2024/2025 Guide to Study MBA in Canada Without GMAT

If you want to get a Master’s in Business Administration, then you need to get an MBA in Canada without GMAT. Top countries are offering MBAs to applicants without any workout experience. Canada is one of the most sought-after countries where students are aiming for their graduate degrees. Studying in a business school that doesn’t require the GMAT has nothing to do with the quality of education. Without any further ado, we will like to see the cost of living in Canada

Cost of Living in Canada

Before you can think of studying in Canada, you need to consider the living cost and factors influencing it such as transportation, feeding, accommodation, location, lifestyle, etc. If you reside in one of the metropolitan cities in the country, you will spend more compared to when you are living in rural regions. Students should live within their means to avoid unwanted debts or expenses. This is a breakdown of what the expenses will look like

  • Accommodation CAD 270 to 810
  • Food CAD 250-300
  • Transportation CAD 100
  • Books and supplies CAD 327
  • Miscellaneous expenses CAD 78 to 163

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Getting Admission into MBA in Canada Without GMAT

Each of the institutions has the requirements they want their applicants to possess to be eligible for admission. Both indigenous and international students need to fulfill these criteria:

  • High GPA Score in Bachelors:

Having a good GPA can increase the odds of securing admission compared to other students. The school admission officers might decide to favor you especially when you have low GMAT scores or without GMAT scores.

  • Work Experience:

If you have a work experience of over 3 years will give you more accessibility to study MBA in Canada without GMAT. For instance, if your undergraduate course was three years rather four-year degree, you can get work experience to have a broad knowledge in your field.

  • Eye Catching Curriculum Vitae:

An eye-catching CV can help you stand out from the crowd. Your curriculum vitae has to showcase your paid internship during your undergraduate degree. Also, if you have any skills, you can add them to your CV the capture the admission officers’ attention.

  • Letters of Recommendation:

You can get good letters of recommendation from your previous recruiters or lecturers. It is always advisable to use someone familiar with your skills, strengths, and weaknesses to pen down good things that will suit your ability.

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Best Universities to Study MBA in Canada Without GMAT

  1. Whitman School of Business:

It is one of the Canadian business schools that have partnerships with other top-notch companies like Tesla, Discover, and Hueber Breuer. If you enroll in this university, you will have the business skills to solve business-related problems. They have courses like Business Analytics, Finance, Management, Supply Chain Management, and many others. Students have the right to select elective courses.

The course is a two-year course and during this period, you will offer 36 credits on core courses with additional 18 elective credits. In the university, there are two types of MBA full-time or online. Also, they have joint dual degree programs such as JD/Law, MBA/B.M., etc. The total tuition fee for international students is $55,900 for the entire academic year.

Furthermore, they are other expenses you will pay like transportation, health insurance, program fee, accommodation, etc., and the average cost is $8,880 for one year. You can attach your GMAT score with other documents but it is not compulsory. If you have a low GPA score, then you can add your GMAT score to it. International students must have some level of English proficiency in either TOEFL or IELTS.

  1. New York Institute of Technology:

In this university, both the business professionals and academic staff help students to prepare for a global business expert to learn through experience. It is one of the universities to study MBA in Canada without the GMAT. They have two MBA departments which are MBA in Finance and MBA in Management. These two MBAs take about 24 months for you to complete.

Their study calendar is very flexible for MBA students and the tuition fee you will pay depends on the number of credits you are offering. The minimum fee per credit is $31,920 and it can increase to $59,325. International students must apply for a student visa after they have gotten their admission letter. Also, you can apply your documents and the school doesn’t bother about GMAT especially when your GPA is higher than 3.0.

  1. Ivey Business School:

The university is searching for ambitious students from different parts of the globe wanting to pursue their business careers in one of the best MBA universities in Canada. If you have an MBA degree from this university, you can be part of their network of people in business in some top companies in Canada. MBA without GMAT takes up to a year, and their academic session commences in March.

The school offers educational classes in February for applicants wanting to prepare before they start their MBA program. However, the school has four different MBAs – full-time regular MBA, accelerated MBA, direct MBA for HBAs, and executive MBA. International students have to pay $120,500 for an academic session. You will need GRE scores and at least two years of work experience to gain admission to full-time study.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is GMAT important for studying MBA?
  • Many universities across the world don’t place much emphasis on their candidates having GMAT scores before they get admission to study MBA.
  • Can I study MBA without having work experience?
  • Yes, you can study the course without having work experience, but you will possess academic qualifications.

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