2024/2025 Jhu Acceptance Rate and GPA Requirements

Jhu is an abbreviation for John Hopkins University, and it is highly competitive because of its acceptance rate. For every 100 applicants applying for admission, it is only 12% that will get the admission. When it comes to accepting students, Jhu is very selective because they want you to fulfill some criteria to get admission. If you don’t meet their required criteria, your chances of gaining admission will be low compared to others that possess the Jhu acceptance rate.

What are your Admission Chances into JHU?

The school ranks 20 among the top universities in the United States of America. They have a low acceptance rate, but you must have a high average SAT/ACT scores. The school runs a holistic admission process because they consider different factors before they will give you admission. It is always advisable to add a personal statement and recommendation letters to increase your chances of gaining admission.

The school has an Early Decision Program that can aid your chances of getting admission especially if the school was your top choice. No matter whether you have an exceptional grade, still, you need to contact the school admission officers before sending your application. Both undergraduate and graduate programs have their admission requirements.

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Johns Hopkins University Undergraduate Admission

Besides the Jhu acceptance rate, the school has 46 minor courses and 52 majors at the undergraduate level. When you want to count universities in the U.S., then you can add this school to the list. In 2019, during the Fall season, 30,000 students applied for admission, but it was only 1,363 were selected to study in an undergraduate degree program. The best two programs at the university – are the Whiting School of Engineering and the Institute of Arts and Sciences. The Common Application or Coalition for College Application is for applying for admission into Jhu University. The requirements for you to gain entrance into Jhu University are:

  • Submission of ACT or SAT scores with the application form
  • Supporting Documents such as a statement of purpose, school reports, evaluations, two recommendation letters, academic transcripts, etc.
  • Determination Criteria: motivation, inspiration, academic accomplishments, articles, uncommon potential, etc.

Johns Hopkins University Postgraduate Admissions

This university, they have over 9 scholastic departments offering 260 courses. The graduate course things like cutoff time, charge, application cycle, etc. Jhu acceptance rate for graduate students depends on your study program, availability of seats, number of applicants, etc. It is important to know the right time to apply for graduate admission. You can visit the school portal to apply for your ideal course.

  • The best time to apply for your graduate course is in the Fall season. On the other hand, the Spring season is a good time too, but it can’t be compared to the Fall season.
  • Good GRE scores and English language test scores like IELTS and TOEFL.
  • GPA score in full-time qualifications like MS degree with a GPA between 3.0 to 3.5.
  • Supporting Documents like a statement of purpose, two letters of recommendation, reviewing framework, etc.

Johns Hopkins GPA Requirements

Many universities demand minimum GPA requirements before they can select students to study in their institution. The GPA you possess in applying for admission matters a lot. Some schools demand a GPA of 4.0, but if you have a GPA of 3.92 you are likely to secure admission into the school. It implies you will need to have straight A’s in different levels of your undergraduate degree to stand a chance of competing with other students.

It is advisable to register for hard classes like IB or AP courses. For instance, if you are a junior or senior student, your GPA will be difficult for you to change during the time of applying for admission. Also, if your GPA is below the minimum average of 3.92, you will need to acquire ACT or SAT to augment your chances of admission.

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SAT and ACT Requirements for Jhu Acceptance Rate

Each school at John Hopkins University has its requirements for standardizing testing. Many universities will want you to provide either ACT or SAT scores. It is compulsory to sit for any of the language tests because they will be attached to your application.

  1. SAT Requirements for John Hopkins University:

Some universities have no cutoff make for SAT scores but there is SAT requirement that is based on the university average score. At Jhu University, the average SAT score is 1505 on the 1600 SAT scale. As a result of the John Hopkins University SAT score, it makes the school highly competitive.

The New SAT score for the 25th percentile is 1450, while the 65th percentile for the New SAT score is 1560. Also, if you have a SAT score of 1450, you are below average, while 1560 places you beyond average.

  • SAT Score Choice Policy:

It is important to meet the SAT score choice policy to get admission into John Hopkins University. Therefore, you can select the SAT you want to score. For instance, if the SAT superscore is below 1560, you can retake the SAT to raise your score higher to increase your chances of getting admission.

  1. ACT Requirements for John Hopkins University

The school doesn’t have a cutoff mark for the ACT but if your score is too low, your application won’t be accepted. The average score you need to get at John Hopkins University is 34. Though the school has no cutoff mark, you don’t age to apply with a score that is below 34. Presently, many applicants are scoring 34 and above, therefore, 32 will make you appear weak academically.

  • ACT Score Sending Policy

If you enroll for the ACT rather than the SAT, you might have a huge advantage in your scores and it could affect your testing strategy. When you send your ACT score to Jhu, you have controlled the test you will send. It is possible to take several tests and submit one with the highest score.

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Jhu acceptance rate is one of the universities you will need to meet their admission requirements and language test score either SAT or ACT. When applying it is compulsory to have a high GPA to stand a better chance of getting admitted to John Hopkins University.

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