2024/2025 Tufts University Ranking & Acceptance Rate

Tufts University is located outside of Boston and many high-achieving teens in the Northeastern United States. In the last few decades, the school has received thousands of applications from students. According to statistics, Tufts University has experienced 87% growth every year giving a rapid increase from 12,000 to 31,000. The school has adopted a test-optional policy for the next three admission cycles from 2025. For aspiring students eyeing admission to Tufts University, understanding the Tufts acceptance rate becomes a pivotal piece of information.

Is it Possible to Apply to Tufts University?

In recent years, the school acceptance rate was 15%. The school is after students who are performing well academically in high school while passing the SAT/ACT with good grades. There is room for any student to take advantage of the adopted test-optional policy, SAT median score for class 2023 was 1,480.

However, it is expected that students in conjunction with the school counselor, formulate a proper college list, containing complements of target and safety schools. On the other hand, we have students who can gain admission into Tufts University.

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What does Tufts University Demand from Applicants?

The university demands intellectual and globally-minded students. At Tufts University, you will find yourself in an environment that lays values on close student-faculty collaboration and interdisciplinary research. The school believes the world isn’t divided into categories and education shouldn’t follow that same pattern.

Tufts University students encourage their students to take advantage of different subjects to connect them with their choice of study. You can prepare yourself to be a problem-solver to handle real-life situations. They want students who are creative and adaptable to new skills to expand their horizons.

Who can get Admission to Tufts University?

We have states producing the highest numbers of 2020/2021 freshers such as Massachusetts 351, New York 201, California 171, Illinois 49, Connecticut 89, and New Jersey 98. In any highly selected institution, they have tough competition amongst students hailing from their states with highly qualified applicants. For instance, if you are from a less-populated state such as Arkansas, Montana, or Virginia, you have a high chance of securing admission.

Furthermore, we have countries with a high percentage of internationals such as China, India, Canada, Singapore, Turkey, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and South Korea. In terms of ethnicity, we can break down these students’ origins from these areas:

  • African American: 6.5%
  • Hispanic: 12%
  • White: 51.3%
  • Two or More Races: 7.6%
  • Asian American: 18.6%

If we could go by breaking the undergraduate students using gender we would have

  • Male: 47%
  • Female: 53%

Essential Tips for Tufts University Application

If you are interested in enrolling in this university, it is advisable to know the following:

  • The school is using the test-optional policy for the class of 2025, class of 2026, and class of 2027.
  • You will need to list the institution you are applying to either the School of Engineering, the School of Arts and Science, or many others.
  • The school doesn’t offer students on-campus interviews through their admission staff. Also, first-year applicants have the avenue of requesting an optional evaluation interview through the Tufts University Alumni network.
  • The school has demonstrated interest during the admission process.
  • Try to dedicate enough time and effort to school supplemental short answer essays.

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How can I Enter Tufts University?

If you want to succeed at Tufts University, you should show you can handle rigorous academic systems. It implies you can withstand challenging courses and bag As. Many applicants are applying with a high school GPA of either 3.9 or 4. It is important to perform well on your standardized tests.

In 2021, the average Tufts undergraduate was admitted with a SAT score of 1450 when compared to the national average of 1010. For ACT, Tufts students had a score of 33 beyond the average score of 21. You need to compete vigorously in high school, have a good GPA, personal essays, and recommendation letters with your skills and experience.

However, the school considers geographical residence, students’ demonstration, and work experience in admitting students. Test scores and solid grades are essential, and it is the reason the admission officers take their time when accepting new students.

Also, if you are well-rounded in different areas like social, academic, and extracurricular activities, it will give you an upper hand in your admission. Submitting recommendation letters is an ideal way to make you stand out like selecting a teacher to write about you

General Requirements for Tufts University

  • Extracurricular Activities
  • High School Transcript
  • High school grades
  • English Proficiency (for international applicants)
  • Completion of the Tufts Short-Answer questions during the application
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Art Portfolio (for BFA, BFA + BA/BS programs)
  • Involvement and leadership report
  • Test Scores (ACT/SAT)

NB: We have three types of applications to Tufts University Common Application, Quest Application, and Coalition Application.

Tufts Acceptance Rate and Ranking

Tufts University has the same ranking as many schools like Ivy League Schools. In the United States New Ranking of the Best National Tertiary Institution for 2021, the school was ranked 30th. According to peer reviews and recent statistics, the school has been placed with different Ivy League Schools. The factors used in ranking Tufts University are graduation rates, selectivity, academic reputation, and faculty resources.

Using the Niche ranking, the university has an overall grade of A+ due to its outstanding academic performance. The ranking system centers on rigorous analysis using key statistics from the United States Department of Education. In some niche rankings, the school ranks 27th among the top private universities in America. Also, many Tufts University programs are among the top ten universities nationwide in public health, art, and international relations.

The university is among the selective institutions in the United States. For Class 2025, the school admitted 11% of more than 30,000 applicants. As a result of keeping a close-knit community, the school provided 1,300 seats in each class. Due to more students applying for admission, their acceptance rates continue to decrease.

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Tufts acceptance rate is important for any student to meet regarding their admission into the school. You can use the school website to see the different requirements you must possess to make you eligible to study at the school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Tufts University’s ranking?

A1: Tufts University is consistently highly ranked, similar to Ivy League Schools. It was ranked 30th among national tertiary institutions in the United States for 2021.

Q2: What is Tufts University’s acceptance rate?

A2: Tufts University’s acceptance rate is competitive. For the Class of 2025, it admitted around 11% of more than 30,000 applicants.

Q3: What are the SAT requirements for Tufts University?

A3: Tufts University has adopted a test-optional policy for the classes of 2025, 2026, and 2027. You can choose whether to submit SAT scores or not.

Q4: How can I get into Tufts University?

A4: To improve your chances of admission to Tufts University, maintain a high GPA, excel in challenging courses, perform well on standardized tests (if you choose to submit them), and showcase your well-rounded skills through extracurricular activities, essays, and recommendation letters.

Q5: What are Tufts University’s GPA requirements?

A5: Tufts University seeks academically strong students. While there isn’t a specific GPA cutoff, a high GPA is beneficial for admission.

Q6: What is Tufts Engineering ranking?

A6: Tufts University’s School of Engineering is highly regarded and part of the university’s strong reputation. Specific rankings can vary, but Tufts Engineering is well-respected within the field.

Q7: What is the average SAT score at Tufts University?

A7: The average SAT score at Tufts University varies from year to year. However, it’s important to note that the school has adopted a test-optional policy for several admission cycles.

Q8: What is Tufts MBA ranking?

A8: Tufts University offers a variety of programs, but it doesn’t have a standalone MBA program. Its graduate programs are well-regarded, particularly in fields like public health, international relations, and more.

Q9: Is Tufts University a good school?

A9: Yes, Tufts University is considered a prestigious institution known for its academic excellence, interdisciplinary approach, and global-mindedness.

Q11: What is Tufts Medical School’s ranking?

A11: While specific rankings can vary, Tufts University School of Medicine is generally recognized as a reputable institution for medical education and research.

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