology, Biological Sciences, etc.

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  1. Tougaloo College:

There is no way you will list out medical schools in Mississippi without Tougaloo College and was founded in 1869. The ground of the univ is located in John Birdie Plantation. While the fundamental ground has a total number of 100 sections of land. It is one of the best medical schools in Mississippi for graduates to gain doctorate degrees.

The school offers 29 majors for over 863 college understudies. In the classroom, students have an understanding personnel ratio of 13 to 1. Therefore, 70% of the classes have a lesser number of 20 understudies. The different top majors in the institution are Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Sociology, etc.

  1. Mississippi College:

It is a private medical school in Mississippi founded in 1826 by the Mississippi Baptist Convention. Presently, it has 140 ground sections of land in regions like Clinton. It is one of the colleges to obtain a medical degree in Mississippi. In December 1831, the school left an indelible mark on the globe to offer a degree to a female student.

They have 83 majors for over 3,145 college understudies, and inside the lecture room, understudies have a workforce proportion of 15 to 1. Also, outside the classroom, the understudy approach is above 50. The various majors in Mississippi College are Nurse, Biomedical Sciences, Business, and many others.

  1. Belhaven University:

It was founded in 1883 in Jackson, Mississippi. Presently, it has 42 sections of land on Jackson grounds. It is different campuses in Jackson, Houston, Atlanta, Chattanooga, and Memphis. The ground structures have been in over two decades, and it makes it one of the best medical schools in Mississippi.

They have over 70 majors for over 2,751 college understudies. For those studying inside the classroom, the workforce proportion is 12 to 1. According to statistics, 85% of the classes have a total number of 20 understudies. The understudy classroom approach over 35 understudy associations. Some of these majors are Social Sciences, Health Professions, Business, etc.

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Medical Schools in Mississippi have enough facilities for students to carry out enough medical research. It is another thing for students to have the right mind, and also qualifications to ensure they perform their best to come out in flying colors.

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