PSC Full Form, Examinations, Functions and Qualifications

The PSC full form is Public Service Commission and they are in charge of handling recruitment examinations for different positions in the departments of the Government of India. Initially, it was called Provincial Civil Service. If you are a Public Service Commission, you will have the privilege to work at either state or central level. The Indian constitution in Articles 315 to 323 in Part XIV has the power to form an independent Public Service Commission.

Preparation for PSC Examination

PSC examination comprises three stages which are the preliminary exam, main exam, and interview. Candidates must qualify for preliminary and main examinations before they can appear for the interview. Every Indian state has its syllabus and the examination has different objective questions. It is one of the toughest examinations to write in India. You will need extra effort to be successful in this exam, but there are tips to consider before taking the exam:

  • Get updated with current affairs
  • Be conversant with the Hindu language
  • Read informative journals and magazines
  • Read NCERT books thoroughly
  • Study books like Polity by Laximikanth, History by Bipin Chandra, etc.
  • Attempt mocking tests to know your strength and flaws to test your accuracy
  • Answer previous PSC questions

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What are the Functions of PSC Officers?

  • Advising the government on policies, strategies, and practices to carry out
  • Advise the government on different leadership structure
  • Spot reform opportunities for government and advise them on policy innovations
  • Lead succession planning, staff mobility, and execution of staffing management

PSC Qualifications

PSC examination is conducted in different states and the basic eligibilities for applicants are different in each state. You can check their official website to know the requirements before applying for it. This is the basic educational qualification you need to write the examination:

  • You should have either a graduate degree or postgraduate diploma from a reputable institution.
  • You should be between 18 to 33 years.
  • You must pass both the preliminary and main examinations to appear for a personal interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the age range for the Kerala PSC Examination?
  2. Before you can be considered for the Kerala PSC examination, you have to fall between 21 to 35 years.
  3. Is the PSC examination difficult?
  4. PSC examination is easier compared to the IAS exam. Since the PSC examination is competitive, applicants should prepare well to have a better score.
  5. What is the PSC exam qualification?
  6. Applicants should be between the age bracket and have a graduation degree.
  7. The PSC examination comprises how many exams?
  8. Every year, applicants will write the exam three times a year.

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PSC examination conducts recruitment examinations for various government positions. You will need to write the preliminary and main exams to take the interview part. If you feel you are lost, you can check their website to be on the right track.

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