2024/2025 List of Top Medical Schools in Massachusetts

There are four different medical schools in Massachusetts in which students can even enroll in a doctoral degree program. Many of these medical schools have dual degrees for students within a specialization. If you have an interest in becoming a medical doctor, there are a series of practical training outside the classroom to invest your time.

The level of competition amongst students seeking admission into the school is increasing every year. Most of the graduates from medical schools in Massachusetts have achieved great things with their educational experience. You can be part of the lucky students studying in these medical schools, but you must be conversant with basic tips to get admission.

Basic Tips For Getting Admission into Medical Schools in Massachusetts

Here are the essential tips for getting admitted, and they are:

  1. Study Unique Things About the School:

It is better to make some inquiries about the medical schools in Massachusetts, and the easiest way of doing it is by visiting the school’s website to get additional information on their admission requirements and processes.

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  1. Search for Medical Schools within your GPA:

Every medical school has its average GPA they consider for admitting medical students. For instance, the average GPA for Havard medical school is 3.90, while Tufts university school of medicine is 3.65.

  1. Associate with other Medical Students:

Getting yourself acquainted with students in the medical schools in Massachusetts is a better way of knowing some details about the medical school, and it could be from an undergraduate student, alumni students, friends, or relatives in the school.

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 Medical Schools in Massachusetts

There are four different medical schools in Massachusetts, and they are:

  1. University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS):

In 1962, the institution was founded in Worcester and happens to be the only public medical school in Massachusetts. In 2019, it was ranked as the 15th best medical school in primary care and 46th in carrying out medical research. The school has a unique excellent medical care program, and its curriculum is similar to other medical schools in Massachusetts.

They center on offering clinical exposure to medical students from their first year of education to their final year. Half of the medical physicians who graduated from the school are working as primary care in different medical schools in Massachusetts. The school has gotten recognition in primary care and also advancing to the treatment for several diseases such as cancer, diabetes, HIV, etc.

Besides you enrolling for an M.D. degree, there are other joint medical courses like M.D./Ph.D program. Also, you can use their Population-based Urban-Rural Community Health Track to get admission into the school, because the program centers on rural and urban health, teamwork, and inequalities.

  1. Harvard Medical School (HMS):

In 1782, Havard Medical School is the third-oldest institution in the United States of America and happened to be in the country too. In the world ranking, they are ranked 17th best in Primary Care. The school has participated in several medical discoveries such as the first kidney transplant on humans, cause of preeclampsia, and insulin usage, and small box vaccine.

In terms of the medical curriculum, it is the same as other medical programs in another school – foundational coursework for two years, clerkship for a year, and clinical rotations and advanced courses for a year. Prospective students in the school have two curricular tracks. The first track is pathway including advanced clinical experience and active learning.

The second track is Health Science and Technology offered as an affiliation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology focusing on subjects like physiology, biomedical research, and sciences. The school has different nine doctorate programs in courses such as immunology, virology, chemical biology, biophysics, etc.

If you are done with your undergraduate program, you can get enroll for a Master’s degree in courses like immunology, medical education, safety, healthcare quality, clinical investigation, etc. In 2018, 6,917 students applied for admission into the University, but 165 students were offered admission. The average MCAT score for the school was 518, while the average GPA of 3.9

  1. Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM):

In 1848, the institution was the first school in the world that give women medical training. It was named or seen as the New England Female Medical College before it was merged with the Boston University School of Medicine. It is ranked among the best medical schools in the world. In 2019, it was the 30th best when it involves medical research, and the 41st beat regarding primary care.

The school has various dual degree programs and it involves the combination of an M.D. program with another program such as Masters in Business Administration, a Master’s in Public Health, a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, etc. The school curriculum comprises a four-year program such as foundational clerkship, advanced clinical experiences

In 2018, over 10,000 students applied for admission, but only 160 students were admitted. For you to get admitted into the University, you must have an average GPA score of 3.72 and an average MCAT score of 516.

  1. Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM):

It is a private medical university in Massachusetts founded in 1893. In 2019, it was ranked as the 56th best in terms of medical research, and 59th in primary care. The M.D. program of the university is four years, and they gave joint degrees for both domestic and international students. International students can combine their medical degree program with other degrees such as M.B.A in Health Management, M.A in International Relations, Master’s in Biomedical Science, etc.

Getting admission into the University comes with lots of competition because of the high number sod students seeking admission. In 2018, a total number of 12,189 students applied for admission, and it was 819 students were admitted. The average GPA of the school was 3.64 while the average MCAT score is 513. You can check the school website to get more info about the school.

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Medical schools in Massachusetts have medical facilities and equipment for students to become vast in different medical areas. No matter the medical school you have the interest to apply for admission to, you must have some tips on how they admit students into their schools.

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