2024/2025 List of Professional Short term Courses in Canada

Are you one of the persons preparing to undergo short courses in Canada? People are migrating to study in Canada because of its high-quality education. The technological era has made it possible for you to enroll in these short courses in Canada right at the comfort of your home.

Different websites like Coursera, EDX, Udemy, and Lynda are available for individuals to study online and get certifications. Therefore, no matter the course you want to study you can find them online. International students are finding the need to pick a short course to improve their skills. These courses are available in different fields such as business management, journalism, software engineering, etc.

What is the Price for Short Courses in Canada?

The prices for these short courses differ from one another depending on several factors such as course duration, nature of the course, additional benefits, course materials, course load, marketability, and many others. Some of these courses are indeed affordable, but some fall between $5,000 to $15,000.

Furthermore, you have the choice of selecting any course that captures your interest. It is one thing to buy the course and another thing to create time to study the course. You need to have adequate funds to buy advanced short courses in Canada, but if you are not financially stable, you can begin with free ones.

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Reasons to Study in Canada

International students prefer short courses in Canada because they don’t want to reside in Canada for too long. Besides international students going for these courses, Canadian citizens have discovered the importance of acquiring certifications in short courses. Here are the reasons:

  1. Affordability:

Before you will select any short course, the budget/price should be the first thing to have at the back of your mind. In terms of price, you don’t need to break your savings to avoid these short courses in Canada, and is the best option if your salary is small.

  1. Short Duration:

Human needs are insatiable because there is a need to source for finance to meet miscellaneous expenses. If you have a busy schedule that won’t give adequate time to study either at University or College, you can pick these short courses and get certified within a short period.

  1. Job Oriented Curriculum:

In some Universities, most of their teaching/lectures are theory-based. It is the major reason for having graduates with no practical skills to contribute to their organization. If you are lucky to enroll in these short courses, you will have more practical knowledge that will make you successful.

These short courses could either be certificates or diplomas, especially for international students. The essence of these courses is to place focus on certain key areas to equip the students with relevant skills to become industry-ready. In Canada, it takes 6 months to bag a certification course, while the diploma could be between 2 to 3 years. Here are the two categories of a short course in Canada – Post-Secondary Diploma/Certificate, and Postgraduate Diploma/Certificate.

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Short Courses in Canada

These are different short courses in Canada, and they are:

  1. Human Resources Management Certificate:

It is one of the renowned short courses for anyone wanting to acquire fast knowledge in Human Resource Management. The York of University School of Continuing Studies is the provider of this seven months course, and it is located in Toronto, Canada. They have different courses in other areas, such as Finance, Labor relations, Organizational behavior, Health, and safety. The cost for getting enrolled in this course is €11,925 per year.

  1. Communication:

Communication skills are essential in many organizations because it enables a company to meet their ideal clients. MacEwan University is the provider of the course and is loaded in Edmonton, Canada. You can invest your funds in this course, and you will gain maximum benefits because of the diverse areas covered in it such as Business Planning, Evaluation of solutions, Strategy analysis, Basics of project management, etc., and the course fee is €11,263 per year.

  1. Business Administration:

International studies are making exploit with this short course and it is taken within eight months. The York University School of Continuing Studies is making individuals become leaders in the business world by offering key information in areas like Basics of project management, Business introduction, Marketing, Business communication, etc. The fee for the course is €9,540 per year.

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  1. Global Logistics Management:

It is a one-year course offered by MacEwan School of Continuing Studies, and Edmonton, Canada is the location for the course. The major focus of the course is to groom you in different aspects of logistics, and its procedures all over the globe, and these are the courses – Product control, Risk management, Infrastructure of logistics, Supply chain management, Inventory control, etc. Candidates have to pay the fee of €11,263 per year.

  1. Software Construction:

This is a course people are spending their funds migrating to Canada to study, but with the assistance of online educational sites like edX, you can become a certified software construction expert. The University of British Columbia is the founder of the course, and over 12 million people have enrolled for the course to study the following: Java programming, Building software logical system, tasting of data abstraction, etc.

  1. French Language:

It is one of the cheapest short courses in Canada and is a one-year course located in Edmonton, Canada. Having some level of fluency in French is an added advantage in securing jobs in Canada. Athabasca University offers people the chance of studying French from anywhere with the help of native speakers to learn very fast. The course fee for learning the French language online is €10,759 per year.

  1. Software Engineering:

It is an ideal course for anyone to learn within a short time, and the University of British Columbia handles the teaching of the course with no charges. If you are having a craving for software engineering you will get to learn things such as building a non-trivial software system, designing a software system, technical specifications of a software system, etc.

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You need to be ready to pay the sacrifice either financially or time to study short courses in Canada. Although there will be a time you would feel lazy to study, these short courses can place you on a high pedestal that will offer better job opportunities for you.

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