BDS Full Form in Medical, Registration Process & Eligibilities

BDS full form is Bachelor’s of Dental Surgery and is an undergraduate program that requires 5 years before students can be qualified to work as a dental surgeon. If you want to become a dentist in either a private or government hospital, you need the have BDS education. The course centers on training and introducing students to dental sciences. Four years involve classroom education, while 1 year is for internship.

We have different types of dental surgeries, and they include Oral Pathology, Dental Histology, and Oral Surgery. You should register with the Dental Council of India to become a certified dental surgeon. Also, you need to be qualified for a 10+2 examination or any degree with a minimum score of 85% from a recognized school. The entrance examination for BDS is the National Eligibility cum Entrance Exam and it takes place once a year.

What is Bachelor’s of Dental Surgery?

BDS is one of the most sought-after courses, especially for students wanting to study MBBS. Let’s see some facts about the course:

  • It is a 5-year undergraduate degree program for students to have vast knowledge in Dental Sciences.
  • It is a mandatory course for anyone hoping to become a dentist in healthcare centers, private hospitals, government medical centers, etc.
  • Students in their fourth year must offer a 1-year paid internship where they can do 2 to 3 rotations in different departments.
  • You will get accessibility to courses like Dental Hygiene, Public Health Dentistry, Dental Histology, and Oral Pathology throughout your years of study.
  • After your course of study, you will have explicit knowledge and skills to become a dentistry professional to offer quality dental surgeries to patients.
  • There are opportunities to forge ahead to obtain a higher education degree like MDS (Master’s of Dental Surgery), and it will offer you jobs with high income.

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What are the Reasons to Study BDS?

We have diverse reasons why students and they are:

  • The need for oral hygiene is increasing which has led to a high number of individuals wanting dental treatment. You will need to obtain BDS to be eligible to offer dental care.
  • Massive employment opportunities due to the rapid increase of dental patients. Also, the government is providing lots of job opportunities in the government sector to meet its citizens’ needs.
  • During BDS internships, you can earn between INR 15,000 to 40,000 and you can earn more as your experience and expertise expand.
  • You can practice your skills in countries like Canada and the U.S. to earn a high income.

Registration Process for BDS

If you want to enroll in BDS, you will need to write the entrance examination (NET), and pass it well. They conduct online examinations and offer admission to students based on merit. These are the steps to follow:

  • Click the school website and complete the registration by choosing the university you want to study at, then fill in your details carefully.
  • Log in by inserting a username and password you can easily remember.
  • Fill out the application form such as students’ name, educational qualifications, mobile number, father’s name, maiden name, security pin, gender, and many others. It is important to be careful while filling in your details on the BDS application form because a minor mistake can tarnish your admission.
  • Upload your images and relevant documents like passport photographs, mark sheets, address proof id, caste certificate, etc.
  • You need to preview your profile to check whether there is any mistake before you make any final submission.
  • You can click on submission after you have confirmed there is no mistake on your application form.
  • You need to make payment for your application.

What are the Eligibilities for BDS?

For any course you want to enroll in, there is a need to meet the criteria for its admission and the same goes for BDS. These are the criteria:

  • You must pass the 10+2 examination or any equivalent degree having a minimum score of 50% from a reputable university.
  • You must have studied subjects like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in 10+2.
  • You must pass the cut-off mark of the NEET examination.
  • If you are qualified for the entrance examination, you will need to attend counseling sessions organized by the institution.

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BDS Jobs and Scope

If you are a BDS graduate, you can be certain of getting good jobs. Some of these jobs could be lecturing, dentistry, or research in either private or government sectors. The truth is not every BDS student that wants to start earning income after their bachelor’s degree, because some want to aim higher degree in dental sciences.

However, in India, a Bachelor’s of Dental Surgery is the compulsory course you must study to become a certified dental surgeon. Many students get employed to work within a year of their graduation. Students can gain employment opportunities in these areas:

  • Government Sector:

You can find lucrative job opportunities in the Navy, Army, Air Force, Railways, etc., working as Dental Surgeons. You will need to meet the job requirements and have vast experience to get the job.

  • Private Sector:

We have numerous jobs in private hospitals and dental institutions. If you don’t want to work here, you can open your clinic to practice your profession.

  • Dentistry Research:

If you want to enhance your academic background to have more knowledge, you can opt for higher education in dental sciences.

Different BDS Courses

They can be divided into two:

  • Diploma courses
  • Degree courses

Diploma Courses after Bachelor’s of Dental Sciences

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Orthodontics
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Dental Materials
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Dental Therapy
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Endodontics

Degree Courses after Bachelor’s of Dental Sciences

  • Master of Dental Surgery in Community Dentistry
  • Master of Dental Surgery in Prosthodontics & crown & Bridge
  • Master of Dental Surgery in Oral Medicine and Radiology
  • Master of Dental Surgery in Periodontics
  • Master of Business Administration in Hospital Management
  • Master of Dental Surgery in Public Health Dentistry
  • Master of Dental Surgery in Pediatric Dentistry

Top Colleges for BDS

  • Faculty of Dental Sciences, IMS BHU
  • Government Dental College and Hospital
  • Faculty of Dental Sciences King George’s Medical University
  • R Ahmed Dental College and Hospital
  • Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences

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In this article, we have seen BDS’s full form,  reasons to study the profession, the registration process for applicants, the required eligibilities, BDS jobs, different BDS courses, and top colleges offering the course. It is advisable to take your time studying this article before you start applying to study BDS.

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