Apply for High Paying Jobs in Netherlands for English Speakers

There are several jobs in the Netherlands for English speakers who are ready to live comfortably. Recently, English immigrants are doing fine in this country, because some employers are in search of English citizens to fill in some vital positions in their companies. In the same vein, there are top-flight companies in the Netherlands that are not employing English speakers due to one reason or the other.

For English citizens to stand a better chance or have an edge over Netherlands citizens are to have the right educational qualifications, skills, experience(s), etc. These are the things most English citizens should endeavor to have in their possession. Currently, things have evolved drastically that most Netherlands employers are in search of employees with unique skills to increase the output in their company.

Basic Requirements for Jobs in the Netherlands for English Speakers

The following are the requirements for securing jobs in the Netherlands for English speakers, and here they can be divided into four sections:

  • Work visa
  • Language
  • Educational qualifications
  • Tax and social security numbers

1.    Work Visa:

It is compulsory to get a work permit if you want to work in the Netherlands as an English speaker. This is one of the things that should be processed on time, before searching for available jobs to fill in. Some citizens don’t need to get a work visa or permit them to be liable to work in the Netherlands. Examples of such citizens who can work freely in the Netherlands without a work visa are Iceland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, etc. The major reason is they are members of the European Economic Area or European Union.

2.    Language:

In most top firms in the Netherlands, the official language they use for their business is the English language. Therefore, as someone who can speak English fluently stand a better position to have good-paying jobs in the Netherlands. If you find yourself working in a smaller firm in the Netherlands, then you have to learn how to speak Dutch to give your opinions on different perspectives during board meetings. The only way learning Dutch won’t be needed is when you are working in a large firm.

3.    Educational Qualifications:

This qualification has a perfect role to play in getting jobs in the Netherlands. Employers will like to see the original certificate or testimonial of your degree for them to be certain you have a professional degree. This certificate should be taken along with you to any job interview. It is advisable for English employees to check either the qualification or degree they have is being recognized in the Netherlands or not.

4.    Tax and Social Security Numbers:

These social security numbers are important for individuals to have in the Netherlands. It can also be called a Burger service number. This is a unique number for every citizen including you as an immigrant who has a temporary resident permit in the Netherlands. This number is important to have because it offers privileges for individuals to make use of government facilities. Apart from this, the number can also be used to pay mortgage rents, utility bills, and other financial services in the country.

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Different Types of Jobs in the Netherlands for English Speakers

There are numerous jobs available for English speakers to be employed. The smart ones who can speak English are taking advantage of these opportunities and positioning themselves in where they can be valued for their degree, skills, certifications, working experience, and many other things. The following are the jobs English speakers can work when they are in the Netherlands, and here they are:

  • Data Engineer
  • Computer Scientist
  • Android Developer
  • PHP Developer
  • Customer Account Representative
  • Scala Engineer
  • .Net Developer, etc.

English Speaking Jobs in the Netherlands with their Salaries

The minimum wage or average salary in the Netherlands depends on the age of the individual or the employee. This salary is always revised in the Netherlands every six months about the rate of inflation. For an English speaker who has vast experiences in his field or has worked for a foreign employer will be paid a high salary by any employer and these are different job sectors with their monthly salaries:

  • Physiotherapy €2,000
  • Industrial design €2,200
  • Medicine €3,200
  • Artificial intelligence €2,400
  • Dentistry €4,000
  • Industrial design €3,200
  • Accountancy €2,300
  • Information technology €2,700
  • Visual arts €1,300
  • Retail management €2,150, etc.

Benefits of Working as an English Speaker in the Netherlands

The following are benefits of working in the Netherlands as an English speaker, and here they are:

  • Maternity leave
  • Public holiday
  • Health Insurance
  • Pension Scheme

1.    Maternity Leave:

This is one of the advantages of working in the Netherlands because pregnant mothers are entitled to 16 weeks of maternity leave to take care of themselves. While they are away from work, they will also be paid their salary or income to sort out their medical bills. It is wise for pregnant mothers to inform their boss at least 3 months before they are due for labor.

2.    Paid & Public Holiday:

Working in the Netherlands guarantee employees the opportunity to be given money as a paid holiday. This holiday is usually taking place for four weeks. During this period, employees are expected to be on break. There are seven public holidays in a year such as Easter, New Year, Christmas, Boxing day, etc.

3.    Health Insurance:

This is an avenue for citizens and English residents to get their health insured by buying health insurance to cover their health needs. In most cases, the employers will pay the nominal fee of the health insurance, while the employee pays the other part of the money. If there’s an additional package that is being attached to the health insurance, the employer and the employee are going to pay an additional fee for the health insurance.

4.    Pension Scheme:

There’s a fee being deducted from employees’ salaries to a particular account. This is being done every month, and if it is possible the employer can contribute his or her money. The purpose of this money that’s being contributed is not meant for the building of infrastructures in the company. After the contract between the employee and employer is being terminated these funds are being paid to the pension account for the employee to reap their money.

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Ways of Searching for Jobs in the Netherlands for English Speakers

The following are ways of finding jobs:

  • European employment service website
  • Job recruitment agencies
  • Companies websites
  • Jobs in Dutch Newspapers
  • Social media network
  • International job fair
  • Internship training and volunteering

Reference to Job Listing

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  • Link 2 –
  • Link 3 –


In this article, we have been able to see how English speakers in the Netherlands can get good-paying jobs. You can implement all these things that have been shortlisted inside the content and go get your dream job as an English speaker living in the Netherlands.

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