What is the Full Form of ICSE? Benefits & Eligibilities

ICSE full form is the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. It was formed to provide students with a curriculum of general schooling. It is important to note private are not permitted to write the examination. The language model for ICSE is English and is a private Non-governmental board of school education. When it comes to their syllabus it is vast and lengthy emphasizing detailed different studies for each subject.

The truth is ICSE syllabus has a good structure for students to understand. Its major aim is to impart problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and practical knowledge to students to aid their growth. They gave few scholarships available for students because is not been long since they came out. The exam council for ICSE wants to offer education for all while they promote the sphere of interest in fine arts and literature.

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education happens to be an examination handled by the Indian School Certificate Examinations. They function using the recommendation of the New Education Policy. It is an examination board for school education in India for class 10th. Presently, there is a high demand for Indian Certificate Secondary Education affiliated schools. Private students have no opportunity to write this examination.

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Who is Eligible for ICSE Examination?

Using the CISCE policies, you need to be a class 10th student enrolled in a full-time course at any CISCE affiliated institution. On the other hand, indigenous students are not allowed to write ICSE Examination under any circumstances. Students of religion, tribe, gender, sect, and race can write the examination. Students need to meet the attendance criteria which is a minimum of 75%.

ICSE has its subjects divided into three different groups:

  • Group 1 – Compulsory Subjects
  • Group 2 – Selection of two subjects
  • Group 3 – Option to choose only one subject of their choice
  1. Group 1 – Compulsory Subjects:

These subjects are important for students hoping to write ICSE because they are like the core subjects, such as History, Indian Language, Geography, English, and Civics.

  1. Group 2 – Selection of two Subjects:

If you are in group 2, you have options to select two subjects from the following subjects Technical Drawing, Yoga, Computer Science, Agriculture Science, Mathematics, Environmental Science, Classical language, and Commercial Studies.

  1. Group 3 – Option to choose only one subject of their choice

Commercial Applications, Fashion Designing, Yoga, Technical Drawing, Cookery, Economic Applications, Home Science, Physical Education, Computer Applications, Art, and Cookery. A 20% weightage for internal assessment especially for group 1 and group 2 and a 50% weightage in group 3.

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What are the benefits of ICSE?

We have different benefits of ICSE, and here they are:

  • Students have diverse opportunities to be exposed to a vast syllabus that will increase their efficiency.
  • The examination board centers on offering internal assessments to their candidates to aid mental development.
  • You have the privilege of getting leadership qualities that will make you adapt to the corporate world.
  • The examination board makes you flexible in selecting subjects
  • ICSE transmits problem-solving skills, practical knowledge, and analytical skills to its students.
  • They emphasize the use of the English language as the perfect medium of instruction in various schools. Also, students from ICSE can appear in other languages like TOEFL and IELTS.
  • You will get more language skills and English literature that will make beneficial to the overall personality of students.

Differentiation Between ICSE and CBSE

CBSE full form is Central Board of Secondary Education and is managed by the government, while ICSE full form is Indian Certificate Secondary of Education which is a private organization. CBSE focuses on Science and Mathematics, but they offer equal importance to every subject:

  • Schools having affiliation with CBSE are more than ICSE
  • CBSE syllabus is not detailed as ICSE
  • English has more preference in ICSE compared to CBSE

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What makes CBSE or ICSE?
  2. CBSE syllabus is suitable for students to qualify in different entrance examinations like medical and engineering professional examinations. Also, ICSE has a detailed syllabus compared to ICSE.
  3. ICSE is more difficult than CBSE
  4. ICSE syllabus is more difficult than CBSE because the syllabus is well-detailed. Also, the syllabus has more internal assessments that students can apply to their practicals.

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