A Guide to the 2024 Best Primary Schools in Christ Church

There are many Primary Schools in Christ Church, and for families with children aged between four and thirteen, the choice of school can be a big decision. With so many schools to choose from, it can be hard to decide which is the best fit for your family.

Benefits of Studying Primary Schools in Christ Church

  • Well-rounded Education:

Primary schools in Christ Church provide students with a well-rounded education. They teach students how to think critically and problem-solve, which will help them succeed in college and careers.

  • Supportive Community:

Students at primary schools in Christ Church have a supportive community. They can rely on their classmates to help them study and to make friends. This community atmosphere is beneficial as it helps students develop social skills and resilience.

  • Strong Preparation for College and Careers:

The primary school in Christ Church prepares students for success in college and careers. The curriculum at these schools is rigorous, yet manageable for students of all ages. This ensures that all students can achieve their goals, no matter what their level of expertise may be.

  • Greater Vocabulary and Grammar Skills:

A primary school education teaches children how to use a wide variety of vocabulary and grammar skills. This is helpful when they start attending secondary schools or university later on in their lives.

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Eligible Requirements of Studying in Primary Schools in Christ Church

  • You must be a New Zealand resident.
  • You must be at least 5 years old.
  • You must have been born within the last two years.
  • Your parents or guardians must provide consent for you to attend the school.

Tips for Choosing Primary Schools in Christ Church

  1. Start by narrowing down your choices based on your family’s needs and wants. Do you want a small or large school? Does your child have any specific interests or passions that they would like to pursue? Once you have identified what you are looking for, begin looking at schools within your desired radius.
  2. Consider the size of the school as well as its enrolment. Do you want a school with 250 students or one with 1,000? How important to you is having a diverse range of ages and abilities represented?
  3. Talk to other parents who have children currently attending the school you are considering. Ask them questions about their experiences there, and see if they can give you any advice on which classes might be best for your family.
  4. Once you have narrowed down your choices, take into account the cost of tuition, transportation, and other associated expenses such as uniforms and field trips/leisure activities. Try to get an estimate ahead of time so that all costs will be clear when making an appointment to tour the schools.

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Top Primary Schools in Christ Church

  1. St John’s Primary School

St John’s is a highly acclaimed school that has been rated as one of the top 20 primary schools in England and Wales by The Times. It ranks first for academic performance, second for pupils’ progress, and fourth for behavior. The school has a 97% attendance rate and a 98% satisfaction rating from parents.

  1. Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Holy Family is another highly-rated school that has been praised by parents and teachers alike. It ranks fifth in academic performance, ninth for pupil progress, and twelfth for behavior out of all Christ Church primary schools according to The Times ratings. In addition, it has an excellent 95% attendance rate and a 95% satisfaction rating from parents.

  1. Fairfield Park Primary School

Fairfield Park is a well-resourced school with great facilities that offers an excellent education for its pupils. It ranks third in academic performance, thirteenth for pupil progress, and fourteenth for behavior out of all Christ Church primary schools according to The Times ratings. In addition, it has an impressive 96% attendance rate and a 98% satisfaction rating from parents.

  1. Churchills Primary School

This is another highly reputable school that was founded back in 1848. It provides education for boys and girls aged 4–11 years old and offers a strong focus on academic achievement. In addition to regular curriculum offerings, Churchill also offers specialized programs such as music and drama classes. The school also has excellent facilities, including an extensive library and state-of-the-art science laboratories.

  1. Bishop Wordsworth Primary School

Bishop Wordsworth is a well-known and highly-rated primary school with a strong emphasis on creativity, inquiry, and communication skills. Students here consistently achieve excellent results in national tests and qualify for entry to some of the best secondary schools in Canterbury.

  1. The Montessori School at Christchurch

The Montessori School at Christchurch was founded in 1984 by Mrs. Francesca Lisi, a well-known Italian teacher who had experience working with children at an early age. The school offers an innovative program that combines traditional Montessori education with modern technology and child-friendly design principles.

  1. Victoria Park Primary School

Victoria Park is one of Christchurch’s oldest and most popular primary schools, with a strong focus on providing an environment where students can develop their talents and strengths. The school has a reputation for being welcoming and supportive, which makes it popular among parents looking for a nurturing environment for their children.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the admission requirements for the Christ Church Primary School?

A: There are no specific admission requirements for children wishing to attend the Christchurch Primary School. However, all children must have a valid New Zealand birth certificate or passport and meet residency requirements as set out by the New Zealand Education Act 1989.

Q: Are there any fees associated with attending the Christ Church Primary School?

A: There are no school fees associated with attending Christchurch Primary School. All parents/guardians are responsible for paying any additional educational costs their children incur, such as textbook and equipment purchases.

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