SP Full Form in Police: Meaning, Application Process & Salaries

SP full form is Superintendent of Police and is a chief title for a non-metropolitan district police force. The Superintendent of Police is an officer working with either the Indian Police Service or State Police Service. Also, they work with the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), and an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP). In this article, we are more concerned about SP’s full form.

Functions of Superintendent of Police

These are the main functions of the Superintendent of Police:

  • They enhance and preserve public connections and cops
  • They create great relationships with magistrates and other authorities.
  • They account for the technique in any law enforcement agency and also its maintenance.
  • They ensure the law enforcement agency functions well to counter crimes and other discoveries.
  • They carry out random checks in police headquarters for alertness and participation of staff members.
  • In scenes like rioting, murder, and dacoity, the Superintendent of Police is accountable for overseeing criminal activities and examinations.
  • They oversee police force effectiveness under their commands regarding crime detection, investigation, and prevention.
  • They ensure the integrity and honesty of police personnel in training with other police personnel.
  • They are in charge of moving underlying police officers from one station to the other.
  • They are obligated to visit the crime scene and supervise investigations of highway murders and robberies.

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Steps to Become Superintendent of Police

If you want to become a Superintendent of Police, you must start with a bachelor’s degree from a reputable college or institution. After you have gotten a bachelor’s degree, there are three options to become an SP officer

  • You must appear for the UPSC CSAT aptitude test and pass the examination with a good grade. At the early stage, you will start as a D.S.P or A.C.P and if you get the required experience you can become S.P.
  • The applicant should pass the State Public Service Commission Examination. As a result, they can become a D.S.P after emerging successful in the examination to become A.P, but the promotion requires more time compared to the first option.
  • For this option, you can begin as a Sub Inspector in any state police department while working to prevent criminal activities with utmost commitment if you want to gain promotions to the post of Superintendent after showing competence.

Physical Fitness Conditions for Superintendent of Police?

When it comes to becoming a Superintendent, you need to have some level of physical fitness:

  • Be fit both physically and mentally
  • Men need a minimum height of 165 cm
  • Women need a minimum height of 150 cm
  • The chest of male applicants should be at least 84 cm

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What is the Selection Process for Superintendent of Police?

The State Public Service Commission and UPSC are responsible for conducting this examination for the Superintendent of Police and it is divided into three parts – Preliminary Examination, Main Examination, and Interview. It is easier to get an IPS rank can go serve in the Police department.

  • Preliminary Examination:

The preliminary examination has two question papers you must provide answers to, and each of these questions has 200 marks. The minimum time for these questions is two hours. When you qualify for the examination, you will get an admit card to write the main examination.

  • Main Examination:

Successful applicants qualify for the preliminary examination to write the main examination. The main examination has 6 question papers – Essay 200 marks, Indian language 300 marks, General Studies 300 marks, English 300 marks, etc. Let’s take a look at their marks:

Subject & Marks

General Hindi: 150

Essay: 150

General Studies Paper: 1 – 200

General Studies Paper: 2 – 200

General Studies Paper: 3 – 200

General Studies Paper: 4 – 200

  • Interview:

If you pass the second stage of the S.P. examination (main examination) they will invite you for an interview conducted by the commission. You will appear before the committee set by the commission for your interview. When you become successful again, you will earn yourself 250 points and it will prove your eligibility for the post of Superintendent of Police. You will obtain an appointment letter to occupy the post of Superintendent of Police.

Salaries of Superintendent of Police

In every country, they have fixed salaries for A.P. For instance, in India, the government offers between Rs.15,600 to Rs.39,000 every month to the Superintendent of Police with other benefits that may cover accommodation, transportation, feeding, training, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do you think is SP full form?

A.SP is an abbreviation for the Superintendent of Police

  1. What is DSP full form?
  2. DSP is an abbreviation for the Deputy Superintendent of Police, and you can call them Circle Officers CO.
  3. Who do you feel has a higher rank SP or DSP?
  4. The DSP functions under the Superintendent of Police. Therefore SP rank is higher compared to DSP.
  5. Whose rank is higher SP or ACP?
  6. IPS holds the position of SP, while ACP is held by a State Police Service. The Superintendent of Police rank is higher than the ACP.
  7. Are Superintendent of Police IPS Officers?
  8. IPS officers have the rank of ASP when they are through with numerous pieces of training in places like Mussoorie, Hyderabad, and district training. After some time, they get upgraded to Superintendent of Police after many years.

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SP full form represents Superintendent of Police and you need to excel in the examination and have experience in the field. If you have been lost on where to become a Superintendent of Police, you can start with this article to make a move!

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